Delicious word of the day — “serendipitous”

January 9, 2008 at 1:50 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 39 Comments

I am SO excited right now.  A friend who hooked me up with a psychic — gosh, almost 2 years ago, I think? — says the psychic is back and yea!! We’re going to go see her! I KNOW we’re not supposed to mess with that stuff, but I can’t help it. I’m freakishly curious about predictions of my future. And she was right on the money about a lot of stuff that was getting ready to rear its ugly, brutal head in my future, which is now — thankfully! — my past. Oh! And there was another psychic I saw even before I got married that I might try to track down again. He was also right about a lot of stuff that seemed vague and mysterious at the time, but later I was like DANG! How’d he know that?? Oh yeah….he’s a PSYCHIC! So that’s something fun and naughty to look forward to, right?

So far in 2008, my level of naughtiness hasn’t been turned up so too awfully high, but we’re barely a week in here…I DID let a cute boy — and I used the word “boy” purposely because he is WAY too young for me — buy me a jello shot on a Monday night. That’s right, baby! I am dangerous. FIERCE, even! Somebody stop me before I lose total control!   

I think I’m going to need help on figuring out what to do next…After the jello shot I’m sort of out of ideas…




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  1. I want to be you, Kellie. As an outsider looking in, you have a pretty great & cool life. I am jealous of you! If you ever find yourself in bed at night reflecting snd are sad about whatever, please know that others think you have a pretty cool life and are envious! 🙂 Love you!

  2. You get out there and let every single boy buy you all the jello shots you can get Kelly!!!! You deserve to have a year of being naughty!! And that’s because you are so way totally awesome!!

  3. I think you should wear more cute dresses like the one you wore on New Years Eve – TOTALLY HOT!

    I think you have great legs – totally not what I expected from reading your blogs! 🙂

  4. just a warning…Leviticus 6 ” ‘I will set my face against the person who turns to mediums and spiritists to prostitute himself by following them, and I will cut him off from his people.

  5. i recently photographed two women wrestling in jello…that made me feel naughty.

  6. Please shut up craig. take your bible beating thumping ass and go to another blog. If you feel the Bible is against Psychics, I am sure God is not down with you photographing naked woman rolling around in jello as well. And another thing, your constant talk of bowel movements and immodium is totally disgusting. Total turn off. Learn some manners.

  7. Lev. 19:31 ” ‘Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the LORD your God.

  8. Hey ask the Medium what they predict about Britney, hee hee.
    Ever tried doing pole-dancize. They say it’s a great excerise. Or Belly dancing.

    Glad to hear you’re trying out your outragious naughty side. Way to go!

  9. sugaa…they were not naked…i did not touch…and it was during a USO troop moral booster…and i am VERY well mannered…i would NEVER tell anyone to “shut up”…that is rude, crude and socially unacceptable…and as for the bowel thing…let the record show…i did not bring the subject up…ps…i am a Jew…i am part of HIs people…He chose me and NOT you.

  10. I personally log in to read these blogs everyday and read the comments just to see what Craig has to say….
    Maybe the show will invite him on every once in a while and let him speak his mind! Most people on here find him to be funny! If you read Al’s blog, he asks Craig for his obviously the KKITM crew likes him!! 🙂

  11. Can we make Craig go away? And Chuck from the message board? Freaks…..

  12. Kelly, I think it’s best if you just “live”. Let life come as it does, and do some things. Your life seems to be pretty great, after all you have a beautiful baby girl, a great career, you only work a few hours a day, and lots of people who love you. A man would be nice, but be happy with what you have.

  13. Craig, you JEWS rejected the Messiah, so he turned to us Gentiles! Kellie knows the Bible- don’t preach it to her, that’s the Holy Spirit’s job.

  14. pertinacious…tis MY word of the day.

  15. Leah…1…we are STILL the chosen people…always have been…2…maybe she missed that episode on evangelical tv.

  16. April…i grant thee citizenship to the Great State of Texas…*hands oversized key to the alamo*

  17. I think it is rude to constantly post about bowel movements and other bodily functions. Seriously, every time I get on this blog…there you are making some kind of bathroom humor or crude joke. And that my friend, is rude. Most of the posters on this board are women so show a little respect. I don’t discuss politics or religion and I find also rude that you try and shove your views down everyone’s throats. Obviously, you need attention and that is why you post here day in and day out. I’m obviously fueling the fire by even addressing you but sometimes I just can’t take your bullshit.

