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January 16, 2008 at 5:31 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 171 Comments

Ah, my fantasy was realized. My OB/GYN walked into the examination room, took one look at me and said “Hey, skinny.” Yes! I weighed 149 on the official doctor’s scale, which was after breakfast AND lunch, thank you. Of course, I only had air balls for lunch, so it wasn’t as accurate as if I’d had my usual fare, but for the first time in I don’t know how many years, when I got on that official doctor’s scale, I didn’t have to bump the big weight on the bottom up to 150! I was BEYOND thrilled. And then it all fell apart.

 He started quizzing me and I started blabbering and blubbering and before I knew it, he was giving me the business cards of psychoanalysts and wellness coaches. Yes, my doctor told me I’m in the worst shape he’s ever seen me in the almost 14 years he’s known me. Yes, even worse than when I was left high and dry at 6 months of pregnancy. Is it that bad? Really? Is this the part where I’m supposed to either save myself or succomb to the overwhelming darkness? Would this be my crossroads? Not like the movie starring Britney Spears, of course…but more like the time in my life when I could go down the same path as Britney Spears? Is this supposed to be the time when someone stages an intervention?  I need to fix this before it goes that far…

 Good Doctor wouldn’t prescribe me the Wellbutrin he so willingly doled out before. He wants me to see the psychotherapist first. Ugh. I HATE that. I just feel like I’m having a bad run of luck lately and that I’m going to come out the other side eventually, but what if I DO need psychotherapy and wellness? What if I end up shopping for BMWs in my old wedding dress? I can’t let that happen. I’m calling for help tomorrow.

I do believe I’ve had a bit of an epiphany — which is such a delicious word, by the way — as to why I keep attracting married men and/or a man who gets the girl he’s dating pregnant. Well, I at least had an epiphany about the married man issue. See, what I figured is this — a lot of men who’ve been married a good 10 or 20 years start thinking the grass is greener on the other side. So they move out of the house and consider themselves “separated” so they can test the dating waters before they take the plunge into the world of divorce. So they go out and prowl around and try to get the hook up, failing to mention their “separated, but still technically married” status to  the ladies. Now THAT would be a turnoff, right? And what’s the harm in a little drink here…a little kiss there…a little dinner on the side…But when push comes to shove, the man decides it’s time to mention this useful piece of information, but only after the woman they’ve pursued has fallen hook, line and sinker. And this, my friends, causes her to become what they call in modern terms, a “homewrecker.” Pretty good epiphany, huh? 

I’m so tired. Epiphanies are draining.




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  1. I guess Craig couldn’t stay awake for Kellie’s new post.
    Light weight!

  2. Kelly, I think everyone goes through what you are going through at some point. You have alot of stress in your life, and it’s only natural to feel what you feel. You should try the wellness coach, and just see what he/she has to offer. It could probably even help you with your problem of only finding married men! And I don’t think you’ll turn out ANY thing like brittany, lol. That crazy train is just to far gone, I don’t think ANY one could end up like her. You’ll probably just end up like Amy Whinehouse…I’m so kidding!! We love you kelly, and we know things will get better for you!!!

  3. I agree with Dora. Kellie, we love you!

  4. Aw Kellie, i barely know you but I want to give you a big hug and sloppy wet kiss. Life can be a big ugly mess to look at and I was a person who never thought I needed to go to counseling…since that was part of my previous profession. But truly, it did help. sometimes you just need an ear that doens’t have an opinion.
    Keep your eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel, keep your head up, raise your fact to the sun and keep on trucking.
    Take care

  5. epiphanies should not be draining…they should be life altering…i might add that epiphanies derived whilst in a hormonal & chemically altered state of mind may not truly be an epiphany.

  6. ok, so I meant Face. not fact. I’m new here but I know how easy it is to get slammed for spelling and I can’t spell for beans.

  7. Kellie, you are amazing and brave. There are so many of us out there just like you. Thank you for talking about it and helping others. I love you and can’t imagine not listening to you every morning. Hang in there – you’re moving in the direction.

  8. Sister Sassy, I don’t think you should be slammed for spelling. that’s stupid, we all know how easy it is to hit the wrong key. just keep for chun up!!!! lol.

  9. okay…i will prepare for the tsunami of hatred for what i am about to say…to use the vernacular of this new generation…WTF…when did we need to seek happiness in a prescribed pill…when was it decided that happiness was found on a set point of a scale…and call it a hunch…i bet the wives of the founding fathers did not need wellness coaches to cope with the silliness of creating the greatest nation on earth?!?

