delicious word of the day — “diphtheria”

January 15, 2008 at 3:28 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 75 Comments

I am very tired. But I am afraid sleep will not come easily to me tonight. It didn’t come easily last night, either, due to histrionics and despair over the loss of the dream that was Mark Kevin. But! What are you gonna do…I allowed myself to wallow in it for a good 24 hours, and now it’s time to move on. But I should’ve thought of that before I took 2 hoodia caplets followed by a tablet from a pill-pusher who promised, “It’s similar to Adderall. You’ll just feel more FOCUSED.” I was so delirious from my lack of sleep and pure, unadulterated misery that I just took the danged thing. Then 2 hours later I’m told, “By the way, they give that stuff to shift workers and guys in the military who have to stay up 48 hours straight and still be alert.” WHAT??? Isn’t that info that should’ve been given in advance?? When EXACTLY will I ever fall asleep again??

So I came home this afternoon and I was a non-stop chatterbox. I told ALL my business to a couple girlfriends who haven’t been privy to my sadness and drama until today. And then after I got off the phone, I couldn’t stop repeating my daughter’s name out loud in a sing-song voice, “Emma Kelly! Emma Kelly!” I just had all this ENERGY that was coming out in babble and nonsense and I finally looked at Nanny Laura and said, “Grab the baby and the dogs! We’re going for a walk!!!” So out the door we go and it wasn’t too long before I knew I just had to RUN, dang it!  And I think somehow I managed to burn off enough of the hoodia and the magical mystery pill to at least get the nonsense out of my mouth. And now, four hours later, it’s after 9 at night and I’m starting to feel like I’m winding down a little. And all I have to say about combining hoodia and that other little pill is, that was AWESOME!! Imagine how much I can get done if I can learn to control this?? I need to figure out the right dosage and timing and if I do this right, I can rule the world!!!! AND run a marathon!! Whoo-hoo! Go pharmaceuticals!!




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  1. Kelly you must be careful about taking drugs together. Even over the counter drugs can have interactions with each other. There is no telling what your heart rate was. Be careful!!!!

  2. Kellie, isn’t Adderall a drug designed to help those with ADD? Like Kidd? I don’t think you should take it if you don’t have that – you’ll probably never learn to `control’ the energy it gives you; it’s possible it has the opposite effect on non-ADDers, and just makes them spazzes. LOL

  3. OK Craig. Where ARE you?
    Since you have not yet posted, we all thought you might have vanished from the earth. *dreams*

    So lets have it. Get it out of your system. Let us all know how you feel about Kellie doing “drugs” etc. Tell us everything you know about all your drug experiences.

    Oh how I LIVE for comments from Craig.

    *sticks finger down throat once again*

  4. Is him sleepy Craig. Oh where are yoooouuuuu?

  5. One pill makes you larger
    And one pill makes you small
    And the ones that mother gives you
    Don’t do anything at all
    Go ask Alice
    When she’s ten feet tall

  6. the answers will not be found in unprescribed pharmaceuticals…they will serve only to exacerbate the situation…if this continues…i fear that one could begin to draw comparison to britney…*said ONLY with fear and hope that the aforementioned statement is indeed false*

  7. Kellie, I absolutely love your sense of humor. You are amazing! Here you are knowing full well you will have people who actually believe you are going to become a pill popper, and rag on you about it, you still shared your sense of humor with us! You are brave. Love ya gal! Thanks for the chuckles.

  8. lori…prescription abuse…in ANY form is void of any humor or chuckles…i suppose you laugh when you view a “feed the children” commercial.

  9. oh my god craig, seriously. Shut up, she’s not abusing pills, she didn’t know that it was gonna react that way. She’s making a jokes. You’re seriously retarted if you don’t understand that. Kelly, I think it’s halarious, and I can relate. When I went through tech school alot of the students started taking no doze to help keep focus during class. I asked one of my friends how many he took, and he told me he usually tried about three. What I didn’t take into account is that my friend was about three times my size, lol. I was shaking so bad all day and barely got to sleep that night. Needless to say I just stuck to coffee and mountain dew for the rest of my time there. ha ha!

  10. Where can I get me some? LOL I loved your blog today. So descriptive, I felt like I was there!

  11. dora…while serving as a flight crew member on a uh-69 blackhawk during the first persian gulf war, i took “go pills”…i know what they do…i have seen the undesirable interactions with other medications…unless you are a licensed professional, you may to reconsider your position.

