If I could have just one wish…

December 11, 2007 at 3:57 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 77 Comments

I would wish that I could go for one entire day without having somebody criticize me or be disappointed in me because, “Gosh, Kellie…I just didn’t expect that from YOU.” I can’t even buy my friend a box of Tiddlywinks without somebody being disappointed in me.  How dare I wait until Christmas and not just buy people stuff the second they mention it and lay gifts at their feet on an ongoing basis?? I don’t know why I bother telling anything I do. Oh yeah, I have to do this blog thing every day. And by the way, in this particular incident, I found the box of Tiddlywinks the same day I gave it to my friend because it just so happened to be the day we’d planned on exchanging Christmas presents anyway. But I still love springing a surprise on people months after they’ve forgotten about it because by then, they’ve forgotten they ever mentioned it in the first place. But why am I even bothering explaining or defending myself…You know why? Because I’m freaking tired!

My daughter is teething and the poor thing just can’t get a moment’s peace. It’s like the tooth gods decided to lay it on her all at once and she’s just in constant misery.  She sleeps a lot and when she’s not sleeping, she’s not really eating. And I would do ANYTHING to make her happy right now, so that includes lots of silly dancing and feeble attempts at distracting her and shoving whatever food she’s willing to eat down her throat, and right now that’s pretty much nothing but cookies. (Go ahead. Criticize me for that, too. I’m the worst mother EVER, right?) 

Plus, today I just received in the mail an invitation to the most awesome New Year’s Eve party EVER! Problem? I have nobody to take! The two men I’d even CONSIDER kissing on at midnight right now are both out of town that night. And I’m sorry, but I just don’t feel like taking a girlfriend to the most awesome New Year’s Eve party EVER.  And going stag? No freaking way. I can’t believe I’m going to decline this thing! Ugh. (Go ahead. Tell me what a horrible person I am, which is obviously why I don’t have anybody to take with me to the most awesome New Year’s Eve party EVER. It’s the vibe I give off. I’m needy. It’s because I daydream about getting married again one day. It’s because I’m whiny. It’s payback for some evil thing I did six months ago. PLUS I’m the worst mother ever. And I’m fat. Go ahead…That’s what the comments section is for anyway.)




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  1. Kellie, I think you’re an awesome person! I don’t care what anyone says about. We all have a few things we disagree on but that doesn’t make someone a bad person. I read your blog everyday.
    May you and Emma Kellie have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year!

  2. I think you’re absolutely fantastic Kellie!
    Poo on everyone else!
    I hope you have a lovely holiday season and don’t let the grinchy people get you down.
    They’re either jealous of you’re awesomeness OR they simply don’t see it. Either way, who needs ’em?!?!

  3. Kellie – I think you’re great. I read your Blog everyday. A lot of the things you think about, worry about, or are going through I have either been there or going through them now. Your persepective on things helps me to know I’m not the only one out there. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about yourself.

  4. Kelly,
    Screw Maggie from your previous post!

  5. Kellie

    Not sure if you have tried this with Emma Kellie or if it would work, but have you tried using a round plastic teething ring that you can put in freezer (or refrigerator if you don’t want frozen). I used this when my son was teething and it not only gives them something to “chew down on” but the cold/cool of it help soothe the pain.

    Anyway just thought I’d suggest. Hope you have great holidays.


  6. I don’t know if you are giving Emma Kelly teething tablets but they are the best thing and well help soothe her teething pain. I have a 9 month old and nothing worked with her pain and I didn’t get any peace until I started using these tablets. Look for Homeopathic Teething Tablets by Hyland’s, it is a soft tablet that dissolves instantly. You can call them at 1-800-624-9659 to ask questions or just pick some up at your local pharmacy or Wal-Mart. Believe me she will thank you for them.
    And I think you’re great so dont’ listen to anyone’s negative comments about you.

  7. Oh my God…Yes on the teething tablets…They are the BEST and they are all natural so don’t worry that you child will walk around looking like a junkie!
    Don’t worry about the one negative comment you get…look at all the positive comments people make about you and Emma Kelley.
    Sorry that Maggie was such a dweeb!

  8. I love you Kellie! You totally rock. Dont listen to the haters. They are just people that probably find the negative in everything and the only way they can feel better about themselves is to put others down!

  9. Kellie, I’ve been listening to you and reading your diary for years. Thanks for letting us into your life when you really don’t have to. You do a wonderful job with Emma Kellie. Don’t worry- the teething will be over soon. Only 8 more shows until vacation! Hang in there! We love you! Merry Christmas!!!

  10. Have you tried giving Emma Kelly frozen fruit to teeth on? My babies loved it! I’d slice up bananas and chunks of watermelon and freeze them and then let the babies gnaw and suck on them…just a suggestion.