  10. Ok – I’m usually a Craig supporter – but c’mon – enough already, ok?

    Happiness at reaching a set milestone or goal for yourself is ok regardless of the source, a scale, a college degree, validation from a doctor, the source isn’t the important thing to focus on. It’s really about acheiving that goal that creates happiness.

  11. Stephanie…i respectfully disagree with your definition…happiness is a decision…you CAN be happy even in the most horrid of conditions…this is witnessed by the images of flowers and butterfly’s etched into some of the bed slats in the concentration camps…as it pertains to this forum, stevie wonder could see that Kellie wants to be married…if marriage is the goal and marriage = happiness…statistic show that Kellie only has a 50/50 shot at happiness.

  12. I think Sister Sassy said it best. It is refreshing to have a devoted hour of time to blab about all that is wrong with the world.. to someone who doesn’t judge, who you don’t have to “be strong for”, who doesn’t feel guilt if they can’t immediately “fix it”. There is no pressure and you get an opportunity to almost “hear yourself speak” without creating additional problems.

    just do it kelly… 🙂

  13. Kellie? I’m not sure you dealt with being left while pregnant – you didn’t have time to deal with the sorrow, anger, and all the other emotions because you were pregnant and the little one you were carrying had to take precedence – cause it was all on you. You didn’t have time for a meltdown…, well…things have calmed down a tad bit (or they had calmed down) and so now is the time that you must deal with it – or have a complete meltdown – just my 2 cents and it’s actually not even worth 2 cents. 🙂 Hang in there.

  14. depression is anger turned inward…Kellie…being a VERY RESPECTFUL southern woman may not have the intestinal fortitude to address the multiple issues…i still contend that the answer lay not in the form of a pill nor a ring.

  15. at the risk of sounding like, an ignorant “tech school flunky” who is just BEFUDDLED by logic, but it is proven that some people just naturally have a messed up level of hormones. those neurotransmitters literally cause you to feel happy or sad, and if your levels get messed up, you are going to feel more sad more often. Kelly is describing what sounds like depression. How severe it is, I don’t know. I’m not claiming to be a psychologist, or a doctor, so I can’t diagnose it or say how severe it is. Just because you dont feel the same sadness or have a problem with that doesn’t mean others dont. Some people just need medicine to balance out there hormones. And we all now how hormonal we women can be. And PS, Lori, that sounds like a good theory too. I could definitley be a reason. I guess that would be the reason why her doctor told her to see a psychotherapist first, to determine whether she is having chemical problems or stress related issues.

  16. and also, that kind of science and medicine wasn’t available back in that day for the founding father’s wives. Had it of been, I’m sure that their wives would have been all over it. you have no idea what it is to be a woman, with hormones, and stress. 😛 WE GET CRAZY!! lol

  17. dora…you forgot to add the growth hormones in milk & the steroids in our meat supply theory.

  18. dora…as a real man, i know not how it is to be a woman…but i do know how to please one!!!

  19. the growth hormone in milke and the steroids in the meat had nothing to do with the comment you made earlier about having happiness in a pill…you’re bringing up a whole different can of worms. But as for that last comment, I’m sure the only woman you know how to please is your mother.

  20. Kellie

    I feel for you so much. Things will improve but it will take you changing your outlook on life. You have the most beautiful child and you may be lonely but please do not try too hard to get a man. Dedicate yourself to other aspects of your life for a while and everything will fall into place.

    Craig, try expanding your mind by reading a little more (not comics) and then you will may have a better perspective on life. Perhaps you will also develop some compassion and reality. Also I love America but there are equally as great countries in the world.

  21. oops, I meant milk, not milke, lol…I have no idea what milke….maybe some kind of new happy pill, lol.

  22. dora…my mother has passed away…i watched her pass as she lay on an ambulance gurney…tis not a memory i would wish on even the likes of yourself.

  23. The insinuation of that joke was to mean that you can’t please any woman in a sexual manner like you insinuated yourself.

  24. Dee…i served as part of the Rapid Deployment Force the better part of my ten years of service to this country…i have seen combat in two theaters of operation and have more compassion and respect than most who post in this forum…and i can assure you…this truly was the GREATEST country in the world…that was until we became a Godless nation.

  25. too late dora…you have been judged…and found to be lacking…simply…i pity you.

