Home stretch to Christmas

December 17, 2007 at 1:32 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 16 Comments

The panic hasn’t officially kicked in, so maybe I have things more under control than usual or maybe I’ve matured enough to realize that some things just aren’t that important to freak out about. But Christmas is almost here. Yea! I finally finished addressing all my Christmas cards this weekend and I will be hitting the post office later today for what I’m sure will be the worst part of my holiday experience. But other than that, I only have about half a dozen presents left to buy, a grocery-buying bonanza trip, and a house to clean from top to bottom. Yes, my parents are coming. I’m still not panicking…still in control…

I think I’ve decided to go to that New Year’s Eve party after all.  I’m going to go with a girlfriend of mine — who is equally as fabulous and shockingly single like myself.  We’re going to assume there are fabulous, shockingly single men there who will be humbled, yet honored to give us a little schlurpy lip action to ring in 2008.  If not, oh well.  I’m not one of those people who believes that how you ring in the new year is an indicator of how your year will go. I’m predicting 2008 is going to be so completely fabulous that I’m going to look back on it next December and be amazed at myself.  Besides, 2007 was pretty darned cool and the only loving I got last New Year’s Eve was from my precious 2-month-old.




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  1. Merry Christmas, Kellie!

    Don’t worry, you’ll get it all together before next week. Have a great time with your family.

  2. I don’t think the way you ring in the new year has anything to do with the way your year will go either. I started 2007 with my house flooding and I ended up having a pretty good year!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. question for all…when you kiss to celebrate the new year, is “tongue” action a social faux paus?!?

  4. I am so happy you decided to go to the party!! Enjoy yourself and have a good time.
    So glad your parents will be here for Christmas. Have a great visit and a blessed Christmas.
    Can’t wait to hear about it in the New year!
    Try not to worry about the last minute things, I think we all forget a few things, that is just the rush of the season!!
    Merry Christmas Kellie & sweet little Emma Kellie!!

  5. i had ALL of my shopping done in october…i managed to buy 4 Wii’s for my nieces and nephews…i am the COOLEST uncle EVER…(one for each child)…when i was in vegas, i wanted to get a little schlurpy lip action…the gal told me it would cost 300 bucks…500 if there was a happy ending…i still do not know what that meant.

  6. Kellie, I think Craig might be willing to give you a little schlurpy lip action… and maybe even more. Sounds like he has a lot of money to buy 4 Wii’s, so I’m sure he would spoil you. What could it hurt? Plus, he is the self proclaimed coolest uncle ever.

  7. Kellie, may you and yours have a blessed, healthy and happy New Year. I’ve been with you since day one, and you’re tops in my book.

  8. I have a one year old (he is 6 weeks younger than Emma Kelly) and I know that this makes me a terrible mother, etc. but lydocane is the best thing EVER for teething. You only have to use a very small amount, just a tiny dab. I also used it with my now three year old and he is just fine. I know the doctors say not to use any numbing medicines, but I invite them to come over to my house at 3am and deal with a screaming baby!

  9. Please,Please,Please…..allI want for Christmas is to not see any posts from Craig…..ENOUGH ALREADY….you are boring and it is not funny..

  10. Chris…i could NEVER date Kellie…i suffer from the Stendhal Syndrome.

  11. madisin…are you a relative of karl marx?!?

  12. Stendhal Syndrome? Madison, all I want for Christmas is more funny comments from Craig.

  13. madisin…you might want to ask Santa for a new funny bone for Christmas…yours seems to be busted or nonoperative.



  15. Question: (refering to Madison’s funny bone) Maybe her’s is 3x smaller then everyone else’s funny bone. 😉

    Baby kisses are good luck so make sure you get your Emma Kelly kisses on New Years eve. The sloppier the better 😉
    I complete forgot to do my Christmas cards this year. Lets just say getting a 7 week puppy 5 weeks before Christmas is a big no no. They take up just as much time as a baby. So try having a 7 week puppy, 7 month puppy, 4 1/2 month puppy, & 18 month baby & 8yr old daughter who had 2 project due the second week in December. I barely had time to buy gifts.

    Hey Kelly would you like another puppy? 😉

  16. […] Home stretch to Christmas The panic hasn’t officially kicked in, so maybe I have things more under control than usual or maybe I’ve […] […]

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