  18. what is wrong with this country???…men behave as boys and women have just plain gone wild…this is such a lost generation…and i can not for the life of me place blame on one particular reason…the problem it too multifacted to explain away in one sentance…tis sad but true…God can NOT Bless a GODDLESS america…thank goodness i am a jew!!!

  19. SM…i would use a “gotta drop off the kids at brownie bowl” joke to lighten up the mood, but i doubt it would work…my opinions…are drawn upon by many years of experience and not thrown out randomly nor in a happhazzard manner…i judge not…nor insult not…nor wish anyones departure from the forum…that being said…i shall not be a silent mindless politically correct drone spousing opinions force fed me by a media driven by advertising dollars.

  20. Okay Craig….
    You are still cracking me up! Keep it coming!

  21. thanx April…i think the gentiles want to crucify me…*innocent look #42*

  22. I totally agree with JaimeHorn2, Kellie! You rocked that dress at New Years! I think you should show off your assets this year and add some more color to your wardrobe, since Kidd is always saying you’re ready for a funeral at any time. 🙂

  23. I think Craig is funny too April!! If you don’t want to read bowel movement jokes then do not read the comments left by Craig. Just pass them right up. It’s your choice to read them. Obviously KKITM has decided to let anyone who pleases post.

    Pinky – a Gentile not a Jew

  24. I wouldn’t mess with a psychic….

  25. Pinky T…are you a character from Grease???

  26. Oh Craig you have broken my heart!! When you are so close!! I have dated Arthur though…

  27. the Fonz?!?


  29. Yes, Sugar, I agree. Craig is a crude and disgusting person. It’s funny that he is so self-deluded that he actually thinks he is funny/thought-provoking. After reading about 3 of his asinine responses, I just started scrolling right past them. I suggest you do the same, because obviously responding to his posts only spawns another ridiculous, innane post. And Taylor, I am with you on getting rid of Chuck also. I have to fast forward through his 30 posts a day to get to something I actually feel like reading. I’m thinking these guys just really have nothing else going on in their lives.

  30. some advantages of dating an older woman.
    1.older women have jobs with dental plans. younger women can’t help you when your teeth get knocked out playing hockey.
    2.older women know what Kegel exercises are.
    3.older women know how to cook. young women know how to dial pizza hut take out.
    4.older women can run faster because they’re always wearing sensible shoes. older woman is a cheaper date. a younger woman will cost you 12 beers, but an older woman will sleep with you after a cup of a herbal tea. older woman will never wake you up in the middle of the night and ask you, “What are you thinking?” an older woman doesn’t care what you think, if you think at all.
    7.the older a woman gets, the stronger her libido gets and the older a man gets, the weaker his libido gets… which is why nature intended young guys to go out with older women and young women to go out with older men.
    *outsourced humor*

  31. April…Al has also asked for Chucks opinion…don’t take it seriously. I think he is being funny. Because Craig and Chuck are all over these blogs and message board.

  32. You are all correct. I am a moron. Always have been. Pathetic is my new word of the day.
    I AM a pathetic moron.

  33. Oh and by the way to the person that commented on Big Al’s blog from yesterday; I would absolutely relish the idea of any woman, allright anything with two legs, maybe four, drizzling chocolte all over my body and licking it off. But please, do not make it hot chocolate, that’s not my style. Also to make note, this person wanted to swirl their tongue on my membrane. Good luck finding it as it is minimal in its size.

  34. as for Kellie – when I was younger and went to the clubs a lot, guys never bought me drinks… now that I am 31, when I go for a night out with my girlfriends, I never pay for a drink… guys must like that “older woman” vibe

    guess they’re kinda smart after all

  35. Do you have a name and phone number for the psychic? Is she good?

  36. i am better looking than chuck.

  37. Hi. Please share with me the name of one of your psychics that have predicted things for you.


  38. lia…i wonder if you would have wished the native americans demise and celebrated the holocaust as the nazis eliminated the jews…does the situation in darfur give you joy as well???…wishing the elimination of ANY being speaks volumes about your character…i hope that when someone finds your dark heart morally appalling, and wishes you banished, some brave soul will call out and defend your words as nothing more than ignorant ramblings from a lost soul.

  39. Stephanie…i would let you buy me a drink!!!

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