  26. Oh whatever, I don’t give a crap about you. Judge me all you want you loser. I don’t care about the joke I made. For all I know you could be some fat loser sitting in his basement with cheesy poof crumbs sprinkled all over your face, with his mom in the other room. Someone makes a “your mamma” joke and everyone’s standard response is, “oh, my mom’s dead” You go on about the bible, accuse Kelly of straying from the path of god because she went to a psycic…but then you say I have been judged and found to be lacking. I’m sorry, I read your previous comments where you claim to be jewish? Well I don’t know much about the jewish religion, but I would suppose that your faith also believes that the only true judge of anyone is God himself. So whatever, you want to judge me? that’s fine because your opinions really mean nothing to me. I know exactly what I have, and who I am, and so does the only person that matters. And let me make it clear to you, I was not appologizing to you for anything I have said, and I’m not going to, because I said nothing wrong.

  27. Don’t I remember you saying your brother is a pastor at a local church? You need to seek his advise!

  28. dora…that post is written by something so confused, it doesn’t know whether to scratch its watch or wind its butt…i suggest you hone your writing skills before applying borrowed glories as a mere typist.

  29. and yes…my mother has passed…i have spent many years trying to find some glimmer of humor in the matter, but it eludes.

  30. obivously you served in the army if you don’t understood what I wrote. let me break it down for you. I’m calling you out. you’re making all sorts of claims, and I’m saying that there’s no way to prove who you really are. Then I’m telling you you’re a hypocrit. You say you judge me, and in other posts you judge kelly and alot of other people. But then you say your jewish, and you believe in god. Well if that’s true then you shouldn’t judge, because you would know that only god can be someone’s judge. And Im also making it clear that I was not appologizing for anything I had said, because I said nothing wrong. Is that a little bit more simple for you? to understand?

  31. Geeez! When did this become about Craig and Dora?? Moving on….

  32. Kellie-trust your gut, your family and your doctor! Do what you feel is best for you! You have fans that love you!

  33. Kellie,
    Thanks for the epiphany on married men. I think most people think the grass is greener on the other side, but what everyon fails to realize is the people getting hurt in the middle! Hang in there, take whatever help you think you might benefit from and just do whatever you need to do.
    You have been through A LOT the last year or more and it’s going to take time to really heal and move on.

    Congrats on the weight loss!

  34. Are we all in junior high? As much as Craig gets on my nerves everytime I read one of Kellies posts and see 25 comments, just from Craig, everyone is starting to act just as bad from mouthing him back. We’re supposed to be commenting Kellie feelings, opinions, not bashing everyone else for their opinions, spelling, and everything other thing that doesnt even matter.

    Everyone copes with things in different manners. Everyone has a different way of getting over things and moving on. Most people cant just listen to everything people tell them, they have to go out and try things and learn from their own mistakes. Just our nature. So whatever the way Kellie desides to deal with her person problems, let her deal with it. It is all a learning experience.

  35. Someone needs anger management classes and I’m not talking about Craig…

    Good luck with the counseling Kellie. I think it will help and you may not even need a “pill”. Maybe just talking to someone about your innermost feelings and fears will help. Good luck and keep smiling and making us laugh every day!!

  36. Molly, who do you think needs anger management classes?

  37. What do you think Kellie thinks when she reads these responses to her blog?

  38. spiderman is back on the market,2933,323113,00.html

  39. anonymous…good question…hey…are YOU kellie?!?

  40. Doo Doo Dora! Doo Doo Dora! Dora the Explorer!

    Seriously, Dora, get a life. For you to get so worked up about a person on the internet that you aren’t even sure is real…. kind of pathetic.

    If you all don’t like what Craig has to say, do what I do and skip reading his comments. It’s not that hard to peek at the “comment by” line before you read even the first word of the comment. If you see “Craig” scroll on past. Problem solved.

  41. she probably thinks, “Oh lord, who are all these crazies gettin’ all riled up about my life?” lol.

  42. i bet she was hoping that i am indeed single.

  43. Kellie,
    You are very brave to write about what you are going through. What a blessing you are for others going through the same thing! I so feel for you and hope the best for you. We have similar situations and it has been so encouraging, believe it or not, to listen to you everyday! You are strong and beautiful and you do deserve to have a joy filled life. The counselor and wellness coach are good ideas. Everyone needs help and it is no shame to seek it. It actually ends up making you stronger. The weak person stays weak, the strong do whatever they can to get better.