  12. oooooops..UH-60…maybe i am doped up and do not even know it.

  13. dora…amphetamines also HIGHLY addictive and can in no way shape form or fashion can be compared to no doze which is nothing more than mege caffeine…i guess they dont teach that in tech skool.

  14. “Comment by We wish Craig would go away “….I too was waiting for “Craig’s Words of Wisdom”……..minus the “Jew” reference….
    and now that they are posted, I do agree with him. Yes, I said it…..
    I would only hope that people on here would not make the same mistake the “Britney Followers” have… as they have supported her unconditionally through her downward spiral ……

  15. Craig – maybe you need some medication?

  16. No, Craig needs to GET A LIFE!

  17. Kelli,
    I love you and still do but come on! You are a grown women with a little girl. You need to stop popping pills and start living your life for reasons other “when will I might men.” Go back to chirch (your mama raised you right) and he will find you. I like good Kelli, not the fauz “naughty” version. It is not who you really are.

  18. This is the best entry ever. You are so funny!!

  19. I think you are right, I think I saw a special on that of where mothers were abusing their kids ADD medicine b/c it gives ppl who don’t have ADD the opposite affect (wired).

  20. holy crap, amphetamines are addictive???!! no friggin way. Omg, I sooo didn’t know that. well that changes everything. Oh wait, she didn’t know what she was taking, and told us about what she felt, and then made a JOKE!! so never mind. I guess that information didn’t change a thing. I’m sure kelly is a well educated woman, who is well informed on the dangers of taking perscription drugs without a perscription. She certainly doesn’t need to hear your scolding. As for me? Where did I ever say that what I went through was the same. I said I can relate. Which I can because I felt all hopped up. I never said it was exactly like those pills. You’re seriously retarted and you need to grow up. Craig doesn’t know everything there is to know in life, so he should quit acting like he does.

  21. dora…when logic fails or befuddles you, i have noticed you like to resort to name calling.

  22. sherry…i have a life…a good life…no…a great life…i wish i could say the same for you.

  23. seriously, where did logic escape me there? I proved my point, that she made a joke, she’s not abusing percription medications, and to automatically get all hyped up over her taking a pill she thought was for something else is ridiculous. I also proved another point of mine that my comment i made earlier didn’t say I had gone through the exact same thing, it just said I could relate because of the experience I had. But I do notice that when someone says something you don’t like to read, you tend to try to make yourself seem more intelligent or mature than you really are. I’m sorry, but poop jokes and jokes about girl on girl wrestling in the mud just shows the kind of person you are. Lame and immature.

  24. dora…1…taking prescription drugs without a prescription is a…illegal…b…stoopid…2…knowledge is proud for what it knows…wisdom is humble for what it know not…3…poop jokes are funny and chics wrestl’n chics is as american as apple pie.

  25. i like craig. he makes sense.

  26. Ok…so are you tyring to kill yourself so that you will not be there to see your daughter got to prom, get married, have kids of her own? Totally irresponsible! Medications have a purpose and should not be abused, and they have serious side effects. The particular medications you have ingested have serious side effects such as heart attack and stroke…wake up, better yet grow up, please, for the safety of your daughter.

  27. Dora-you seem to be the one that needs to get a life, not craig. And retarded is not spelled “retarted”. Duh.

  28. Craig….a great life….I can’t see how since it seems you are commenting on Kellie’s blog between 5-10 times a day. What a great life……

  29. Kellie,
    I would be very careful about taking something that you don’t know anything about. It sounds exactly the fenfen combo they had out a few years ago and now some people have damage to their heart valves from it. I took it myself and lost weight but I think it messed up my metabolism. Also it made me very chatty too when I used to take them. Just be senseable about what you take. You wouldn’t want anything to happen to you since you have such a beautiful baby girl who is going to need you. Take care……….

  30. duhOra…allow me to quote Kelly directly…”It’s similar to Adderall”…now…even a tech skool flunky would know that adderal is a pharmaceutical psychostimulant compromising mixed AMPHETETAMINE salts…whilst i may not be a “tech skool scholar” like yerself, please…do not doubt the veracity of my statements.

  31. Jenifer…my life is wonderful…imagine meeting a guy that has no emotional baggage…has NEVER smoked dope and needs not chemicals to make life a bit more bearable…that is self sufficient…owns his own home and has both cars paid off…that has the courage to stand by his own convictions and fears not commitment…if you meet such a man…smile and say hello Craig.

