I’m officially a groupie.

December 18, 2007 at 3:07 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 37 Comments

It’s so ridiculous, really, but I’ve become somewhat of a groupie.  After I hung out with Kurtis from The Last Goodnight, I remembered that a couple months ago their record rep gave me a copy of their CD. Being the good radio personality I am, I threw it in a drawer and forgot about it.  Well!  Something about hanging out with Kurtis made me want to dig out that CD and give it a little listen.  And it’s really, really good!  I don’t know what I expected  it to be like because all I’ve heard is “Pictures of You” over and over and over, but I listened to it all the way through and I really do like it.  Right now, I’m stuck on “Return To Me” and yes, I even made “Stay Beautiful” the song on my MySpace.  I’m such a freaking nerd!   But it’s harmless fun, so who cares.  I had my little brush with the lead singer of a rock band and it made me feel like a silly 16-year-old again.  And after all these years, who’da thunk it…I certainly didn’t!

Sixty-two hours from now, my parents will be rolling up in my driveway. So much to do between now and then. I’m going to go make a list right now because I LOVE making lists! ESPECIALLY with mechanical pencils! Other than my daughter, there’s not much more in life that gives me more pleasure right now than using a mechanical pencil…and The Last Goodnight. I’m just kidding, of course. But I REALLY do love mechanical pencils.




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  1. Kellie your silliness tickles me. I think you rock and it’s nice to see that things can be simple sometimes in such a complicated world.

  2. i am a master calligrapher…once you have tried a writing with a quill, you will NEVER go back.

  3. the pen that will leave you with a smile.

  4. You crack me up!

  5. Now we know what to get Kellie for Christmas.

  6. Kelly, I totally get the mechanical pencil thing, because I’m the same way

  7. all i want for Christmas is lower blood pressure…mine was 205/131 this morning.

  8. Craig, better not stare at Kellie’s picture too much then. Sounds like it’s getting your blood pressure way too high. ; )

  9. if i do not post for a few days, come and knock on my door…i may indeed be dead…speak well of me at my funeral.

  10. Dear dear Craig, He commented on many a post. So sad, now he is a ghost. Do not cry, only sigh, for he’s not missed by most. How’s that? =)

    Mechanical pencils do rock. It’s the only thing that keeps my daughter’s handwriting legible.

  11. *too drunk to think of a word that rhymes with Jessica.*

  12. I think Craig has a crush on you!!!

  13. *bank of america*

  14. There was a young lady named Jess
    Who got in a terrible mess
    Her name wouldn’t rhyme
    Which was such a crime
    Now i have proven, this Casper can rhyme.

  15. i am a poet…but do not know it…but my feet show it…cuz they is Longfellows.
    *eminem pose #18*

  16. Nice =0)

  17. I HATE mechanical pencils. I always put too much pressure on it and the lead breaks. You are awesome kellie!! Post more pictures of Emma Kelly. She is adorable!

  18. there once was a poster from nantucket…*censored*

  19. I love mechanical pencils and making lists too! So making lists with mechanical pencils is just the best! You’re awesome!

  20. Kellie,

    Let me just tell you this…the more of your blog I read; the more I realize how alike our in general personalities are. I thought my brother and I were the only people who liked making lists, which we seem to never sitck to. We are A and B personality. We like organized spontaneity I suppose, but we like to make lists and have an affinity for fun pens and pencils. My two fave pens are the bic duo cause it is a pen highlighter combo and the other is a pen that has a pen, pencil and stylus pointer all in one. So I feel your love the mechanical pencil Kellie. It so rules of the standard pencil. It is one of the reasons I miss school, but love my summer job with cheer camps!

    You always make me laugh! Hope you have a great show tomorrow!

  21. I am so jealous you got to hang with Kurtis. He seems like such a sweet down to earth kind of guy. I bought the cd not tooo long ago and I have listened to it non-stop. Something about that music makes you feel so good. And the video for “Pictures of You” is really touching…

  22. Craig, Craig
    I beg
    (of you)
    Please post
    A photo
    (or two)

    We must see if you are suitable for Kellie

  23. When I think of a mechanical pencil, I think of those little half-pencils that go in those things that you use to draw cicles and elipses and shit. What are those called, protractors? I could google it, but I won’t. Anyway, I’m sure the modern mechanical pencil is more like a normal-sized pencil, but if I had to write with one of those half-sized pencils, I think it would be unnecessarily difficult. Plus you might stab youself accidentally with the pointy end. In closing, I would like to say that the mechanical pencil should be reserved for “mechanical” uses, ie, drawings that involve circles and elipses. Thank you for your time and Merry Christmas!

  24. okay, i couldn’t stand it… i wiki’d it. it’s a compass. i’m surprised more kids don’t get hurt using those, btw.

  25. how do i post a pix???

  26. I just love you Kellie!
    I wanted to say that today’s Top 5 was the greatest! For some reason, when you were talking about Zoey 101 it cracked me up!!!

    You are the BEST!!!

  27. http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj171/mr_google/
    i took those that i am not in….enjoy.

  28. please copy and paste the WHOLE address…tis worth the chuckle which will ensue.

  29. Hmmm I like list and pencils but I never have a pencil, mechanical or not, handy. I love to have a guess on which pic is really Craig. My guess is that very last pic on that list of pics he posted. lol

    Kelly I think you have yourself a bonified e-stalker. 😉

  30. first…i am NOT an e-stalker nor any other type of stalker…my stunning good looks and balanced self esteem levels prohibit such odd & horrific behavior…and fyi…those photos are of me…or taken by me.

  31. the 1st, 5th, 19th & 20th image(s) are me…the rest taken BY me.

  32. Wow! Nice sink…………..

  33. *blushes*…i bet you say that to all the guys.

  34. Nahhh…..just to the ones who have really big sinks..

  35. […] I’m officially a groupie. It’s so ridiculous, really, but I’ve become somewhat of a groupie. After I hung out with Kurtis from The […] […]

  36. okay Craig, I just looked at your new pics… What happened to the Chili Mac, and the Tuna helper you were planning on having? Gosh, and here you had all of us feeling so sorry for u..

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