Photos from the Naughty Wear Fashion Show

January 18, 2008 at 10:51 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 34 Comments

jc_selection.jpgJ-Si’s choice in Naughty Wear

kidds-choice.jpgKidd’s idea of what Naughty Kellie should be

al_selection.jpgAl’s Naughty Ensemble



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  1. Kellie, I think you look amazing!!! You’re beautiful and have a rockin hot mama body. You’re my fave!

  2. Kelly
    You looked great in all the outfits!! I have to say J-si’s outfit was my favorite because, you seemed to be more comfortabe and relaxed in it. Love you on the show, dont let life get you down, remember everything happens for a reason and you are blessed with a beatiful baby and lots of friends and fans!!!!

  3. Cute! Your hair looks really good and you look THIN! Work it girl!

  4. Kelly Kelly Kelly….. please do not complain about your weight anymore.. I understand we all have our own issues and want to make changes but you look amazing.. just look at your legs, your arms all very nice and slender!!!! Just really look at yourself and appreciate your body… you have a nice one!!! You are not even 2 hamburgers away from being fat!!!!!!

  5. you look abfab…but wtf was big al thinking?!?

  6. For some reason Big Al’s outfit really doesn’t surprise me!! I love J-Si’s outfit! You can tell he has a girlfriend that likes to dress cute because he totally knew what to go for. Kidd’s wasn’t that bad but that dress isn’t something you’d wear just anywhere, it’s more of a New Years Eve dress. But either way you looked AWESOME girlie!! Skinny minny!!

  7. Kelly you look gorgeous and Skinny! Al’s outfit is a little off the wall though!

  8. Please never speak of being fat again! You are gorgeous.

  9. I know this is not the popular opinion, but I thought Al’s outfit was the best. J-Si’s was boring and Kidd’s was a bit much (or maybe too little). Al’s, aside from the boots – which were funky in a way that I am still undecided about – was actually really cute and sexy in a more cosmopolitan and low key way. It wasn’t too young – nothing worse than a 30something mom trying to pull off a 20something outfit. And it wasn’t oo old either. I hope you get to keep all of them and that you will wear Al’s – though maybe not the boots.

  10. Kelly, you look so great especially in Kidd’s outfit. Your arms and legs are so toned, and you are so thin. I don’t understand why you need spanx or thongs or are always thinking you need to lose weight. I am the same height as you, and you are at my goal weight. You should be very, very happy with the way you look 🙂

  11. Kellie,
    I like kidds choice for you… ya look hot… keep it up girl.

  12. You look great in all but J-Si’s choice is my favorite!

  13. J-Si’s outfit is the one. It’s cute, young, trendy and you look comfortable in it, perfect for clubbing. Kidds would be perfect for a more up-scale thing cocktail party type thing and I think Al was trying to channel your inner Britney. You look absolutely fabulous in all the pictures.


  14. Well, Al’s is the naughtiest, but I love J Si’s. You look great!

  15. ok, so you are SO smokin hot! Look at you strut!

  16. i would have opted for the “birthday” suit.

  17. The last time I heard, Craig is gay.
    So what do you care if Kellie wears her birthday suit or not? Also, you Craig, as a man,(albeit a gay man) have absolutely no right to comment on the issue of abortion. No man does. Ever.Even if the child is his. Issue closed!

  18. I am so jealous. I want to be Kellie in my next life! Looks great, has a great job, adorable baby! Life is good!

  19. I love JC’s outfit on you the best. Kidds outfit showed off your sexy arms and legs but it’s not something you would wear everyday. Big Al’s outfit…ummmm looks like something Britney would wear NOW.

  20. jalopeno…nay nay sweet princess…did you know america has aborted more souls than the nazis killed in the holocaust…when you are ready to discuss the facts in a civil and hetero manner, call…we shall do lunch.

  21. Great Craig, give me your email address. And yes, I am aware of that. Neither had a choice in being destroyed. The Jews nor the unborn children. But as a man, youare never in control of what a woman decides to do with her body. Right or wrong, it is her decision.

  22. jalop…i have 1…posted my phone number…2…my email…and…3…my ACTUAL photo here…if you want to apologize for your malicious and inaccurate statement…please do so in a public manner…meanwhile…i will go and celebrate life and pray that some women stop using abortion as a form of birth control.

  23. …i differ with your term…”right” and ability…whilst in the service of this country…i had the right and ability to kill…in many cases, i opted not…all this matters not as this is not a forum of change…but maybe we can discuss how i dont like a nazi as the head of the catholic church.

  24. ps…while these are my opinions…due to the very sensitive nature of the subject, it should be noted that they are stated in a non judgmental tone…well…not the nazi one…that is just plain wrong as *** **** ** * ******** ***.

  25. Kellie,

    I think the naughtiest outfit would be Kidd’s, but you look AWESOME in all three.

    You naughty girl, you!

  26. And this is not the place for such a discussion, Craig and jalepeno…

    It’s a depressing subject, please discuss it elsewhere, and I mean that with the kindest of intentions.




    YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  28. OMG Kellie is SOOOO Skinny!! 😀
    Seriously girl you are so thin I almost want to send you some food to fatten you up a bit.

    I like J-Si’s outfit the best because he really did find an outfit that says “Sexy temptress coming through”

    Al’s outfit was ok but not complete terrible. I didn’t dig the boot, thought they look kinda trashing hookerish like.

    Kidd’s outfit was ok, a bit short and 70’ish style.

    I just can’t get over how SKINNY Kellie is. *shocked*

  29. Jocelyn…you should work for the U.N….*insert diplomatic emoticon*

  30. How could anybody say that Kidd’s outfit was naughty? It was a short skirt…but other then that you just look like you should be turning letters on a game show. I think maybe take J-Si’s outfit and instead of jeans make it a short skirt and you’ll have a naughty outfit.

  31. Craig, I think you ar full of S***! (Insert emoticon up your rear). If you have already posted your picture and your email, them just do it again, otherwise you are full of it. It seems as though everyone you piss off wants your email and you will not give it. As far as a picture, I am sure anything you post will actually look better than you because it will not BE you.

  32. Kellie –

    I NEVER want to hear you say you are fat EVER again!!! Are you kidding me? I wish my legs were that freaking skinny! And I’m not a “big” girl by any means…very muscular, though…but my thighs do not have near the amount of space between them like yours do. And why would that girl at the store ask if you had Spanx when she was recorded saying how skinny you were? I think that was more for the butt lifting aspect of it.

    You ROCK! And you are FABULOUS!!! Don’t think any different.

  33. Kellie-
    I am not sure if you even read your comments, and I normally don’t comment, BUT you look fabulous. I understand being insecure about your body or having things about your body you want to change, as a woman. What woman doesn’t? Except for Samantha on Sex and the City and wait, she’s fictional. I think that will always be the case with women, but honestly when I first started listening to the show, oh about 4 years ago, I thought you might actually have some weight that needed to be lost. Which, hey, I have been gaining and losing the same 5-10 lbs. since I was 16, so I get it BUT, I think you look amazing. You are a really beautiful woman! My New Year’s resolution in 2007 was to love the body I have (more than I do at least,) and I think I have made some peace with the imperfections. Whatever imperfections you believe you have, make peace with them, because they are not so apparent to the outsider looking in.

  34. hey jap…calm down…the new star trek movie will come out soon enough.

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