  11. Kelly- Don’t you think there is a little something wrong who will post something bad about you or your mothering abilities? Have a merry christmas!
    lori in GA

  12. Who gives Miss Maggie the right to take the air out of your sails about gift giving. I think it’s great to store up an idea for a gift for someone you WANT to buy for for Christmas anyway. Sounds like Maggie dosen’t get enough “Just Because” anythings in her life and that is sad.

  13. Actually, I would just give my 9 mth old a frozen long carrot to gnaw on and she loved it and it helped. I am sorry but anything that numbs pain cannot be that natural. My DR has said not to give anything for the teething except for teething rings and of course the carrot is OK. Also, when you numb those gums, they don’t chew as much which can prolong the teeth from busting threw. All that chewing and biting down is what helps the teeth come through faster and makes them a lot stronger and healthier. I just feel that you are lazy by wanting to medicate your kids so you don’t have to listen to them cry. It is a part of being a parent.

  14. Kellie,

    I think you rock !! I have a son that is a four days younger than Emma Kellie and he is going thru the teething thing also and won’t eat anything but maybe a cookie so you are a perfect mom !!

  15. Kellie, you are an amazing person and a loving mother. I can not believe someone would say any different. I enjoy reading your blog everyday and listening to you every morning! The woman who said you were needy and a horrible mother is out of her mind, she has nothing better to do than critize someone else because she is either jealous or plain not happy so she makes others unhappy as well. She needs to screw off. It makes me so sad for you when people say those things. Dont you listen to another negative comment. You a wonderful and thoughtful friend, I know she appreciated that gift! I agree with Vanessa’s comment below. Oh, for Emma Kellie, try the teether ring that vibrates, that was a life saver for my 2 when they were teething! It has a handle that she can hold and when she bites down it vibrates on her gums. I hope you and Emma Kellie have a blessed Christmas and go & enjoy that New Year’s Eve party, you so deserve it!

  16. Kellie – don’t let what others thing of you effect you, it gives them power!

    You know you are a good mom – good moms make their kids happy and Emma Kelly wants cookies right now. Other people need to just chill out! She’s just a baby, having lots of cookies for a few days isn’t going to kill her. You take care of the precious sweet girl and FORGET about what others say!

    ps I think you rock and are a positive role model for other single moms!

    pps Think about going to that New Years party…you never know if Mr. Right might be there. 🙂 Just think about going…

  17. Oh Kellie, How I wish that I could give you a hug right now. You know that you can’t please everyone and the ones that have negative things to say are the ones that are usually going to post the comments. There are so many of us that love you and listen to the show because of you.
    I just watched the new slide show of you, Emma Kellie, your family and friends and that is where you should get your confidence and confirmation that you are needed, wanted and loved. But most of all you should get your confirmation that you are loved because of the very reason we celebrate this season. Christmas!
    May GOD bless you and your family this holiday season.


  18. I heart you, Kellie! You are the main reason I listen to the show and every morning I think what a cool person you would be to hang out with – I love your sense of humor, your willingness to share your personal life with us and the fact that you let us ladies know about your dating life and Emma Kelly. Screw the haters, like Vanessa said – WE LOVE YOU!

    p.s. Every single day the first thing I do when I get to my computer is check to make sure I haven’t missed one of your blog posts!

  19. Hey, Kelly… you don;t need all those nasty people’s approval or agreement to know you are a good person and a good mom. You can not please everyone all the time.. Let them rant and say what they want. I know it is easier said then done. I think you are a wonderful MOM and a Wonderful person. Emma Kelly is so loved and she is such a special blessing, you’ve waited and went though so much to get her. You spoil her and so what ever you want to do with her… she is your daughter. As for her teeth, have you tried the pedilyte freezer pops? that is what i use to give mine whent they did not want to eat anything. It is good for them and helps with the gums… two birds with one stone. As for the New years party maybe you should go stag… you never know who you will meet and what the new year will hold for you… anyway… stay strong and remember what an awesome person you are.


  20. Also, I’m not a mom yet, but when a baby is teething can you rub a tiny bit of Ambesol on their gums to numb the pain a little?

  21. Kellie!

    The teething tablets are great!!!! Instant relief. You are the best radio personality ever. I run to my truck in the morning so I can listen to your show. My kids even adore you. Screw Maggie and Happy Holidays!

  22. i love you kellie! emma is the luckiest little girl on earth to have you for a mother. always remember that!!!

  23. OK, OK, I will go with you to the awesome New Years Eve party, all you had to do was ask.

    Why would someone as intelligent as you be concerned with what anyone says about you, especially someone who only knows you a few posts at a time. I realize that you put yourself out there every morning you are on live, but people probably don’t know the true ‘essence’ of Kelly. Anyways, I read your blog daily, it is such a guilty pleasure of mine, I don’t mean that in a bad way, its just that I have tons of work to do, but reading you and big Al’s blog (and on occasion JC) starts my day!

