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February 14, 2008 at 2:57 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 89 Comments

I have had a good day. I woke up to find I hadn’t lost a pound after day one of my Maroon 5 Makeover, but I stuck to my program — although I tweaked it a little here and there — and I am very confident that I will see some results soon enough. If not, I’m going to get in touch with Mark Kevin and have him reject me all over again so my stomach can go into convulsions and cause me to drop some quick poundage. But I’ll try doing it the right way for a while longer. And instead of the elliptical, today I did an hour of pilates. I was doing it so hard my legs were trembling uncontrollably. That’s gotta be good. But I guess it depends on what’s causing the tremors, right?

As far as that Super Food stuff, I’m almost out of hemp seeds and I can’t force myself to chew on any more of that rubbery seaweed, so I put in an order with the crunchy granola woman to get me some more of them there seeds and to hook me up with the seaweed pills instead.  Also, she’s got these little chocolate ball thingies that make my face tingle when I eat them. I think it’s because all my blood’s rushing up there. It’s really weird and I haven’t decided yet if I like that feeling or not, but I’ve ordered up another dozen just so I can find out for sure. I can’t believe the stuff I do sometimes……I’m scared of heights and I won’t try anything that hints of danger, but I’d pretty much eat dried goat poop if somebody told me it’s the miracle I’ve been looking for…..

Emma Kelly is walking! Not all the time, of course. But even as an adult, I find that I don’t want to walk all the time, either, so I’m cool with that. She has taken a good 10 steps or so at once and her confidence is building. She’s so proud of herself! And any worries I had about that part of her development are completely gone. She’s just the most perfect, most precious, most WALKING child ever!! And isn’t that video I posted of her dancing the cutest thing EVER?? I just adore that child.

So Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and I can’t believe it, but I’m not the least bit depressed.  Weird, considering where my mind and mood was less than a month ago. My girlfriend Haven is taking Emma Kelly and me to dinner. Isn’t that sweet? I’m going to treat her like I would my REAL Valentine’s Day date. I’ll order the steak and lobster and get a little tipsy on red wine, then show her the Heisman when she drops me off at my door. Just keepin’ it real on Valentine’s Day! She’ll play along…

I think Big Al’s either forgiven me or forgotten about our weekend blowup. That’s a big relief. It’s no fun having something like that hanging over your head.

I think I’m going to go give myself a facial now. My pores are feeling all cloggy. Is “cloggy” a word?





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  1. Kelly I hope you have a really great Valentine’s day. You deserve it!

  2. i do not believe in wellness coaches…rather i believe that lessons in life are all around us…we must first want to see…then…want to learn.

  3. valentines day brings the jews & gentiles together:

  4. i ate a salad with seaweed once…it turned my poop an ungodly color…i thought i had colon rectal cancer…seek not a miracle cure…but seek a healthy balance…discover fresh fruits and vegetables…would you allow EK to eat hemp seeds & seaweed?!?

  5. i have made a womens legs & thighs quiver uncontrollably on more than an occasion or two…but i shant share the details…as far as the big al thing…you are forgiving to a fault…i would not be so kind…just as i still suspect that the whole MK debacle was a jike taken to far by a member of your inner sanctum.

  6. *joke*

  7. Is this Craig person on crack? Seriously? Who really posts the crap that he does? And they actually let him keep posting. KKITM must be hard up for ratings!

  8. Oh yeah, Craig. Since you know everything and have such impeccable spelling….
    …..It is colorectal cancer,
    not colon rectal….you dumb f**k! :0)

  9. Oh and another thing, Craig.
    It is shan’t ….not shant.
    The word shan’t derives from 2 words – shall not -thus the apostrophe that you forgot.

    Once again, you dumbf**k! :0)

  10. Anyone who consistently expresses themselves by writing I in lowercase, as does Craig, has low self esteem.

  11. auf…canis matrem tuam subagiget.