    Lots of love and prayers coming your way!
    Take care,

  44. What are “air balls”??

  45. Molly…if i were to answer…i would be banned from the site.


  47. I can’t believe I’m saying this…but…I think I agree with Craig about the happiness in a pill thing. A lot of people have stress in life and don’t run out and get a pill for it. The stress will pass eventually. Kellie, don’t let these married men who are doing the wrong things make you crazy. Focus on something else, move on to the next guy if you have to. These married guys are the ones with issues not you.

  48. a bad case of air balls:

  49. *censors the obvious air ball/blue ball joke*

  50. sherry…no

  51. I’d just like to bring up a point. Kelly said her doctor told her that she had to see a wellness coach or a Psychotherapist before she could get the Wellbutrin, didn’t she? So I’m gonna go out ona limb and say that those doctors will determine whether she needs it or not. I’m sure that they went to college for their degree for a reason, and if they think it’s necessary for Kelly to get on Wellbutrin, then I would think there’s a reason for it. Just a thought.

  52. Hi! I started therapy last month. I was so nervous about my first visit! You know what? I feel better about myself. Therapy can be fun! It’s like having your own support team! Best of luck to you.

  53. Poor Kellie,
    I would go insane if I had to read these everyday!

    Anyone who says that happiness is not found in a pill…is just ignorant! First of all happiness is fleeting, what Kellie is seeking is joy. Second, comments like that are equal to saying someone with a heart condition should not take any medicine. God gave us medicines for a reason and if people are too prideful to accept them when needed, then that’s too bad. But, people who tell others who are going through a down time to essentually just “snap out of it” and don’t rely on a “pill,” you’re not only insensitive, but really frustrating to others with more common sense.

    I do not ususally ever post anything, but some of the comments are so negative. You all should use your time giving Kellie support, not uneducated advice.

  54. Like so many others on these comments I am not going to say what you should or shouldn’t do, I mean who wants to be told what to do? Or the people who judge, who wants to be judged?

    But I think it’s great that there is a comments section here to share life stories. I was left high and dry too at 8 months pregnant. I went for psychotherapy…no drugs. The day before my appointment I always always felt worse, thinking about all the things that were wrong and all the things I simply wanted to say. I HAD to quit before I got more depressed than I already was. Me telling it to a journal worked much better, LOTS of ephinays. Do your research on psychotherapy and drugs…it has a 40% (FORTY) failure rate…that’s terrible.

    Craig you are not funny today, what’s up with that? Skip his comments if you don’t want to “hear” them.

  55. I’m not saying drugs are the answer to any problem of being unhappy, I’m just defending someone’s right to chose to try that route if they are unhappy. I know that there are plenty of other options to getting rid of stress. journal entries are great, talking to someone is wonderful, too. but I’m sick of seeing people saying “oh! what’s coming to the world! we have to use drugs to make us happy!!” When that’s not the case. Some people just need a little help chemically to get themselves not necessarily happy, but balanced. Therapy normally goes with drugs as well in some cases. I’m just trying to bring that view point up to everyone as well.

  56. Looks like Craig is the “Tom Cruise” of the bunch and Dora is the “Brooke Shields”. Please note… Tom is crazy!

  57. lol, 🙂 it’s an all out war!!! jk

  58. but it is rather silly. So moving on to what’s really important, Kelly we all hope you get better, no matter what has to happen. We are all your fans and hope you find happiness and get rid of all this stress!! we love you!

  59. Dearest Kelly;
    are you taking full blame for your “divorce”! i hope not. Your ex has a lot of the blame. In my opinion he is a copout. he was too immature to face fatherhood and booked it. in the end, he loses so much and you have won so much already. i think you do have a lot of anger that you might not know how to release. take kickboxing or self defense, than can help relieve stress. a “pill” is not always the only answer but there are chemical imbalances that can happen in our brains that cause misfires and that is why you may need medicine to help regulate that. be honest with yourself too. what do you really want? the most important thing should not be to have a man in your life right now, its your daughter. actually a man will complicate your life. you may be feeling lonely and you are trying to fill that void. you won’t have time to feel too lonely when your daughter gets a little older. you will have so much more fun. you will have some sort of dialogue, dinner out, movies, maybe take her to kid shows. but if you do meet a man, take your time and befriend him first. don’t go jump into a relationship only after knowing him a short time.

    a psychoterapist is supposed to be trained to handle difficult emotional states. i think it would do you good to see someone. after all, sometimes our friends and family only tell us what we want to hear.