  24. Kellie have you ever tried frozen waffles for the teething problem. It really works!! Plus if she chews on it long enoough she might actually eat something.

    I hope you have a great day, you are AWESOME!!

  25. 1st of all, stop wasting your breath on those type of people because its obvious they are not happy and they are trying to take you down with them. You did a great thing for your friend who will remember it for always. Why? Because thats what friends do. So to whoever has the audacity to even suggest that you are lacking in any area, pray for them because the evil thoughts that you may have aren’t even worth your time.

    I know you get this alot but when my daughter was teething she loved ice. Not the big cubes but Sonic ice that melted rather quickly and she wasn’t able to choke on it. She would start grinning the moment she saw that Sonic cup. Have a great day!

  26. Don’t worry about being a bad mom, you are a great mom. If all she wants right now is cookies, then give her cookies!!!

  27. That is a triple YES on the teething tablets! Get some today and try them. We started calling them
    “tooth candy” they helped so much.

  28. Kellie, I think you are a strong person. I don’t think I could take all the negative comments. You can’t express an emotion or opinion without someone saying you are jealous or desperate. Those are ignorant comments. Keep being you. I love it. Also, yes, the teething tablets are great. I can’t remember the brand but they have them everywhere. Albertsons, Walmart , Target…

  29. I’m reading Stormie Omartian’s “The Power of a Praying Woman”. She says that we have a choice of what voices to listen to, either the ones that put us down and say we’re a failure or the ones that lift us up, and of course the voice of the One who is always there with a listening ear and open arms of love. I know its hard, but don’t entertain those bad voices, because they work to exploit your weaknesses. Always choose the One Above to get you through the tough times.

  30. Oh yeah, and I think you’re great too!

  31. You are a such a fun person. You say what you think and feel. You are not wishy washy. You stick to what you believe and I admire that. I love to read your online Diary. I almost feel like I know you and let me say you crack me up. You are also very kind, so let the negative roll off your back. If someone takes time out of their day to purposely make someone feel bad they are not the type of person anyone should pay attention to. 🙂 🙂

  32. The thoughtful Tiddlywinks thing is AWESOME, the best kind of present is one that elicits emotion like that.

    As for the rest of your blog…wow are you having a bad day. Please try to be happy with yourself and your daughter that you wanted so badly. Once you get comfortable and content, the man you seek so much will appear, I SWEAR..

    And I wish I had your face right in front of me, so I could say to you: YOU ARE NOT FAT, and if you keep saying so, that is another turnoff to men, stop it! STOP ITTTTTTTTT! I wish I could be like the ghosts in A Christmas Carol, and take you around showing you what REALLY FAT, and SORTA FAT and MEDIUM FAT is like. YOU ARE ANYTHING BUT FAT!!!!!!!! You might be out of shape from having a baby, or not working out, but walking around your neighborhood can fix that. Lift 6 lb weights and do lunges. You are a SLENDER, SLENDER, attractive, beautiful woman. STOP SAYING YOU’RE FAT! Plus, Kellie, I know you do not want to hurt those who are really overweight. Slim people who claim to be fat are really hurting those who weigh more than they do. It’s sad. HOLD YOUR HEAD UP! Enjoy your baby you wanted so much. Buy presents like crazy, I know, I do the same thing. Giving feels so good to me, I almost feel guilty. I don’t care if I get anything, as long as I get the PERFECT thing for others. ENJOY YOURSELF!

  33. Words of Wisdom: ALWAYS consider the source. The world is full of negative people; ones that have to rain on someone else’s parade. Think about it this way, Kellie, if you think YOU don’t have a life, can you imagine what a nonlife this other person must have that she can think of nothing better to do than criticize someone when they obviously feel happy about something they’ve just accomplished?

    If that person was the most important person in your world, then, yeah, it might be enough to upset you; but in the grand scheme of things, they’re just another person with a bad attitude. People who can’t seem to get around to fixing what’s wrong in their lives so they will fixate on yours.

    Remember, that person’s opinion counts for zero. Do not empower someone else to change your mood or your day, Kellie, only you can do that.

    You are a beautiful, funny, genuinely good person. There is a good man out there for you and there is nothing wrong with being lonely or wanting to get married again. If I were you, I would still go to the party. You need to be open to what might be in store for you. You might meet someone, or, you might not, but you would have still gone to the Best Fricking New Year’s Eve Party in the World!

  34. Kellie,

    Don’t buy into the negative bull****. They are just….well to put it down to one word – ugly. Hang in there – don’t let the negatives get ya down girl – you have more positive feedback than negative so don’t buy into that crap.


