KKITM Christmas Party pics

December 27, 2007 at 2:23 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 15 Comments

img_2445.jpgJ-Si and Kinsey

img_2446.jpgAl and Bartendica

img_2448.jpgMe and my date who prefers to remain unmentioned

img_2462.jpgKinsey, me, Mary, Shanon and Dianthe

img_2455.jpg Mary, Shanon and Two Drink Kellie



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  1. Great pics, looks like you guys had fun. I love the limo pics but I noticed no pics with Kidd in the limo???
    Two drink Kellie doesn’t look bad I want to see 5 drink Kellie pics! 😉

  2. who is MARY???

  3. Well i was wondering who is mary??? you all looked like u were haveing fun!! were did u go??

  4. Thanks for the pictures and keeping us updated even though you’re on vacation!
    Happy New Year!

  5. Nice pic Kellie… Did this happen to be the night when the following morning you had that hang over?

  6. Your unmentioned date is very handsome!! Score!

  7. Great pics! You look great Kellie! Also, to the guys, your girls are gorgeous!

  8. Kellie- you look so happy and content! I’m glad to see you with your happy baby girl and companions. Take care!

  9. Mary is Kidd’s wife.

  10. Mary is not Kidds wife. Carol is Kidds wife and you will never see a picture of her.

    Kellie you look hot as usual.

  11. Oh, and Kellie your date is HOT!

  12. there is something about mary…

  13. hey…what is that neon green thing protruding from Kinsey’s dress?!?…is it a garter???…that would be sexy and O so daring…i have a thong in the EXACT color!!!…my FAVORITE photograph is the “leggy” shot…i bet Kellie & Kinsey’s legs could bring peace to the middle east.

  14. Sorry about the mix-up. I was thinking about Rich’s wife Mary. Maybe Mary is Shannon’s “significant other”.

  15. why can we not see Carol in a photo???…is she a vampire???…is she made if glass???…is she invisible???…i would LOVE to be invisible…i am fat…so that makes me “invisible” to society…but you can still see me in a photograph.

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