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January 23, 2008 at 1:58 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 47 Comments

I am so freaking BORED. I think I’m going to have to take on a really huge, expensive project or actually — gasp! — pick up a hobby. BLEH! I HATE hobbies! I’ve never wanted one. I’ve never had one. I don’t even like the word “hobby.” There’s nothing delicious about that word whatsoever. To have a hobby implies that one has a passion for something, and people who are passionate about something have always frightened me a little. Basically, I just want to do stuff to kill some time during periods of boredom. I don’t necessarily have to classify what I end up doing as a hobby, though…do I?

I’m meeting with a wellness coach on Wednesday at noon.  Ya’ll write that down, now.  I’m sort of dreading the initial meeting because I’ve already had to fill out a very lengthy questionnaire that, quite frankly, left me in tears of frustration. I don’t want to answer questions about my ability to transcend or my problems with intimacy. I just want somebody to tell me what to eat so I can lose ten pounds, clear up my skin, poop on a regular basis, and be freaking WELL, dang it! After that inital Q&A, my “Wellness” score was 36.9 percent. THIRTY-SIX-POINT-NINE PERCENT!!! That means, my friend, that I am 63.1 percent NOT WELL! Believe it or not, I scored lowest on eating; second lowest on playing and working; and third lowest on finding meaning. What the hell does THAT mean?? I scored highest on self-responsibility, which means that I at least accept blame for every freaking thing that is wrong with me. Ugh. Getting well is not going to be as easy as I thought. Maybe THAT can be my hobby.




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  1. scrap booking is fun and is highly rewarding and fulfilling.

  2. Kellie…seems to me that you need to redefine you priorities and definition of happiness…does happiness elude you or do you not allow yourself to recognize it and allow it into your life.

  3. oh…*first again*

  4. 1…burn off my calories than you consume.
    2…try proactive…diddy did.
    3…try more fibrous foods
    4…relax…it works for frankie
    5…ya gotta love yourself b4 anyone else can
    6…i bet i am cuter than your wellness coach.

  5. Go meet with your wellness coach (can I just say I hate the term “Coach” for anything non-sports related. It’s dumb), eat some fiber and go get a massage. It’ll cure what ails you.

  6. Kellie,

    I think you should write a book. And I’d buy it. And I’m sure millions of other people would, too. How’s that for a hobby? 🙂

  7. Kellie, I think you’re doing the right thing, and I don’t think you have any need to be upset about your score. Think of this as the “before” shot. And when you’re all finished with your Wellness Coach, take an “after” shot and see where you stand! Good luck, Kellie! You’re awesome and I love you!

    (By the way, you were SO funny in the perfume commercial. I almost hit someone I was laughing so hard!)

  8. Craig, a few days ago you jumped over someone for using fowl language, but then you post a link to a gallery of disgusting and sick pictures. What’s wrong with you?

  9. I think it’s funny that you people let Craig get under your skin. Yall are the ones that need a life. I love you Craig Baby!

  10. Hi Kellie!

    I knit as well as craig… but not psychotic things like him.

    Scarves are really easy to make.



  11. tess…you have a cute name…but an ugly attitude.

  12. dora…you should have seen the stuff i “censored”.

  13. you’re missing the point. The point is your a horrible hypocrit. Get over yourself, you are not as smart or mature as you try to make yourself out to be. Loser.

  14. Why does Craig lurk around in Kid Kradick blog message boards? Just curious….

  15. The link to your OLD BLOG isn’t right. Please fix it I was wanting to read some things in it! Thanks!

  16. If it makes you feel better I had to talk to my insurance company to continue my counseling and while answering their questions they determined that I had to talk to a clinician right then! FUN FUN! lol.. but hobbies can be fun if you find the right one. Like lots of people love scrap booking, photography or you can be a freelance stalker.

  17. i find crocheting addicitive. it’s so easy to learn, easier than knitting, and you can make super cute hats and accessories for emma kelly.

  18. Cloe! that’s a great idea!! lol, i can see it now, we’re gonna start seeing pics of emma kelly with these great big crocheted bows on her head!! lol, really cute!!!

  19. Kellie,

    I used to put puzzles together with my kids. Even after Emma Kelly goes to bed, sit and do a puzzle. Challenging and fun.

