I am so freaking tired…

December 21, 2007 at 3:52 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 19 Comments

I just finished wrapping the last Christmas present for all the employees of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning. OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just realized I forgot somebody!!!! CRAP! I’m gonna have to steal from somebody else and give to him. Man that sucks! I’ll figure something out. It’s almost 10:00 at night and I’ve been to Wal-Mart one time too many today, and that would be twice.

My parents arrived safely after driving in all night from SC. Daddy has to drive the whole way because Mama sees star bursts and has panic attacks, and Daddy’s too stubborn to pay for a hotel room and divide up the trip. Wait a minute…stubborn or cheap? Is THAT where I got it from?? Anyway, they made it safely and now food-a-palooza is on at the Rasberry house. I can’t describe to you the mounds of JUNK laying on top of my counter right now that we’re supposed to eat. There are chocolate-covered everythings and cheese-flavored whatnots and things covered in caramel and salt that I didn’t even realize were culinary possibilities. And with all that food lying around begging to be eaten and turned into fresh, lumpy cellulite, what do we do? Order pizza. Ugh. I will not weigh tomorrow morning. I can’t. I’m depressed enough as it is for forgetting that guy at work and to gain a pound or two would just send me over the edge.

I am going to go now.




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  1. I’m referring back to an earlier blog, exaclty where is the video for wanted dead or alive, it’s neverf been posted.

  2. Where is the video dead or alive as you refered to in an ealier blog

  3. The holidays are a good excuse to indulge a little! Treat yourself to something chocolate covered 🙂
    Happy Holidays Kelly!

  4. The dead or alive video is posted… go to “daily dose” then “videos”. it’s not titled dead or alive, it’s titled “rock band practice”

    Merry Christmas Kellie and Emma Kelly~

  5. Shelly,
    Here is how you find the Dead or Alive Video:
    Go to kiddlive.com
    Go to Daily Dose
    Go down to Videos
    Multiple Videos will come up
    Click on the one that says: Rock Band Practice

    There you will see the video. I hope you don’t have any issues finding it!

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Kellie you and Ms.Emma Kelly have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! I expect to see lots of pictures when you get back! xoxox Vanessa

  7. i shall spend the holiday in front of the computer…i have rented Elf, A Christmas Story, Magnolia, I, Robot, and the complete series of the Office to watch whilst i finish up my projects…for holiday dinners, chili mac, tuna helper and roast beef sandwiches will be on the holiday menu…may Grace and Peace be with you all this Holiday & health & happiness continue throughout the new year.
    P.S. This truly is indeed my last post…as for the record, i am not a stalker, just a man who was in the final stages of getting over an unexpected divorce…i was filled with apathy but i realized i still have a sense of humor and must go and live my life.

  8. Thank you Kelly for allowing us to be in your life thru the radio. I appreciate you doing your blog almost daily. It is addictive I read them everyday.

    Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your family!!!!

  9. Well thats just sad.. 😦

  10. Comeeeeeee onnnn Craiggggg….
    Don’t leave us on a sad note….that’s not like the Craig we’ve come to know and like.
    (I feel like I’ve just seen the ending to a sad movie)……….
    you are one of the few on here who can always find the humor in everything serious…
    You have entertained so many of us.(free of charge:).. I’ve almost come to feel as if this blog is the Kellie/Craig blog….and if one has any sense about them they will know that you are truly a kind person.
    By the way, Great pictures! It’s Amazing that you find the time to be an Iron Chef, teach Tango on Wed. nights, AND… be such a phenomenal photographer!

  11. Kellie,

    I hope you got my Christmas card I sent… I wish you, Emma Kelly, & your parents a very merry Christmas. We just got “home” to Ohio this morning, so I DID end up making it here. They don’t play your show in the Greater Dayton area so I could only listen to about twenty minutes online before I had to get off. 😦
    I really wanted to hear the last show of the year. I’ll catch the “highlights” (quotes b/c I don’t think the highlights are the artist you guys had on today; the highlights are you all, the stars themselves!) on the k-pod later. Love love love you Kellie and again have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a wonderful new year. I’ll miss y’all until then… can’t wait to hear the mini break highlights!!!


  12. I agree with Cindy! Craig was never mean – just really funny, and I’ve found myself asking myself, “I wondew what Craig’s gonna say about that?”

    Please Craig – stay with us as we listen to the show and read as Kellie’s life unfolds before us!!!

    But if you don’t, I hope your Christmas is merry and your New Year will be happier than this past one.

    Oh – Kellie – I almost forgot to wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you for sharing your life with us!!! You’re the BEST!! Can’t wait to see EK’s Christmas pictures!


  13. Craig, no!!!! You cannot stop posting. I read this blog just as much to read your hilarious comments as I do to read Kellie’s post. I want Craig and Kellie to live happily ever after… if not in real life, then at least on here.

  14. By the way….Craig has some very interesting posts on Big Al and JC’s. blogs…so you see.. I don’t think he was “Stalking” Kellie……..as some of you kept imagining….

  15. Cindy,

    Okay, now this does really seem like a Kellie/Craig blog. Where did you see pics of Craig? I remember someone asking for them before but I never knew that he posted some. He is a HOOT!!!!!! You know all these blogs will make him come back. 🙂


    I agree! I always wonder “oh noooooooooo, what’s Craig going to come back with?”


    Merry Christmas to you, Mama, Daddy and of course that beautiful Emma Kelly!!!!! We need pictures Kellie!!!!!

    Merry Christmas!
    Love Ya Tunz!!!!!!

  16. 1) Craig: There’s nothing wrong with being a e-stalker, it just means you are a loyal fan who has whitty things to share on the blogs. Nothing wrong with that.
    I go to other blogs and post many a comments and if someone called me an e-stalker I would take that as a compliment.

    2) Kelly you really should just enjoy the food-a-palooza. We all know you will just work extra hard after Jan 1 to lose those few pounds you may gain in the next few days. You alway do. It’s most likely already have that on your “New Year’s resolution list”. So go with the flow and enjoy your vacation with your family.
    I hope Emma Kelly has a wonderful 1st Christmas. Don’t forget to take lots of pics, have her wear lots of cute BIG bows on her precious head, and have a safe New Years eve!


  17. Craig, people here love you, as you can see. Don’t let little bitches get to you… ignore them and continue entertaining us. We appreciate you too!!!

  18. Merry Christmas!!!!

  19. Well Tamara,
    I think I should let Craig tell you about his pics.
    Okay Craig, enough talking about u.. come on, speak…. your audience awaits..:) don’t play hard to get…..:)

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