  12. auf…being insulted by you is like being ravage by a dead sheep…remember…a graceful taunt is worth a thousand insults…*waits for auf to translate above*

  13. auf…p.s….tuam matrem feci

  14. Pleeeeeeeeeeease remove craig from this site……

    Pleeeeeeeeeese hear my request!!!!!!!!

    Thank you

  15. madisin…again i ask you…why would you wish to remove anyone from the forum?!?…have you met me???…you attack at the personal level yet can not rebuke the logic of any comment made…i pity you on the valentines day…you must have a deep & dark hole within your soul…for this, i offer you my love & forgiveness.

  16. Oh my gosh! I SO agree with Madison. PLEASE REMOVE CRAIG! He’s SO annoying. GET RID OF HIM!

  17. e.b….are you aware of this?!?

  18. Oh my goodness! So Craig posts some stupid things a few times a day. Who is he hurting? No one is holding a gun to your head forcing you to read what he writes and click on his links! Just ignore it if it bothers you. Your posts about how stupid he is are just as annoying as his.

  19. Craig – we KNOW you do not believe in wellness coaches, et al. You have stated that ad nauseum, even when Kellie herself does not bring up the wellness coach, psychic or whatever else she is doing.

    I agree that with others that I enjoy reading your witty banter, it is very entertaining, but having stated your opinion and making it VERY clear, is it necessary to continue going on about it?

  20. Pinky HEARTS Craig on Valentines…

    Don’t read the posts if they offend you! How hard is it!? I mean it clearly says “Comment by Craig”

    And how could they possibly remove him. Get some common sense people!

  21. I wouldn’t be annoyed if Craig only posted a few times a day. It’s days when he posts 23 comments on one blog…SERIOUSLY….TWENTY THREE TIMES! That’s a bit much. And WHO KNEW we had something called the Bill of Rights!?!?! WOW! I never knew that existed. Get a life. Quit posting so much and maybe people wouldn’t get annoyed by you, you know, the people who actually care.

  22. stephanie…do you not geese???

  23. a happy valentines tale

  24. e.b….i guess you skipped over the section of free speech…shall i send you a hooked on phonics course?!?

  25. Awwwww. That brings me back to when my daughter was little….in fact, I think she had on a very similar outfit. Awwwwww. I’m so nostalgic!

  26. I think Emma Kelly is adorable she reminds me a lot of my own daughter who is the same age. Enjoy your baby girl!

  27. I can read very well, thank you. As far as the free speech goes, I am entitled to voice my opinion, just as you are. And that’s just what it is, opinions. I didn’t demand that you stop, all I did was voice my opinion and move on. I’m done with talking to you though, it’s childish and I have a life.

  28. I wonder what kind of chocolate balls make your face tingle, that sounds interesting.

    Yay for Emma Kelly walking – she’s sooo adorable!

  29. YEA! for Emma Kelly. And Boo to all those people who made you paranoid. I’m sure your peditrician told you all along not to worry that E.K. was fine b/c she was still in that window for learning to walk, etc. However, its hard not to focus on the negative things people say I know.

  30. The only way for everyone to get over the “Craig” issue is to just not read what he writes – yes he is annoying – he knows it and that is why he does it – to get attention (poor guy) – just when you see his name on the post just go past it to the next one. That is what I do, that way I don’t have to deal with his weird comments.

    Happy Valentines Day Everyone – Kellie – Hope you day is a good one.

    Love your show !!!!

  31. I am with Shelly! Congrats to Emma Kelly! I think it is so adorable that you and your daughter on going on a date tonight! Thats a love that will never stray away. Happy Valentines Day!

  32. Oh my gosh! I SO agree with Madison. PLEASE REMOVE CRAIG! He’s SO annoying. GET RID OF HIM! – Comment by E.B.
    eb…is not removal the same as silencing/censoring???…”GET RID OF HIM!”…that is the same mentality and behavior that nailed Christ on the cross…*forgiving pose #325*

  33. Craig, E.B. is right. She said her opinion and that’s it. Get over it. Everybody has their own opinion.



  36. Right on, Katy! Everyone’s opinions should be on Kellie or Emma Kelly. Awesome news about Emma Kelly walking! Thank you Kellie for taking the time to blog about your life for your readers. We appreciate it! Happy Valentine’s Day and have an awesome “date”!!

