Delicious word of the day — “manipulate”

January 8, 2008 at 4:37 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 46 Comments

The first day back at work is kind of tough. There’s a lot of adrenalin pumping and it sort of feels like you’re running in ten different directions at once. That wears off about Wednesday. That’s when I crash hard and then recover into some sort of groove.  I like to think I have a groove.  I’m groovy like that.

I have been convinced by numerous emails from anonymous listeners and by the opinions of friends with whom I have shared my Mark Kevin story that believing I could’ve had a romance that began on the internet actually come to fruition was nothing short of delusional. Although the weight loss has been a wonderful side benefit, I am now convinced that I’m a complete idiot, so thank you. The floggings can stop now. Maybe Mark Kevin IS a pathalogical liar…maybe he is real. I choose to believe everything was real. But the only thing I DO know 100% for sure is that Mark Kevin and I ain’t happening, so it’s time to get on with whatever I’m getting on with. Oh yeah, that would be my groove. Time to get groovy like that!

 Part of me is real excited about my new year’s resolution to be a little naughty, and part of me is kind of embarrassed to talk about it out loud. Perhaps it should’ve been one of those silent, personal resolutions I just sort of kept to myself. But now it’s out there and I’m sort of stuck with the reputation of being naughty before I’ve even done anything to earn it. What exactly am I supposed to do, though? Dress less? Drink more? And does naughty equal desperate? I don’t feel particularly desperate and I definitely don’t want to appear that way. It’s a quandary, really. To be or not to be naughty? THAT is the question.




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  1. Kellie — people do hook up online and it does work out. Please don’t let every experience turn you off to the possibilities. Since being online, I have met really good friends — I know two wonderful men in particular, who have been part of my life in email alone for over a decade. If I wanted to pursue a relationship, I could have had one, but I was happy with what I already had at home.

    BUT — these quality people, whose employment I knew was true, whose marital status I knew was accurate, are close and giving and wonderful and truthful. I have met neither of these men in person. However, each has met members of my family. Most recently, in N.Carolina, my email friend of many years met my young nephew who just moved there, 1200 miles from here, to start his life after college. I had a quality friend already there to be this kid’s “uncle”, find him an apt, take him around, etc.

    The point of this is that you CAN find great people online, but you have to be wise and wary. Be suspicious, verify info, see photos, talk deeply of their lives, their past jobs, schooling, etc.

    YOu CAN find someone in email and have it work out, I swear you can. But take it slowly and don’t give it too much value too soon. You can’t be too careful, but you can’t be dismissive of the medium, either. GO SLOWLY. As with anyone, even in “real” life, there are freaks and there are people who will be important to you. Don’t build it up in your mind, either way.
    Don’t call yourself an idiot, you’re not. You just are a dreamer and you so want to find someone.

    I so wish you were my friend so I could talk you through this stuff. It’s kinda what I do with friends. I know a man in Dallas who is a great guy. But he wouldn’t be your ideal. He’s cute as hell, but he’s divorced from a very wealthy woman, has 3 kids, and is brilliant, Phi Beta Kappa from UT… Thinks young, and is awesome. But..he’s not rich now, he’s a teacher. He’s not your ideal age, because he’s older. But still a very young looking/acting man.

    If you could let go of your “perfect guy” built up in your mind, you could find the RIGHT guy, who’s not exactly perfect or a multi-millionaire, but is still fun to talk to, go places with, and be “naughty” with. Sometimes we don’t get what we want, we get what we need. God will set someone before you, and it will be the RIGHT one. Don’t be so busy looking or thinking about your IDEAL guy requirements that you miss the one who fits you like a Lego piece! hugs, nancy

  2. I met and married a man I found online and I’ve never been more happy in my entire life and we’re going 3 years strong AND I had kids before I met him. It’s possible. Don’t let people push you down with words.

  3. Kellie- Meeting a good and truthful man on the internet DOES happen – that’s how I met my wonderful husband of 7 1/2 years. We met on yahoo personals. Granted, he will never be rich (right now he’s a teacher and his ultimate goal is to be a pastor) but he loves me and he loved my son from day one! I wish you well! Don’t feel embarrassed about wanting to let your hair down and be a little wild and naughty this year! I went a little bit to the naughty side after I divorced my son’s dad too, so as long as Emma Kelly doesn’t suffer then you should be able to have a bit of fun! Have a wonderful and exciting 2008! Love you lots!

  4. Never meeting someone and falling in love with them with only emails and phone calls – can happen, it has happened to me? We met on line, liked one another, communicated, feel in love (or I did) and broke up on line. It was worse then my Divorce – but to have that little excitement in my life for that time – I feel it was worth it and I would do it again. Your not a fool, you are just a woman with a big heart and big dreams and that is a good thing. :o)

  5. Implying Kellie wants someone perfect or rich is insulting.

    Anyway, be only as naughty as you want to be. That could mean wearing naughty underwear no one sees OR making out with the cute guy at the bar or doing a stiptease on the third date. There is all kinds of naughty.

