New Year’s Eve sucks.

January 3, 2008 at 4:51 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 30 Comments

I remember now why I never do anything on New Year’s Eve. It never meets my hopes and expectations. It can never measure up to all the hype. This year was no exception. Besides the fact that I’m grieving the loss of the man who should be with me but is a stubborn butthead — actually, it’s turned into the best diet ever. You should all try the “Mark Kevin Diet.” It’s a little messy and you’ll be spending a lot of time in the bathroom, but I’ve lost like 4 pounds over the holidays and I’m looking pretty fabulous. Anyway…New Year’s Eve.

So I’m invited out with girlfriends because that’s what single girls do on New Year’s Eve. We put on this little act of “We don’t need no stinkin’ men to have a good time!” and off we go. But the problem is, on New Year’s Eve, you sorta DO need a stinkin’ man to have a good time. Otherwise watching that clock tick down is like waiting for a time bomb to go off. “I don’t have anyone to kiss at midnight…No one will kiss me at midnight…I’m NOT taking a pity kiss from my best friend’s husband, either!…But maybe I should…Will I ever be kissed at midnight again??” These thoughts are booming through my head all through dinner, which I ate despite the fact that I knew the “Mark Kevin Diet” would kick in later…Anyway.

So after our girlfriend dinner — plus Amy’s tag-along hubby Russ — we went off to a rich people party. So I’m standing around with rich people and when the only man who shows me half a lick of interest starts talking to me, I start thinking, “Okay! He’s pretty cute. I MIGHT have a chance at getting at least a kiss at midnight!” But then he starts talking about his workout and diet regimen and I’m SO out of there. Been there, done that. So when it gets to be about 5 minutes to midnight, I ask Russ if he’d like a glass of champagne. Amy’s pregnant and can’t drink, so I offered to go get in line for us. I ordered our glasses and waited. And waited. Suddenly I noticed a streamer fly over my head, and with zero fanfare, midnight had come and gone and I’m still waiting in line for a glass of champagne. Finally the bartender returned and told me all the champagne was too warm to serve, so that was it. I missed midnight. I missed a champagne toast. I missed a pity kiss from my best friend’s husband. And I was home and in bed before one. Happy freaking new year.

And they say how you spend New Year’s Eve is a sign of how your year will go. Great.




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  1. Kellie — been there, felt that. Here to tell you that the worst N Y eve of my life, I woke up determined to change my life before I turned 50 the next December. On NY Eve, I had no one, and no hopes. By July, a twinkle of hope was in the air, by August, I was in love, by November, was making firm and concrete plans to change my life, and on Christmas that year, I spent 11 days alone with my future husband, sort of a pre-honeymoon deal. A year and a half after my WORST NY Eve EVER — I was a new homeowner, a new dog-owner, and had a big fat engagement ring on my hand. Happily married now and about to have an anniversary. I’m FIFTY THREE, still young looking and married to a man under 40. Life can change very quickly! I didn’t even remember to eat blackeyed peas that bad New Year. I cried for 2 days. That was FOUR years ago, and life is AWESOME. If it can happen to me, it can happen to you. ASK for it. Start by asking for just someone to hang out with…who fits your needs. I just wanted someone who was comfortable and would come in and put his feet up on my coffee table and no head games. I got exactly what I asked for, plus he’s gorgeous and I know he’s the one for me, because I’ve known him since 1988. The time was finally right for us to get together and get married. So, it WILL happen for you. Believe it, trust it, and go on about your life and it will jump up and surprise you! I PROMISE!!!

  2. Sounds exactly like my NYE! A very fancy party where I watched the clock all night. Finally, at 11:45 pm and no interest from any guys I got in a cab and left! Very sad to think it turned 2008 somewhere between me walking from the cab to my front door!

  3. if it makes you feel better it was my 21st birthday monday and i had a stomach virus! i layed in bed at 1am monday morning and said happy freaking birthday to me. So honestly your new years eve was better than mine.

    Sara (south Carolina)

  4. Sorry it didn’t go well…that sucks!

  5. I want the mark kevin diet.

    I work at D and have met you through Kidds Kids stuff…. we have too much in common….same hair gals, daughters, divorce, single mom stuff, trying out the dating world, similar careers. I have a blog and I get HUNDREDS of hits per week with people looking up “Kelly RAsberry divorce” — because I mentioned the show a time or two. Weird. I also get crazy comments on my blog too — judgmental stuff.

    If it makes you feel any better….. my New Year went just about the same way. Kind of missed it while trying to get to it. Nice.

    Hang in there…. I have to say that because I’m trying to hang in there, too.


  6. Kelly,
    I am dying to know what the Mark Kevin diet is!

  7. serious question…why…why do women “fall” for the dudes that treat them like crap???