  37. Craig, using Christ in a comparison regarding a message board is not exactly the spirit of Christianity. It is amazing that you profess to hold a masters in clinical psychology, yet you don’t approve of mental health care in a clinical setting, nor do you approve of those who seek help in dealing with depression. Also, the constitution was not designed to give internet trolls a free pass. A guy as smart as you should understand how silly and played out it is to invoke the constitution (and the dignity it stands for) in defense of your message board trolling. Your sincere comments are no bother, but your endless stupid (and irrelevent) links and random comments which contribute nothing to the discussion are what annoys people. It’s not just a matter of skipping over them, the sheer volume of messages from Craig create problems in time it takes to find actual content – even to just load the page. Craig, could you pleae consider maybe just laying off on some of the sophomoric humour and posts which are nothing but self-serving baits for attention?

  38. Happy Valentines Day!!! Team Craig Today!! 🙂 I think you’re humor is funny MOST of the time and I enjoy it. Other times, I just ignore it and move on. Craig, I’mma need you to not feed into the Craig Haters. Just focus on entertaining the people who enjoy the entertainment you provide. 🙂

    About Emma Kelly – I HEART HER!!!! I KNEWWWWWW she’s be just fine when all those crazy people were saying something was wrong with her. I posted about my daughter not walking until she was like 16 months back then. So glad I was right… HA!!!

  39. last minute valentine gifts.

  40. #1 – Hooray for EK and her steps in the right direction!

    #2- What are the seeds supposed to do for you?

    A# – Craig – I have a feeling I know who you really “are”. I enjoy laughing at you laughing at yourself. If you don’t want to read Craig’s comments, just go for the down arrow key and move right along!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to Kellie, EK, Craig, and everyone else!

  41. ladybug???

  42. Okay this is supposed to be a place to give Kelley comments not argue with each other. I recommend leaving good comments for Kelley and stop replying to other comments you read.

    SO that being said. Congrats on Emma Kelly walking. The first time my daughter walked I screamed and cried. If a wellness coach helps motivate you to become more then good for you. Lots of love and prayer

  43. I would love to go on the Mark Kevin diet – sounds alot easier then the Maroon 5. Keep at it, I still don’t know why you worry about your weight – you look great to me.

    Emaa Kelly is precious – it is great that she is walking – just give everything time, don’t rush it – trust me, when she really gets going in about a weeks time and getting into everything, you will remember the day when she didn’t walk.

    I remember wishing so much that my son would learn how to talk – when he did – that boy never was quiet. So, enjoy the time you have and remember they are all blessings.

    God Bless Kellie !!!!!

  44. hailey…thst would make us drones.

  45. Hey Kellie, I saw the video of you and Emma Kellie and you both are adorable! You are a wonderful parent and you do great!!!!!!!!

  46. Kellie, you are so beutiful and have such an incredible body! I face the EXACT same thing with myself being 5’9″ and 137, but I feel fat as a cow. We gals hae got to stop looking at the Angelina’s-size 0’s. and look at women in the real world that we are small in comparion to. You are my daily dose of inspiration!!! Thank you!!!

  47. Ok everyone do you want to know what Craig said to me in his little latin phrases above?
    And by the way, Oh GOODY GOODY Craig has linked on to the babelfish translator and isn’t he special?
    Yes Craig basically said a dog has desecrated my mother…gee thanks for that Craig and the other one was that he did my mother.
    Thanks once again Craig. My Mother passed away last year.
    Score another one for team Craig!
    So Craig, translate this: You are a F**CKING MORON!!!!!!!!