    don’t be so hard on yourself. you should be proud of many things, for example; you are a wonderful mom, i’m sure a great daughter, great friend, do a great job at work, look great, many people love you and your are taking care of business on your own. that says a lot about you and i don’t even know you personally. but i listen to the show a lot.

    take care

  60. what is sad is that there is a whole generation of “Kellie’s” out there…some single…many trapped in marriage…what is the solution???…the fact is is that we as a society look to the pharmaceutical industry to provide a pill for instant relief and gratification…once madison avenue enters into the equation, it turns into a tsunami of hopelessness…hate me or not…but it is my contention that once the women entered into the job market, our society began its downward spiral.

  61. i can not be tom cruise cuz my gal pal is HOTTER than katie…and because tom cruise is gay and i am hopelessly hetero.

  62. Craig I think now you are just intentionally trying to rial people up. So really, I’m just gonna say one last thing about you and your “views” that if you truely believe that, you might want to move into the year 2008.

  63. statistics and a study of sociology will back me up.

  64. Still not funny…and really not appropriate on this site on this blog on these comments. I am seriously asking if you have your own blog elsewhere and if we can view it. I am guessing you do but that would reveal your identity here. You can post whatever you like and we can choose to read it but I would like to know if your “views” are out there on the WWW?

  65. This is what I read when I see Craig’s entries.. Blah, blah, blah, blah… and I move on. Thank God for the roller ball that allows me to skip right past that nut. He must have a “little-big man complex”. He just likes to see his words in print and think we give a rip. Kellie Rocks and it is sad that this little man needs to feel big in a room where no one can see him.

  66. As a result of all of the bickering, at what point does KKITM decide to no longer do blog entries?

  67. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this way. It’s sad because he claims to have been an officer in the US military, but I can tell you that today’s military, especially on the officer side, would not tollerate one lick of his views, and he would have a case in M.E.O and with the JAG so quick his head would be spinning. Really Craig, you should look into opening your own blog, and posting whatever you want there, because your views are not welcome here.

  68. Wow Craig! You must think it is 1958 not 2008. If men could make enough money for an entire family to be financialy stable, then I am sure women wouldn’t have had to go into the workplace. You know, for that horrible downward spiral you speak of. But seeing how women are successful business owners, CEO’s, Lawyers, Doctors, hell even construction workers, you seem to be the only one around here with that issue!

  69. Pinky T…i blog not…as for as identity, i have gone as far as posting my actual photo…i even left a phone number where i could be reached…i know not why my opinions are being hailed as babble…statistics show a HORRIBLE increase of prescription abuse by women…divorce rates are surpassing the 50% mark and we have a generation of children who are being raised by the spineless public school system and playstation…tell me…please…what have i said that is SO offensive?!?

  70. I did not say it was offensive. I did not say you are wrong. In MY opinion this is a blog, that yes, deals with real life issues, Kellie shares & opens up, creating a forum for discussion about real life issues & experiences, we can all learn from even though we are not on the radio. It seems to be taken WAY too seriously. Every comment she makes is not literal and too many people take it literal. I just can not believe there are so very many judgemental people out there judging others on a personal basis.

    My ephiphany this year…the divorce rate is so high b/c women stop giving BJ’s. opps was that offensive?

  71. Maybe because you just don’t stop babbling. Thanks for fighting for the right to type it and for me to ignore it from here on out.

  72. As a public school teacher, if this type of bickering continued in my classroom, I’d find a way to end it. KKITM just might pull the plug on blogs if we all don’t start behaving!

  73. dora…and it is that very reason why the united states armed forces, with all their might lost the korean conflict, vietnam, botched grenada and panama, and is proof now why we should not be peacekeepers nor occupiers…the military has been weakened by the absence of great independent leaders such as Patton, MacArthur, Eisenhower, Grant, Lee and Bradley to name a few…your statement is a frightening commentary on the dismal state of our armed forces.

  74. “but it is my contention that once the women entered into the job market, our society began its downward spiral” That’s pretty offensive, if you ask me. what the crap does that have to do with anything you just previously posted. You can’t blame declining school systems and divorce on that. No, your problem is now women are educated, they work and can support themselves and don’t have to settle for ignorant losers like you.

  75. anonymous…at the first sign of a lawsuit.

  76. Dora…once again…dishing out personal insults undermines the point you are trying to get across…i am issuing you an article 15.