  32. TOOT – TOOT
    Dream on Lover-boy….I’ve got all that on my own as well…. And have never needed a man to achieve it. You’re just a blog-HO! I’ve never seen a man so concerned with a women’s life before. Not much going on in your “no emotional baggage” life?

  33. Then tell me why you comment on everyone’s blog ALL THE TIME. Also on the message board. I would think that someone that has a life would not have the time to comment on every subject that is brought up by them. I’m really sick of hearing your “blah, blah, blah”!

  34. Jenn…please tell me you are not a femi nazi…but that being asked…what have i said that has so offended the senses?!?…i have not resorted to name calling…i have not wished ill will nor anyones departure…my recent postings should be of little to no concern of yours…maybe…hmmmmm…i think you like me!!!

  35. sherry…then read not the replies…you would have been very comfortable working for the nazis.

  36. And by the way, you don’t know me and you don’t know about my life…so don’t assume that it’s not better than yours…you @hole! I’m just sick of seeing your comments EVERYTIME I try to enjoy reading the blogs.

  37. I am part German. Think about that!

  38. You know what? I’ve wasted enough time on you. Why don’t you turn your computer off because I am.
    See it doesn’t hurt me to do that.

  39. sherry…funny thing…all you hear is blah, blah blah…all i hear from you is das geschwalle.

  40. Before you get all condescending with me, craig, you need to get something straight. You’re not talking to a low life idiot. If you “piloted a UH-60” like you said you did, you had to go to tech school as well. And obviously, since I’m still serving my country right now, i’m not a flunky. I passed, as well as all the other rank and AFSC level tests as well. you see, your problem is that you think that your own experiences in life are the best that others can experience. That’s were you went wrong the first time. The second time is judging others for something that you did yourself. You want to talk down to people about “popping pills” she tried one pill, which yes, technically is illigal. but you yourself claimed to have been popping pills while in the desert, flying a mission. I’m sorry, but to me yours is a little more serious, because I would rather have a clear headed crew member than someone who’s popping pills. btw, you talk about me resorting to name calling, how about trying to insinuate that someone else who commented on this site only dated drug addicts? you don’t know them or me personally. You should probably think about that before running off at the mouth.

  41. Ps, craig, I saw one of your previous comments telling another poster to not take a condenscending tone with you, because you’re a veteran of war. Well let met inform you of this, too. We took an oath to defend our country’s freedom. That would mean the freedom for someone else to voice their opinion. I would also hope that you chose to fight for our country because you wanted to defend our rights as human beings, not so you could try to make yourself seem better than everyone else who doesnt agree with you. And I still stand by my opinion, Kelly taking a pill that she thought would help her focus does not mean she’s going to become just like britany spears. So grow up and stop telling people that they’re beneath you.

  42. OMG DORA seriously get a life. Go do something for our country or something. GEEEEESUS!

  43. Meth- Here I come! No, lol. Seriously, I smiled to myself when you said you just felt like you had to run. I’ve done that too.

  44. dora…1…i was a mission specialist…NOT a pilot…2…i chose to serve for the college tuition reimbursement…not for patriotic reasons…but i am a patriotic man…3…my replies have never been condescending nor insulting…to say so would be to be grossly misconstruing my words.
    *FTA – Follow the AIRBORNE*

  45. if you were a mission specialist, you would still need a clear mind to do your job. That still doesn’t take away from my point. You did the same thing, and try to come down on kelly for it. And whether or not you took the oath to pay for your college or not, you still took that oath. and yes, when you come up with replys trying to flaunt what you have to try to make yourself seem better than what you are, and call people “tech school flunkies” yea, that is insulting and condescending. I’m embaressed that someone like you could make it into our military.

  46. Craig does condenscend and judge, maybe not all the time, when he is funny he is funny. He also does a GREAT job getting every one riled up, and not in the good way! No “emotional baggage” my ass, if there was actually no baggage there would be no condenscending or judging others or opinions flying all over the place. It would only be funny stuff. IJS

  47. kelly…dora…wow…i am tag teamed here…i feel like a manwich…*smothers self with an au jus sauce*…i reply not to feed an insecurity…i think that you are, as they say in the world of therapy, projecting on me.