  6. Kellie…simply put…you are not delusional…rather, you are a multi faceted woman…i would advise that you being a bit more “naughty” could usher in more problems than desired…”bits” such as the cosmo test during the BCS championship game might yield some laffs, in the end, it only solidifies and perpetuates some self destructive behaviors.

  7. Kellie…no you are not delusional people love to be who they WANT to be over the internet and Mark Kevin did just that and unfortunately he led you to believe that he was someone that he simply wasnt. As far as being naughty….well be as naughty as you would like to be it does not mean you are a ho, just have some fun and live the life of a single, successful woman! OH and Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing is a great tune by Chris Isaak for a naughty tune!

  8. Kelly,

    You’re looking really good and you also look really happy…like if you’re in a better place in your life. I’m so proud of you….I think 2008 is going to be a great year for you! Whatever you’re doing…keep it up!!

  9. i doubt that “naughty” Kelly will yield the desired outcome…while fun and spontaneous are great personality traits, public “naughtiness” will only serve to lead you further away from the desired result.

  10. Pink T…i was on a first date with a gal who wore NO underwear, made out with the coyote ugly gal & and did a striptease on the first date once…my fear of STD’s prevented further contact with her.

  11. Kelly,
    You need to watch this show and pay close attention to Gwen! She is a single Christian, playing the field, and is definetely naughty without being TOO much of a ho! 🙂

  12. To PINKY T, who is accusing me of implying insulting things to Kellie — zip it. You’re inferring insults that I did NOT state.

    By “perfect”, I mean, the man who meets Kellie’s requirements on her “looking” list – her list, as she has mentioned many times, has “rich” as one of her requrements in a man.
    She has said she already did “hot guy” thing (apparently her ex is hot, or rather, is “hot” to her)
    She has said she DOES like tall, younger (so do I) she DOES like one w/money (so do I) But sometimes you have to give up the items on your “Perfect Man” list when you realize how much better someone not quite as tall or rich might be for you. Maybe someone with a brain and a sense of humor is as fabulous a partner as “rich and tall”. I didn’t intend to marry someone 14 yrs younger, but he matched what was right for me, not what was on my “perfect man” list. When it’s right, and certain values and frames of reference mesh, and you have the same sense of humor and level of intelligence, and are looking in the same direction, a lot of those “Ideal items” on the list aren’t important any more.

  13. nancy…i am 6’4 and uber rich…but i dont care for gals who use the term “zip it” to strangers.

  14. i NEED to know…how is the word “manipulate” so delicious?!?…i can think of MANY tasty and succulent words.
    1.breakfast taco

  15. Girl! Please! Be as Naughty as you want. You deserve it!!!!!Your an adult, your a single parent, gotta live and have fun. Make 2008 your year to SHINE!!!!

  16. Kellie, meeting a man online can work! My boyfriend and I met almost 3 years ago online, and we are very happy 🙂

  17. The way a man can make you feel can be addicting- just be sure you have yourself completely satisfied before you ask it of another person-

    As we say in the vail valley- go skiing. 🙂

    Naughty can be another way. Good luck.

  18. Kellie,
    I too am a divorced single mother of two for the past 3 1/2 years. I completely understand what you mean about being a good girl wanting to be a little naughty without being a tramp. There is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling this way. I have the PERFECT book to recommend. It is called “The Good Girl’s Guide to Bad Girl Sex” written by Barbara Keesling, It is a hard cover white book with a red lollipop on the cover. I bought mine at Borders Book Store for about $21.00. I know it sounds bad but this book will teach you how to be the bad girl we all secretly desire to be while continuing to be a lady. This book will teach you not only bedroom secrets, it will teach you how to talk, walk, dress and feel like a sexy woman. There are chapters that are a little racy for a younger audience, so I don’t leave mine lying around the house but I can say this book is the best self help book I have ever owned! Enjoy!!

  19. I think the best thing would be for you to be yourself and you will attract someone who likes you just the way you are. You make me laugh every morning and I’m sure you are fun to hang out with. I think what you mean by “naughty” is to maybe just have more fun and try different activities and of course, flirt more! That’s always fun (and harmless). And I know from my own experience that you probably get sick and tired of people (strangers) giving you advice about your love life or trying to set you up but that just means a lot of people care about you and want you to be happy. Get your groove on this weekend girl. Hope you have a blast! And a little “naughtiness” too!!