  77. Pinky T…no that was sad…but…in my case, i prefer to give.

  78. Anonymous – get a clue. Everytime someone opens this site, this blog and posts it makes their numbers look better. Why would they turn off the blog!? I am sure their advertisers apperciate it. Again if you don’t like the mis behaving do not read it…(your an adult I assume, you should acting like it in the adult world and using the word behave is not acting like an adult) Jeeze!!

  79. This guy Craig, is way out there.

  80. anonymous, I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with what’s going on. We are in a public forum, that’s what these things are for. The classroom is a different situation. you can’t learn in an environment without discipline. but let me just tell you now thank you for teaching in the public school system. I know you have alot of crap to put up with and for low wages.

  81. anonymous…the reason the U.S. was able to build the “bomb” was that Oppenheimer persuaded Gen. Leslie R. Groves to allow an atmosphere of “free thinking” amongst the scientist…this is just like that…sans the IQ levels.

  82. Pinky…be nice…anonymous is an important variable in todays discussion.

  83. Nice is for wussies 😉

  84. Pinky…how much for “not nice”!?!

  85. Right craig, go ahead, issue me an article 15. Good luck with that. I’m sure that’s gonna go very well. At this point I’m not worried about getting my point across to a thick headed individual like yourself. you obviously can’t grasp the concept anyway.

  86. Craig… blah, blah, blah, blah.

  87. I do see Pinky’s point about posts and numbers. Makes sense. Drama is exhausting! Affictive, though.

  88. addictive

  89. yea, lol, I can agree with that, I swear, this helps me pass my time between assignments. ha ha ha

  90. What is sad to me, is that Craig took an inocent blog, by Kellie, and turned it into a woman bashing, pill popping, war on terror, anything but Kellie, discussion. He can’t really have a “gal pal”. What woman in her right mind would put up with his crap everyday?! Ohhh, he only acts like this, when he can remain faceless!

  91. imagine if i posted my thoughts on abortion and Richard M. Nixon.

  92. go ahead, why not. you blab on about everything else under the moon anyway.

  93. i blab not…i dispense pearls of wisdom.

  94. I have been laughing all day reading this and Al’s blog. Kellie, maybe rent some funny movies or go to a comedy club to feel better. I know…a short term fix but fun while it lasts!!

  95. Molly…so is a “nooner”!!!

  96. Craig, dispense something, but it’s sure not pearls of wisdom.

  97. Now who’s being insulting….

  98. correction to the above post…Craig, you dispense something, but it isn’t pearls of wisdom

  99. dora…do you address officers with such a combative tone???…i hope you are never a boot on the ground during a patrol.

  100. who’s to say that I’m not a higher rank than you? you sure do do alot of talking without knowing who you’re talking to.

  101. btw…I was smart enough NOT to enlist into infantry, no ground pounding for me.

  102. your spelling tells a tale on you.

  103. Wow, I’m absolutely amazed at how long you all have been carrying on with one another…quite impressive I must say.

  104. Craig, I agree but since Kellie doesn’t have a SO in her life at the moment, I thought that would not be a good suggestion at this time. She wants and deserves something much more than a casual “nooner” don’t you think?

  105. I’m glad we get to speak with our doctors instead of having bloggers tell us what is best for us….no one will ever have a perfect answer ya all. I think all of ya are thinking into this too deeply and we all know that it’s brought on a lot of craziness between one another. Ya all are just absolutely cracking me up.

  106. yes…you indeed have a gift for the understatement…we ALL deserve much much more…even dora.

  107. can we break 100 comments today?

  108. Seriously! And I don’t believe it’ll be hard to break a 100 today. Actually it’s going to come pretty easily probably.

  109. Perhaps, but I am leaving work for the day and I don’t blog from home. Are you up to the task Craig? I’m looking forward to some more laughs tomorrow!

  110. will there be a prize for the 100th poster???

  111. wouldn’t that be nice?? Really I don’t think I have ever seen so many comments left on any of these blogs before….that just says how good of a topic you all had to feed off of. Good stuff.

  112. Will it be a nooner?

  113. Possibly so…..

  114. Pinky T…yes…an all afternooner.

  115. 100th….

  116. Somebody give Cindy her prize!

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  118. Craig, by posting so much, at all hours, you’re making it obvious that you’re a loser who has no social life at all. All you seem to do is sit in front of the computer and wax philosophical about other people’s problems, so that you don’t have to face your own issues.

  119. cash in large denomiations……..will be fine..