  48. dora…i am embarrassed that the spelling standards of our military have declined since the days when i served…that being said…should you not be fighting terrorism or doing pt instead of harassing innocent civilians?!?
    *displays 82nd Airborne tattoo*

  49. Kellie-
    That was probably Provigil that you took. Considering the hours you work, you should ask your doctor about taking it. It is very helpful when your schedule is crazy and you nap here and there to get our sleep in. I have been taking it for a while (not with hoodia:)) and it helps me be focused and alert without feeling wired…
    Love your show!


  51. Aren’t you actually posting from prison, Craig? You’ve stated that in one of your posts in another blog, in response to people asking why you have so much apparent time to post. In light of that, you really don’t have a right to lecture Kelly about her behavior.

  52. kathleen…i did the crime…now i am doing the time…the Great State of Texas forgives me…why do you wanna kick a brother when he is down?!?…i am such a good model prisoner, i get unlimited web access thanks to the good taxpayers and civil rights advocacy groups.

  53. […] delicious word of the day — “diphtheria” I am very tired. But I am afraid sleep will not come easily to me tonight. It didn’t come easily last night, […] […]

  54. taylor…i couldnt hear anything you wrote…you were yelling too loud.

  55. 54 replies in one day…wow.

  56. Is Craig the Perez Hilton of KKITM? Maybe Craig should be given his own blog or create his own website that is devoted strictly to KKITM. His fans can frequent it and his nonfans can finally see a Craig free message board.

  57. i have no fans…but the nonfans you speak of are plentiful.

  58. Ok, don’t make me pull over.

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  60. Oh Craig, you have fans. No denying it. Even people who claim they aren’t fans secretly are – you know that people check this blog daily just to see what you have written!

  61. Whew…………after all this.. I think I now need some of those pills…Where did she say she got them?

  62. Amen! I like the way you think, Cindy! Share those pills! I may self medicate with some vino!

  63. i wonder if the DEA will be the special in studio guests on wednesday…i bet they dress up like the jonas brothers to “sneak” in.

  64. anonymous…this is better than vino.

  65. if this passes, i am moving out of the country.,2933,323026,00.html

  66. Craig, how can you move out of the country? I thought you were locked up somewhere, and we tax payers were paying for your internet usage…..

  67. hmmmm…anonymous… vino, and pills.. where have I heard of that combination before?

  68. Cindy…i shall make my escape whist on a work detail…i am a low risk prisoner.

  69. Kellie, I absoulutely love your blog! But most importantly you have gotten this guy “Craig” to sound like a complete… well…jack *ss…day in and day out!!! But I guess that’s just what he wants. His own 15 min. of fame. Afterall, everyone listens to YOU across the country. Maybe you should do a quick bit on the show and name it “Everybody HATES Craig” and talk about how he’s not too smart considering he was a flight crew member for a blackhawk back in his days. Pretty scary, I might add! Did he seriously have to add that in… Keep doing your thing Kellie!

  70. Ah Craig,

    If you are SO great and have all there is to offer…cars, houses, no baggage, etc…then post us your email or your website and show your cojones!
    We know you are not incarcerated.
    You enjoy all the BS you post and have people blast you. You probably get off on it. Can you say: PERVERT?

  71. craig, if you are serious about moving because of that law being passed, then that’s just 2 plusses for me. For people who don’t want to bother with the link, it’s a story about a law that is being pushed to ban those testicles that hang off the back of trucks, or that hang off people’s rear view mirrors. I’m sorry, but to me, I don’t want to see that when I’m driving down the road. It’s lude and disgusting, and it’s not the place to show something like that. If I had young children, that would deffinatley be something I wouldn’t want them to see. I hope it passes, and then I hope you leave, craig!! forever!! you’re so annoying!!!!

  72. dora…testes…oops…i mean testy this morning arent we?!?

  73. Craig, don’t you get the point…that no one wants to hear your commments ANYMORE! PLEASE unplug your computer and GET A LIFE! The point of this forum is to HELP the person with the problem. I’m pretty sure you can’t help anyone.

    Kellie, I love you and hope you find love again.

  74. i think Craig may say things just because of the reactions he gets. Either way, Craig is hilarious.

  75. Kellie, i remember you talking about these pills on the radio, and recently i have been overly exhausted and dont have any energy during the days, you have exactly what i need. just wondering, what in the world you were taking and where can i get some? love ya!!!

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