Mark Kevin Diet

January 5, 2008 at 6:27 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 27 Comments

Um…I thought it was kind of obvious, but apparently it wasn’t. The Mark Kevin Diet is falling in love with someone and having them break your heart so completely that it sends you into gastrointestinal distress.  Basically, anything you eat goes straight through you or comes back up. SO much fun. But I’m sure it will pass…eventually…



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  1. oh yeah…I am sooooo familiar with that diet. Mine was called the David Diet! Urggh, men! You are so gorgeous, smart and funny, I hope you find someone who deserves you.

  2. i had gastrointestinal distress…twas not from a broken heart…rather from a bad chorizo taco…i thought i was gonna die.

  3. whilst i have had many a lustful crush(s)…NO gal is worth getting diahrea…when i was in the army…i had a friend, Clifford…he was so much in love with this skanky gal…until she gave him the clap…he was no longer in love.

  4. Clifford? He wasn’t red was he?

  5. well…he said he had a rash…but i did not want to get a visual confirmation…i can tell you when he went to the latrine, he cried out in SEVERE pain.

  6. Ohhh good, I was worried I might have to tell my students that “Clifford the Dog” would not be coming back….

  7. ture stroty…our uint was one of the fsrit to get snet oevr to the gluf dnirug the fsrit paisren gluf war…Croffild teppid oevr a ckee maihcne, crishung his leg, avidiong the war.

  8. did you hear about the new group, mothers against dyslexics???…they call themselves DAM.

  9. tripped over a what?

  10. “tipped” over a coke machine.

  11. ps…in his defendse…what Clifford lacked in common sense, he more than made up for it in his personal loyalties…he also kicked ass in Panama.

  12. This is the type of writing I am accustomed to reading…

  13. Cindy…are you proof reader for the democratic party?!?

  14. That’s a job I refuse to tackle…

  15. ture taht.

  16. I have had it happen, so I can easily identify, were people really asking for a “diet”? LOL

    Some people eat everything in sight when upset this way, but like you, I lose my appetite completely, or when I try to eat, nothing will stay down. Stress goes to stomach instantly.

    So sorry you had a rough time over this. This was your major transition romance, though, right? So, now that’s done and the next one will be better. Because you won’t invest so much so quickly.

    I’ve lost 20 lbs in 10 days in a breakup and I am one of those “sickies” who starts to enjoy the thinness and keep up with the not eating even if the problem goes away. Try not to be like that. Drink Ensure or milkshakes if you can. I ruined my health not eating due to stress, so I know you have got to have something to keep your nerves and brain and stuff going. Good luck — make sure it’s not something physically wrong, if it keeps going on, but I am with ya — any heartbreak makes me sick to my stomach. — love/hugs — nancy

  17. I must have missed something, Kellie. You’ve fallen in love with someone since Freddie? I knew you had been on some dates, but didn’t realize you had fallen for anyone. Sorry … give it some time and it will get better, as I’m sure you already know. My advice is look for a “nice guy”. I went through some “bad boys” before I found my “nice guy”, and we’ve been married for 25 years!

    Love you, and thanks for updating your blog during your vacation!

  18. can we start the Kellie countdown???…i am going to celebrate her return with a breakfast at Denny’s!!!

  19. Craig, at risk of encouraging you, you’re cracking me up! Not the usual fare on these KKITM blogs. But seriously, Kellie, I wish your heart a speedy recovery and I’m looking foward to new shows this week.

  20. Hey Craig, You and Chuck should hang out.

  21. Can criag and cindy PLEASE stop using this as your personal chat room?????
    Just give each other your email addresses. Or, better yet, why doesn’t craig publish his email address in his post so he can chat with everyone. He seems to want people to comment on all his posts. Otherwise, bugger off!

    Kellie you are great!

  22. *offers Kellie a band aid for her hurt heart*

  23. who is Chuck?

  24. Chuck is the other guy thats all over the message board. But you probably know that.

  25. sorry…i do not post on the message boards…most posts are “white noise”…i often wonder if the “crew” even read these blogs.

  26. sahasha…i live in the United States of America…we have what you call…freedom of speech.

  27. evidently not according to sasha.. unless you’re wanting to say…
    “Kellie you are great!” for the hundredth time..

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