  20. i watched DATELINE…and they have a show about meeting online…i can tell you that show was nothing like Love Connection…but there is a dude that looks like chuck woolery and he comes out and that is when the fun, chaos and police start.

  21. Kellie…you will not meet a “keeper” in da’ club(s)…but…you may wish to sign up for the USO tour…you have GREAT legs…and while boosting the morale of our warriors overseas, you may hook up with a one in the process!!!

  22. i would love to meet a hot gal online!!!…prefer petite, hispanic or pasty skinned white gals…street angel, house devil type…i am old skool in my thinking so i prefer the lady of the house stay at home…ALL i ask is that dinner be waiting for me.

  23. I want to hear more about being naughty 😉

  24. As far as finding the perfect man, I would give the same advice as my mom gave me: Every person has faults, so find a person whose faults you can live with. Besides, when you find the right guy, you quickly forget all the “must haves” that you thought you needed. Have fun Kellie and enjoy the ride!

  25. Craig you are a crank and I dare you to put your email online like others with balls do!

  26. dare me???…what…are you a fourth grader on the playground???…does your mother know you are on the internet???

  27. Online relationships are possible. Two of my sisters met their man online, dated them and then married them. They are still happily married. One will be celebrating their 7th anniversity & the other their 3rd anniverisity. I’ve also dated men I met online. Some were honest of who they were and some fibbed a little bit.
    It’s not stupid to want to make a friendship turn into something more or your case believe a nice man who you haven’t met could end up being a potential “Mr Right”. Don’t give let anyone tell you other wise.
    You’d be surprise how easy it will get to be naughty once you get started. All women have the potential to be sexy/naughty. I think it’s a great idea but don’t try to hard and have fun with it.
    I think 2008 will be fun crazy rollercoaster ride for you that may bring you many surprises. Also just cause you’re being naughty doesn’t mean you have to be any less classy.

  28. call me…(210) 295-0609

  29. Craig, you’re 5’4″, 370 lbs and fondling yourself in your Walmart-brand tightie whities as you type on your grimy 486 computer that you found in someone’s trash.

    You’d PAY a woman to tell you to “zip it”, if you had any money leftover from your fast food funds. Wienerschnitzel and gravy, much, troll?

  30. This is getting good…..
    Why do I need to watch Desperate Housewives anymore?

  31. nancy…are you mad because i put you on caller ignore???…btw…its a TSR-80 computer…AND…i am not into femdom at all…and for the record…i am sporting my underoos…they are so much fun to wear…tomorrow, i shall wear my latex speedo…its international orange.

  32. Can I honestly say that I only read the posts to blogs is to see who tries (unsuccessfully, I might add)to ruffle Craig’s feathers?

    Craig you crack me up! At least there are some of us out there that understand you are just having fun.

  33. OMG!!! That is TOO funny! I wonder how long it took her to think of that insult? And I can guarantee Craig that she had to google “Femdom”…gosh this is great!
    Oh but I was supposed to Zip-It (who SAYS that?!)

  34. why has no one called me???

  35. It is called “The Good Girl’s Guide to Bad Girl Sex” written by Barbara Keesling, It is a hard cover white book with a red lollipop on the cover. I bought mine at Borders Book Store for about $21.00. I

    Do they make a “Bad Girls Guide to Good Sex”?

  36. hehe… I LOVE CRAIG… 🙂 and I’m a good cook… sorry though, happily married…

    I think it’s too funny that people get so worked up over another persons comments… Craig has many “smart” comments, but I have never seen him be mean to or belittle Kellie as so many others do… keep it up 🙂

    San Anton, eh Craig? Austinite here 🙂

  37. Cindy…yes…and i am mentioned in chapters 1,3,9 and 12.

  38. ps…there is a video to accompany the book…starring me…my screen name is Buck Drywall.

  39. Thanks Craig! I found the book. I’m already on Chapter 3, “Drywall Surfaces and the Mounting of Garage Door” I’m really amazed you know how to mount garage doors!

  40. Cindy…if properly done…and with the right tools…one can mount most ANYTHING…that being said…please keep a moral compass handy.

  41. Stephanie W…you are the only ray of sunshine in the city of austin…when in austin…i get my car washed in tarry town.

  42. Craig, my moral compass seems to be working very well…..seems yours might be a little rusty after hearing about your “video that goes along with the book”….so, if you are ever in need of one, I will be more than glad to share mine..

  43. Cindy…i am a Jew…my moral compass is set for eternal bliss!!!

  44. ohhhhh is that right Craig…. well, I wasn’t aware that just the word “jew” gave one eternal bliss?

  45. cindy…the word does not…being a good one, not unlike myself, does…i will save you a good seat in the after life!

  46. Thanks Craig, but I don’t think you will need to save me a seat…. That’s what my Lord and Savior is for…

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