  120. oops..”denominations”….thinking of all that money got me flustered……

  121. For the love of God! Craig and Dora take it some where else. Why don’t you two exchange emails or even phone numbers and fight it out there?

    This is Kellies blog. She blogges about her life and makes most of us understand that she is human and has her ups and downs.

  122. ok kelli,no offense but i do feel sorry for you!! Ok so you are not in the best shape according to your doctor not good but slow down enjoy your life!!! Stop getting on dat darn scale!! In some sense im tired of hearing peeps want to lose weight!! i am 5’3″ 95lbs,,, ugh, ive been like this every year since i was about 17 .. ive had 4 kids ive had my tubes tied, top it off no stretchmarks!! im so skinny you cant tell ive had kids my ass isnt even poofed God i wish!! my breasts ha dat a resolution surgery this year… lol… Do you want to know how many times ive begged my dr. to plump me up he says no…..!!! He says my body was just meant to be like this.. im not happy and peeps think i am and no matter how much i say im not they dont believe,, i just wish we heard just as often try this diet to gain weight or try this excercise.. or get with this hypnotist to help you gain.. They said have a kid i did 2nd nothing 3rd nothing 4th ya right… wait till you have a surgery ha! so kelly obviously im not trying to tell you stop trying to take care of yourself but lose the scale eat right exercise regularly and if you still are @ the same weight woala thats where you should be!! thats what my doctor said to me!!! love ya girl and props up to you for being such a strong mom!!

  123. cindy…we are a nondenominational forum.

  124. kathleen…i am a visitor of the attascosa correctional facility…i have nothing better to do than to utilize the free internet paid for pay the generous tax payers of the great state of Texas…in my spare time, i work out.

  125. *does former chippendales routine for cindy’s award winning 100th pose*

  126. i bet we can break the 200 post mark if i somehow link Kellie’s next post with abortion and the goddless evolutionists.

  127. You really should read Eat, Pray, Love. I am reading it now and it sounds so much like something you need right now. Blessings!

  128. Ohhhh..bravo Craig, that was definitely a “one of a kind” Chippendale routine……

    …Would you perhaps be related to Alvin?

  129. by the way craig.. how could we be a nondenominational forum when you keep bringing up jews?????….

  130. cindy…sometimes, when i am wearing my orange jumpsuit, i sport my latex thong…and whilst i am a jew, i may be crucified by the gentiles…now thats ironic.

  131. Glad to hear you are enjoying the free internet…what time are lights out?
    I guess all of the free time spent working out is what made your chippendale routine so unique…
    For a split second I thought I was seeing Wentworth Miller….

  132. alrighty then, I’m totally back now…sorry I was gone so long…I actually have a life (craig) but I can see you were still making ignorant comments. I also saw you had no response to what I said, when I pointed out that I could out rank you. Hmm, didn’t think about that did you. Also, if you are truely incarcerated like you said you are, then obviously your “rank” means jack squat, not that it meant anything in this PUBLIC FORUM anyway. Or the fact that you were “in the military” and if you’re not in jail, then you’re a liar anyway and I’d have no reason to address you with any other “tone”. although how you know what my tone is over the internet is beyond me. I still see that you are too scared to voice your opinion about abortion, Godless evolutionists, and richard nixon…While I wish that it is because you realized how plain stupid you are, it’s probably just because you’ve fallen asleep at the keyboard. No doubt the cheesy poof crumbs are still smudged across your face.

  133. Does anyone else remember what Kellie’s blog was about? Again, can Craig be blocked? Anybody? Anybody? I thought this was a forum to give advise not to go into other discussions about our other problems that have no relevance to the blog.

  134. sherry…what has happened in your life that could cause you to hate someone you know not???…what on earth could i have posted that would deserve censorship and banishment…might i remind you…our country is at war against folks that espouse the same beliefs…i pity you…you wouldnt know happiness if it entered into your cold dark heart.

  135. dora…you could never outrank me…i was an airborne trooper…i out rank ALL d.n.l.’s…*does a practice plf*….and tis evident by the number of posts, i am not afraid to voice my opinion, and i also have the strength and courage to stand by them as well…i am truly saddened that you do not know more men like myself.

  136. I have an uncle who was a fighter ace…and he just so happens to live in your great city of S.A.

  137. San Antonio used to be home to the ace hall of fame…i had the honour of photographing Tex Hill…and Paul Tibbets.

  138. oh…and for the record…as a general rule…i oppose abortion…think Richard M. Nixon was one of the GREATEST

  139. presidents this country has produced…i also think san fransisco & nancy pelosi are the modern equivalent of sodom and gomorrah.

