Dianthe’s baby girl!!! Born 02.07.08

February 8, 2008 at 2:41 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 24 Comments

img_2647.jpgThere’s nothing like fresh new baby!!

img_2654.jpgMommy and daughter


img_2656.jpgBaby Daddy Kelley

img_2652.jpgAunt Kellie and…are we still calling her Spike?



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  1. aww…is a name picked yet? Surely, it’s not SPIKE! poor little sweet pea was called a butch name this entire time. she is sweet.

  2. Thanks for posting the great news. What a beautiful baby girl and a radiant new mom.

  3. Thanks for posting the pics for all of us to see! She is beautiful and now Emma Kellie has a new playmate!!!

  4. Yeah for DIANTHE and her pretty baby GIRL!!! She was just being “fashionably” late…I knew Spike was a girl! Thanks for posting these. I have been checking this religiously to see if the baby was here.

  5. Thanks Kellie! Congrats Dianthe! BEAUTIFUL baby!

  6. Thanks for posting the pictures! That is one CUTE baby!

  7. I’m so glad you posted pics for us………She is adorable..and I can’t wait to for a name!!!

  8. Thanks for posting the pictures Kellie, I had wondered all day if little Spike had made it. She is perfect!

  9. So beautiful. Yay!

  10. thanks for posting the pics!!!

  11. I *knew* you could do it natural, Dianthe!! Welcome to the club! Kinda makes you want to get a t-shirt made to tell the world, huh? For a while after Willow was born I abnoxiously introduced myself “Hi! I’m Amanda, I just had natural childbirth and made it to 9 1/2 cm without even knowing I was in labor”. LOL I am all teary eyed and proud. 🙂 She is just GORGEOUS. Can’t wait to hear her name. I’m sure it will be a perfect fit for her.

  12. Thanks for posting the pictures Kellie!!

  13. CONGRATS Dianthe! She’s looks like her daddy

  14. OMG! She is so beautiful. Congratulations to Dianthe and Kelley!

  15. What a beautiful little girl!!! Congratulations Kelley and Dianthe!!! I know you guys are proud, you guys are just beaming in the picture that Kellie posted. Can’t wait until you make it back Dianthe.

  16. Spike is soooo cute!!! I think she looks like Kelley! I like Sydney Jane!!!

  17. Oh thanks for posting those! Crazy how excited I’ve been.

    By the way, Kellie, you look sooooo thin in that picture! Even in a sweater! Great shot of you.

  18. Dianthe and her baby both look beautiful! Thanks for posting the picts Kelley!

  19. Ahhhh gorgeous pics!! Kellie, you have beautiful skin!

  20. Congratulations to Dianthe! She’s beautiful. Now, can we talk about how thin Kellie looks? You look wonderful.

  21. Congratulations to Dianthe and Kelley! Thank you Kellie for updating us and sharing the pics.

  22. Awh! She is absolutely adorable=] Congrats to the new mom and dad…and props to dianthe on the whole going natural thing! Thats awesome…i had twins so there is NO way i could have done that haha but good for you!

  23. P.S. i knew it was a girl=]

  24. Congrats Kelley and Dianthe! She is gorgeous. I have enjoyed reading your blog up until the day you had her and look forward to reading about motherhood from you. Take care and Kellie thanks for the pics! You look great!

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