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December 27, 2007 at 2:25 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 10 Comments

Okay! Now I’m going to go spend time with my mama. Ya’ll have a great night!




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  1. Thank you for taking the time to keep your from your immediate family to keep your radio family in the loop on your blog. That shows true loyalty to the listeners. And we appreciate it!
    Great pictures and I’m glad you have a great Christmas.

    Have a wonderful New Year too 🙂

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family and a Happy New Year too!!

  3. Have a great Holiday vacation.
    Kellie you look just like your Mother and both of you are just beautiful.
    I think Emma Kelly looks a lot like your dad.
    And your date isn’t bad looking eithr,,ha
    You go girl!!!!

  4. Great pictures–and you look amazing without makeup. I’d never have the nerve to post pics of myself without makeup.

    Hope you and Emma Kelly had a wonderful Christmas!

  5. Merry Christmas! Hope you have a great 2008, Kellie!!!

  6. Kellie

    You are so beautiful with or without make up. I know you have a nice personality too and even though we enjoy listening to you being ‘not so nice’ perhaps you need to work on that!

    Happy new year and by the way you have a beautiful baby. But you already know that..

  7. Luv the pics girl – you got some hot friends. Send a couple over johnnypeepers way when you get a chance – I been itchin’ for a twitchin’.

  8. Craig, please come back. I still check for your comments every day.

  9. kellie.. you’re extremely beautiful with or without makeup.. sometimes it seems like you enjoy putting yourself down only because you want to be reconfirmed that you’re a great person.. for the guys who are available to you, you always have to find something bad in that person to not want him anymore.. oh yea, steven kind of looks like he can be related to kidd =X steven is very handsome so i can understand why you’ve been drooling over him.. i hope things work out for you soon in the love department.. your daughter’s gorgeous!

  10. i meant to say steve.. not steven

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