  48. auf…your less than witty remarks leave me underwhelmed…i shall first point out you spelled f*cking wrong…f*cking only has one *…not **…and i shall apologize to your mother…i was operating under the assumption that you were the product of two dads and a diy kit.

  49. Juliana…i am able to differentiate religion and psychology…too many think of the latter as the new religion…have you considered that maybe this forum is in some veiled way a form of therapy for myself???…most content linked is germane to the topic or topics at hand…did you not connect the lessons of life to a flock of geese???…is my stance that most women are a product of the poisoned fairy tale brought upon them by madison avenue which has a direct link to anorexia, bulimia, substance abuse and low self esteem, just to name a few, so far fetched that it escapes you grasp???…would you rather read the same…”we love you…please tell us what the MK diet is so that i can lose weight and make my husband love me” statements to a bit of humor???

  50. Ellie…ballsy comment…*censors a served at 98.6 degrees comment*

  51. Craig – I see the comments section as a place to comment to Kellie about her blog and also to engage in discussion about the topics she raises. All I am saying is that your comments often seem to be intended to bait people and offer nothing of substance. I think the internet community can be very therapeutic and I have enjoyed your sincere comments and participation. Like others, I feel that sometimes your abundance of pointless posts consisting of links to often offensive material to be very annoying. As far as the “Cinderella” myth perpetuated by the media – yes, Kellie (and many others) does seem to struggle with those unrealistic expectations and feel discontent as a result. But, let’s not blame the victims here, and it is unkind to imply that those who seek treatment for depression are any weaker, or less valid for doing so.

  52. Craig I wonder what you do all day? Because all it seems you do is respond to people leaving comments on Kellie’s website. DO you have a job or do you do nothing but annoy people all day?

    Love you Kellie and Emma Kelly. Lots of love and prayer

  53. Juliana…i hope that you are part of the diplomat corp…twas truly the most eloquent reply to date…i applaud you and will curb the more “questionable” replies.

  54. Hailey…i am a web developer that is engaged in developing a braille version of websites for the clinically blind…this site is my “smoke break”.

  55. Hailey…i am a web developer that is engaged in developing a braille version of websites for the clinically blind…this site is my “smoke break”.

  56. wow…i must work at xerox…please excuse the double post.

  57. me at work.

  58. WOW….26 posts from one person??

  59. Craig – Your comment/compliment really made me feel good, so thank you. Is that picture truly you? If so, thanks for sharing and giving us a face to put with the comments.

  60. Craig- You shouldnt smoke so much!! EK and Kellie Love you!

  61. the photo was a JOKE…but…this REALLY is me.

  62. Barry…i know not who you are…but thank YOU for not confessing your love…*str8 but non judgmental pose #32

  63. sorry…here is the link.

  64. You are one UGLY mother f*cker! Are you happy I spelled it right? I, unlike you, never professed to being perfect.
    Oh and by the way…you did not upset me. My Mother is alive and well.
    I was just getting your goat…and I got it!
    You dumbf*ck!
    *Does the birdy wave*

  65. you have my goat???…you perv…i would MUCH rather be a one UGLY dumbf*ck than a goat f*cker.
    *does an argentinian tango*

  66. Well, after seeing this Craig person with all of his comments (and there are many, many, many, too many and too inappropriate) on how attractive he is, let’s just say attractive he is not.
    But, we all have to love ourselves and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  67. *apologizes for above post…in my defense…i have never had my goat stolen*

  68. YAY Emma Kelly! Now she’s going to be all over the place, lol. My son didn’t walk until 14 months and everyone drove me crazy saying “He’s not walking YET?” Babies develop at their own pace..I don’t think there is necessarily a “right and wrong”.

    I hope you had a fun Valentines Day, sounds like it would’ve been..Emma Kelly is the cutest date you could ask for =]

  69. Hey Kellie,

    I read your blog everyday and just wanted to let you know how to fix the ‘poop’ thing. I have struggled with that for years and a trainer at my gym said to use wheat germ. It has worked miracles. You can find it in the cereal isle. I buy the one with the blue label. I sprinkle it in my yogurt,, ceral, oatmeal, soup and even a breakfast taco. And if i eat a muffin i just dip my muffin in it. Wheat germ sure beats eating seaweed and hemp seeds! Good luck.