  8. is it inappropriate to use “tongue” executing a “pity” kiss?!?…i need to know…as i do not want to get slapped…again.

  9. here in San Antonio, there is a club…the Wild Zebra…and for 5 bucks you can get a lap dance and a “peck” on the cheek.

  10. this is a family blog…i can’t tell you what i was doing at midnight.

  11. Britt, Great story and good advice.

  12. I don’t think anyone’s NY eve goes as they plan. It’s an urban legend. It could’ve been much worst.

    Happy New YEar!

  13. I was having a decent New Years eve with some friends, and we were going to watch the ball drop…and the channel we had it on, went to COMMERCIAL at 11:59:55 and stayed on commercial until 12:02. We all just stared at the television with glasses in hand in complete shock. It was kinda funny though…

  14. Craig – SHUT UP and LEAVE this BLOG FOREVER!!! You are so crude and rude and NO ONE wants to read your crap. You’re lucky Kelly is a lady she would never say it to you so I AM again


  15. Nancy, I do agree with you 100%…Craig go get a life…..please!!!

  16. sorry your new years eve wasn’t fun. it happens to the best of us. i’d tell you how lousy mine was, but it doesn’t really matter how bad or why, it was just blah, blah, blah. i must say that you look amazing in the new years pics. i’m envious. i would stay in the bathroom 24/7 if i could come out looking that good 😉
    hope your year looks up!

  17. Cheer up Kelly. At least you didn’t spend New Years with your parents watching t.v. like I did.

  18. nancy…madiSin…how do you know i am not kelly???

  19. nancy…i took a logic course in college…having read your venom filled post, logic dictates you are no lady…tell me…do you have a brother named sue???

  20. Kelly…i too went to a “rich persons party”…it was during Fiesta here in San Antonio…whilst rich people are indeed rich…i came to the conclusion that most rich people are incapable of developing and entering into interpersonal relationship…plus…i slipped…*snuck*…into the master bathroom and peeked…*snooped” in the medicine cabinet…rich people tend to be messed up in the head.

  21. I need to know what the Mark Kevin Diet is, couldnt find it anywhere.
    Please tell

  22. I usually don’t write on blogs, but after reading the comments left by “Craig”, I couldn’t help but respond.

    Craig, we all know that you are not Kelly cuz if she had something to say she wouldn’t change her name. Face it…you are a strange individual with a strange and sick sense of humor. Obviously, no one on here finds your humor entertaining….more like disgusting and sickening!!!

  23. Kellie, I welcomed in the New Year in a similar way. A party at my sister’s house…all couples, except me. Nice party and all, but it’s the third year I’ve gone…and been alone. I decided this year that there’s no way I’m doing that again.

    I had hoped that I might have found someone by 40, but that hasn’t happened.

  24. Oh Kelly. I’m sorry to hear your New Year’s was bad . . mine wasn’t too hot either. At least you were with people you loved! My boyfriend of 2 1/2 years left on Jan 1 for Air Force Basic Training so basically I spent New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and the day after crying so much my eyes were the size of those jumbo marshmallows. 😦 here’s to a better New Year’s next year. And the perfect man will find you when you least expect it!

  25. “donna”…strange…sick…disgusting and sickening???…i think you are flirting with me.

  26. Amy…your New Years eve celebration sounded JUST LIKE the last episode of the Sopranos.

  27. Kellie…..I do love you, but please stop talking about men, wanting a man, needing a man…etc.etc. etc…..It drives me crazy. I am a single mother myself, my youngest is only 2, but I don’t drive myself crazy about not having a man!! Do I want one, yes. But I don’t dread on that thought every single day. Enjoy this time with Emma….she’ll only be this little once and believe me, it flies by so fast.

  28. Craig –

    If you are so intelligent, then why didn’t you get the fact that I never said I was the lady, Kellie is the lady, STUPID!!

    That’s why I can tell you to shut the F#*$ up and get off ALL Kellie’s blog.

    I don’t care if you are educated, that just makes you an educated WEIRDO, you have no life, look how many times you post your weird comments to this blog.

    DITTO what Donna says you are strange and disgusting!

    Very well said Donna : )


  29. nancy…once again…you foul mouth retort proves you are indeed, not a lady…thank you for the clarification of the obvious…i think tis YOU that is stalking me now…please expect an internet restraining order in you inbox.

  30. Aww, Kellie, so sorry your N Y was bad! It really is horrible not to have someone to kiss at midnight. I have a boyfriend, and at the moment we are in long distance mode, so I didn’t get to kiss my baby on N Y either. 😦 I feel your pain! It doesn’t help when all of your friends are slobbering all over their boyfriends when the ball drops either…

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