  20. Needle Point – takes up some time, start with a starter kit and see how you do. I use to do that when I was on a diet, when I would be hungry I would start my needle point and get caught up with that and watch a movie while I did it – and before I knew it I wasn’t hungry anymore.

    I never was really interested in it, but all my friend have been and still are – but scrap booking – now I wish I had done it – they have such cute books of their kids for each year of their growth and it is very special – it could be something that you can do for Emma Kelly and when she gets older she will really enjoy it.

    Try a little of something here and there, but stay with what you like best – it doesn’t work if you at least don’t like it. If it something you have to force then it is not right for you. Hope you find something

  21. I’ll be happy to show you the world of card making and scrapbooking, Kelly! Little Emma needs you to preserve all those moments in time in a big, fat scrapbook. If you’re interested, visit my blog and send me an email.

  22. Those who reply a thousand times about Craig’s “annoying million posts” are being a bit hypocritical. If you are sick of him IGNORE HIM AND QUIT WRITING ABOUT HIM!

  23. KIM is a hypocrit.

  24. Dora please don’t attack me but Craig’s messages are somewhat amusing you have to admit. He’s just trying to get a rise out of people and in a weird way be funny. Lighten up people if it bugs you don’t read it. BTW, Mr. Craig, you said first the other day and I WAS CLEARLY FIRST!! Have a nice day people!!

  25. Maybe Craig could get his own blog. Kellie’s hobby could be posting on it 20 times a day.

  26. Dora, why is Kim a hypocrit?

  27. Laura, I don’t attack people who don’t attack me…I’ve admited in other blogs that I just argue with him because it passes the time…not to say I that I agree with him, I don’t, but I don’t go home from work saying, “ooo, that craig!! he’s such a jerk!!!” as I’m sure Craig doesnt…or at least, I hope not. If so, then he’s more foolish than I thought.

  28. idk, just because. I guess that’s the 3rd grade humor in me, ha ha.

  29. Q: A woman has two…a cow has four..what are they?

  30. A: legs

  31. dora…the word is: hypocrite…5 bucks my “gt” scores are higher.

  32. Craig, I agree and I gladly accept your retraction of your erroneous “first” from a few days ago….Dora, thanks for responding and I got the message and now understand it is all in good fun and people really aren’t getting themselves all wound up over nothing. Have a happy rest of your day all!

  33. dora…i do leave a lot of women going “oooooohhh that Craaaaaig…he is such a viKING.

  34. uuuhhm, yeaaaaa…about that….negative…Im probably gonna have to pass on that….So anyway, who’s looking forward to american idol tonight?? ME ME ME!!!!

  35. i am THE american ideal man.

  36. (barfs all over her desk) jeeze, that’s an “ideal” I’d like to forget about.

  37. dora…a good soldier does not barf…it compromises your position and the position of your team.

  38. good evening all, I’m going home for the day.

  39. This is effin hillarious!

  40. Jaime…its a regular giggle factory here.

  41. kellie, i just love you! you’re so beautiful and funny. i think you need to get a massage and just hang out with your friends.

    being naughty doesn’t mean you have to make yourself look like a hooker, you should just take on the attitude of a naughty girl. a man can sense the attitude and the right one will like the attitude more than the hooker look-alike.


  42. C’mon Dora! Why am I a hypocrit? If you want to go to 3rd grade humor where is Boots?

  43. “I love you Craig Baby”……plzzzzzz……it’s really getting ridiculous in here when your “Girlfriend” has to get on the blog to tell us she “loves ya”….doooo we really care??????? dora, im not in the military.. so i can throw up…….and what’s the “gt” thing about?.. surely you weren’t talking about “gifted and talented”….. that means you’re still re-living your high school years….well, i guess its good to know that craigs got someone to take care of him…or at least to look over his shoulder while he’s blogging…..”love ya baby”….

  44. Wow Craig! You really, really, really have a lot of time on your hands to look up so many pictures, etc…and post.
    And just what are all the freaky “pose No. 42” type things mean?
    Did you make your own freaks guide to poses, sayings and the like?

  45. I know, Dora. I was just teasing you back.

  46. Oh Kellie! You’re so funny!! Reading your blog is my hobby. You are so good at this blogging stuff- so witty! I love you so much girl.

  47. Kim- Your MAMA is teasin’ you back, lol jk.

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