A couple New Year’s pics

January 3, 2008 at 7:27 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 31 Comments

img_2546.jpgDr. Mary and me at dinner

img_2548.jpgBFF Amy — pregnant and sober

img_2549.jpgAmy and Russ — the man who got her pregnant again

img_2552.jpgAl Biernat — the most fabulous restauranteur EVER



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  1. never posted a comment, I LOVE you’re blogs! just wanted to tell you that you look GREAT!! What are you doing? your face looks so smooth & clear! I’ve always been a fan of yours…you just look so fabulous!!

  2. will these people be on the show???

  3. imho…i think Big Boy is/was/will always be, the BEST restauranteur EVER.

  4. Kellie – you look FANTASTIC! What we can see of that dress is so cute! Happy New Year!

  5. You looked GREAT in your black dress.

  6. Kelly, you have to focus on what you HAVE instead of what you don’t. You have your health, you are so beautiful, you have awesome parents and a blessing from God named Emma Kelly. Come on…Mr. Right will come…just be patient.

  7. Kellie–Is Amy your ex-husband’s sister?
    Just wondering….

  8. You look so great!! I think 2008 is going to be an awesome year for you! I need to know what your doing with your complexion….FABULOUS!!

  9. what is dr. mary a doctor of???…i am a doctor of love.

  10. ps…the doctor is “in”

  11. You look wonderful!!!!!

  12. You always look so gorgeous, Kelly! Even if you didn’t ring in the new year with a kiss. Oh, and if what you said is true – how you spend NYE is a sign of how you will spend the year – I’m going to be doing a lot of sleeping this year. For me that’s a GOOD thing because maybe it means my 8 month old will finally sleep through the night, instead of waking up at least twice like she does now. So lets hope it’s true for me and not for you. 🙂

  13. Ah Craig… I’m so glad you are back.

  14. chris…nancy & madisin share not your sentiments.

  15. Hey Kelly feel your pain. First NYE without my husband. I love Albernait’s though, we went there for our last Anniversary…Anyway, I think 08 is going to be awesome…you look great and you are a great person (from what I can tell on the radio) you deserve someone who you want to be great with and is great for you!

  16. Give it up Craig… I think responding to these rude comments only keeps things going and gives them recognition.. why do you have to prove yourself to them?…you know who you really are..I just hope no one ever decides to judge them as harshly as they do others….. ignore their RUDE comments..Ir seems they can’t seem to see themselves in the mirror… only someone else….and how presumptuous to think they speak for the rest of us on here….

  17. cindy…responding and baiting are two different actions…the latter is quite fun…be well…and for your kind words…i make you an honorary citizen of the Great City of San Antonio.

  18. Craig, Glad you don’t mind the baiting …since your comebacks are rather unique……..Can’t wait to tell the relatives that I am now an “Honorary Citizen” of their great city…
    Here’s looking forward to your next comeback…

  19. cindy…thanks for not calling me a master baiter.

  20. loooooooool……
    No, I will just call you in public “The Great Debator”

  21. Cindy…i would prefer the Great Looking Debator”.

  22. i want a bff.

  23. Aww Kelly you look fantastic! Happy New year!

  24. Kelly? hey, don’t look for anyone, it will come to you when you at least expected? just enjoy your beautifull daughter and life? one day that little girl will grow up and she will leave you to enjoy her life, and thats one thing you will missed, like i will too one day.

  25. Julie,
    Did you ever get an answer to your question?
    I’d like to know as well…

  26. i knew a julie once…she was a nurse…or went to school to become one…she hated me…she was HOT…i still to this day think about her.

  27. Can Craig be blocked? We enjoy reading these posts and comments but the scary people should be blocked. And you kind sir are scary.

  28. Pinky T…your name scares me…but…what you propose is censorship…and while, yes, i am sure this being a private forum, i could be “banned”, the end effect would be a series of generic replies not worth reading…how many “you are so great” replies do you want to read???…i have not once, resorted to name calling and my replies lack malicious intent…but i will say, what you are wanting is the same “utopia” the nazi’s tried.

  29. Al Biernat is uber UBER hawt. Lurve him.

  30. Pinky…i did have a VERY successful career in the NFL as a running back…i was unstoppable and unblockable…i was sidelined by a severe case of toeleo.

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