  70. I think Craig is hilarious!

    And Kelly, I knew in my heart that nothing was wrong with Emma Kelly all along! YAY! She is walking! Rock on!

    See, you will look back at all those worries and realize you had nothing to be concerned about at all! 🙂

  71. Never had your goat stolen??????????…. how about barbecued?

  72. NOOOOOOO…i had a cheese goat…i am SOOOO missing my queso de cabra.

  73. HEY KELLIE…guess what…i am going to be in Dallas on thursday…do you think i could pick up an autographed photo of you and the KKITM crew?!?

  74. mmmmmmmmm.. speaking of dieting……………
    I heard taco taco cafe in San Antonio was voted best tacos by bon appetit.. have u tried them?????

  75. i prefer cha chos….well…but…i LOVE chi chi’s!!!

  76. Oh my Goshhhhh!…….. Everyone take cover!!!!! Craig’s coming to Dallas on Thursday!!!…Quick….Someone hide the food!!!!!and plzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t show him where we keep our “Bill of Rights”…….by the way craig, what brings u to Big D….?… autograph from Kellie? for a wellness coach??? Tango competition????….I think Kellie needs to invite you over for dinner….that would give us soooo much more to talk about on here…. the least she could do is invite you to come on the radio..

  77. goodone…the only taste you have is in your mouth.

  78. voted best in the nation!!!…………..and the owner/cook is actually from greece….

  79. i photographed Rudy…he is on my photobucket page…he recently passed on…

  80. Oh, by the way, for all of us living in San Antonio – that means living near CRAIG – UGGGGHHHHH!!!! Can you guess he lives in SA?
    I always knew San Antonio was hell.

  81. goodone…i am an O’niner…member of the SA country club…the german…AND…cavaliers…my season ticket seats are even better than evas…San Antonio is nothing but pure Heaven for me…you must be a south sider

  82. Kellie there is a dr. that I go and see that I like to call the “fat doctor” It is a real place and they prescribed me these great little pills called “Phentermine” I like to call them my “speed pills” they are so amazing I’ve been taking them now for like a month and I’ve lost like 12 lbs. So I just thought I would tell you about them since you are always looking for a great new weight loss program or pill.

  83. Kellie, I’m here to tell you…. don’t EVER get started taking diet pills from the doctor….I did when I was in college…. would drive all the way to Lubbock to Stetner’s clinic…. just to get my diet pills…. and yes I’ve even tried the Phentermine……………’s all just something to “Mask” THE REAL PROBLEM…which is…. you need to take control of your overeating……. Sara, I promise you, once you get off those pills, you will gain every pound back and more…you will want to eat everything in sight……not to mention they mess up your metabolism… and many other problems will come later as you get older…. I PROMISE…..

  84. I think what we all need to do is just ignore Craig, and refrain from mentioning him or addressing him in our posts anymore.
    He’s obviously a loser – witness the fact that he has nothing to do but post on Kelly’s blogs, and search for random links to post, day after day after day.
    And for those of you wondering what he `does,’ well, according to his posts over the last few weeks, he’s serving prison time, is a military officer, and now he’s a web developer. More likely he’s unemployed.

  85. Yes, craig does come across as very presumptuous…..and I’m not sure if he could handle a woman who didn’t need his advice ……..but I truly find the most presumptuous people on here, to be the ones who try and tell the rest of us who we should ignore…. I think we can make that decision on our own….

  86. what the he** is an O’niner? and no, sadly youmust live in SA proper. Thank goodness I live in Cordillera Ranch and away from you!

  87. by the way idiot Craig – there is no SA country club. You lose! There are many golf courses and country clubs here, but not one of them is called San Antonio Country Club. Try again, liar.

  88. goodone…i am a member…i win.

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