  140. nice…Paul Tibbets…. I did have the opportunity a couple of years ago to visit Hiroshima and how it looks today…

  141. my uncle is in the book Aces at War by eric hammel

  142. marine or navy?!?

  143. 27th Squadron of the 1st Fighter Group USAF

  144. more details???

  145. such as what?


  147. near the bottom is general myers, Darrell, and his son buck who is an architect in hawaii…

  148. who is your uncle???…mr. eberhardt or gen. myers???

  149. lol:)

  150. it’s vol. 4 darrell is in… vol.4…

  151. why did you show me that link?

  152. “Buck” is Darrell’s son in the pic. “Darrell Welch Jr.”… not..meyers, eberhardt ( i didn’t say he was that high up) nor the one in the story you posted. You’re starting to get me confused…


    this was the first one i sent…which told how he became an ace…
    surely you are teasing me?

  154. Cindy…did i ever tell you that i knew a dancer named “Sindee”?!?…she was HOT…i managed to get her hired on as a PR rep for the city…she now spells it cindy…oh…i ate TWO boxes of hamburger helper…but i used ground turkey instead…i am SOOO full…if you EVER visit here, i shall give you the royal tour of the Alamo.

  155. Cindy…whilst i must watch EVERY word as not to get crucified by the eediots…if i was indeed to tease you, you would not only know it, you would ENJOY it…*said with respect if a possible mr. cindy reads the forums*

  156. Hi Craig,
    Glad to hear you found the ground turkey… but TWO boxes..remember you are just eating for one…..:).hmmmmmm…. how about one box next time…I know U can do it..cause if you can keep some of these people on here from driving you nuts, then I know this will be just a piece of cake… OOOPS….I meant to say… A piece of turkey..

  157. ps… what does the “royal tour of the alamo” include?

  158. a pic. with davy?

  159. this blog just might make it to 200…..with our help….

  160. the sacrifices we make for other people…

  161. we should be sainted…speaking of…mother theresa was in heaven…saw lady diana with a halo…she complains to st. peter…st. peter says…mother theresa…that is not a halo…that is a stearing wheel.

  162. Cindy…rumor on the street is that you are Kellie…hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  163. ohhhhhhhhhhhh you’re badddddddd……”steering wheel”

    “rumor on the street is that you are Kellie”

    ……………:) Don’t you wish……

    Happy MLK……………..:)

  164. Craig..rumor on the street is that you are Kidd….

  165. i missed you at the march…we have the largest march in the nation…squash the aforementioned rumor…i am the former Taylor.

  166. Well, sorry Craig, looks like I missed it. I do have a friend who’s down there now and was telling me about it being the largest. That really did surprise me…. I was thinking more on the lines of “Cinco De Mayo”.. and the MLK being in Dallas….. Oh well, that shows what I know…

    Guess I had better hop on over to the newest blog to tell Kellie how GREAT, AWESOME and skinny she looks…..wouldn’t want her feeling bad about herself today….

  167. Cindy…i have a FUNNY cinco de mayo joke…i will post it soon…be prepared to laff.

  168. I’m waiting………………………..
    does this mean I will have to wait until May?

  169. no…contrary to popular belief…i actually do work…i am so multi tasked, a mere mortal would be overwhelmed…consider the joke as a bottle of wine…it will get better with time!!!

  170. Cindy…for YOU.
    There are many stories related to the sinking of the Titanic Some have just come to light due to the success of the recent movie.

    For example, most people don’t know that back in 1912, Hellman’s mayonnaise was manufactured in England. The “Titanic” was carrying 12,000 jars of the condiment scheduled for delivery in Vera Cruz, Mexico, which was to be the next port of call for the great ship after New York City.

    The Mexican people were eagerly awaiting delivery and were disconsolate at the loss. So much so that they declared a national day of mourning which they still observe today. It is known, of course, as Sinko de Mayo.

  171. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….thank you Craig….. for moving ahead the “cinco de Mayo” joke…..but unfortunately you’re 11 years too late… i heard that one when the “Titanic” movie came out….now come on….I know you can do better than that…With all the time spent in lockdown plus your knowledge of S.A., and the Alamo, I would think you’d be able to patent your own “cinco de Mayo” joke…. still waiting with bated breath..

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