  35. You should never let these loser want to be Kellie get to you. You are a true person. Some of the things you say I admire because most people are so fake they would never admit what is going on. You are an awesome person. Love you for being who you are.

  36. Well, Kellie, reading all of these will make you a teething expert! It’s nice for everyone to share, so I’ll add one. Popsickles! The ones that come in the long plastic wrappers- not on the wooden sticks because they’re too messy. My little boy lived on popsickles when he was teething and it helped so much. Have a good day and go to that party! You don’t need to go with a guy- you might find one there.

  37. i was born with a full set of dentures…i am a medical oddity/miracle.

  38. When your baby’s first teeth are coming in, you are faced with a plethora of choices about home remedies and medicines..

    Natural homeopathic pain relief for your child’s teething, can safely and effectively manage teething pain without subjecting your child to risk from pharmaceuticals. There are all sorts of homeopathic remedies for the pain of cutting teeth, and they come in several different forms; pills, liquids, gels and even ice pops are some of the options you have. Agate and amber, thought to have properties that relieve teething pain, are sometimes made into teething rings.

    Homeopathy is an alternative branch of medicine that relies on tiny amounts of substances to effect a cure by stimulating the body’s natural immune response. It is safe and holistic, and the amounts of medicine used are extremely dilute. You can find homeopathic remedies online, or for more complicated situations, consult a homeopath.

    When babies are teething, they tend to put any new item directly into the mouth. Partly curiosity and partly an attempt at pain management, infants feel the urge to bite and chew. As the teeth are growing, the cells in the gum tissue above the teeth begin to break down, which helps the teeth slide through. The urge to bite or chew is a good thing, because the added pressure helps break down the gum tissue. Give your child something to chew on! You can find homeopathic ice pops, teething cookies, tablets and gels to help relieve your baby’s teething pain. Some remedies sound exotic, using strange ingredients like whole honeybees or infinitesimally small doses of belladonna; others include the use of chamomile or pulsatilla (pasqueflower). They are all quite safe.

    Other natural remedies include herbs and oils, which can alleviate pain or help your baby calm down and get to sleep. One common remedy for the pain of toothache and teething is clove oil. Cloves contain oils that have warming, numbing properties, so that even holding a whole clove against a sore tooth with your tongue can ease the pain long enough to get to your dentist. Clove oil can be rubbed on sore gums to relieve pain, but only use a tiny amount: too much can upset your baby’s stomach. Other homemade remedies include letting your infant chew on a natural licorice stick (the herb, not candy!) You can find natural licorice in health food stores: real licorice feels cool and also numbs the gums when your baby chews on it. Wild fennel, a relative of licorice, grows in disturbed areas in Northern California and other parts of the country: you may be able to harvest it yourself along the bike paths. The feathery, fern-like leaves and hollow stalks can be chewed or sucked for a cooling, licorice-tasting treat.

    Some parents find that rubbing a little pure vanilla extract on the baby’s gums can soothe the crying child: this home remedy may work in three ways. First, merely rubbing baby’s gums can ease the pain by creating opposite pressure; second, the alcohol in vanilla extract will create a warm sensation that is temporarily comforting. The third way this remedy may work is in the calming properties of vanilla itself. Vanilla is known as a soothing yet energizing agent that reduces anxiety and promotes feelings of well-being. Besides that, vanilla has long been used to cure stomach distress: a baby whose stomach is mildly upset from crying or swallowing large amounts of drool may find vanilla soothing to the tummy as well as the nerves.

    *dr. pose #24*

  39. guess what MY one wish would be!?!

  40. Girlfriend,
    Forget all the haters. You are good person, an inspirational women and most of all a GREAT mother. Keep up the good work.

  41. You might try pickle spears, you know the kind that you can only find in the refrigerator section. The juices are supposed to soften the gums and make it easier for the teeth to come through. My daughter loved pickles while she was teething.

  42. the crappiest gift EVER…Poop Pills

  43. Kellie you are awesome! Don’t let those crappy people get you down. I thought it was very cool to get your friend that gift.
    I think you should at least go ahead and rsvp to the party that you will go. what if you find someone to take between now and then!
    Have a wonderful Christmas – you deserve it.

  44. Kellie–I know it’s hard but you’ve just got to blow off these people who think it’s their duty to judge everyone else. Try to focus on all the good comments because they outnumber the bad comments by far.

    In response to Heather. I don’t think wanting to relieve your child’s PAIN makes you a lazy parent. My doctor as well as countless other doctors recommended the all natural teething pills and they work wonders. My daughter still chewed and gnawed on plenty of teethers to help the teeth come in, but at least she wasn’t miserable the whole time. If you are okay with letting your child suffer and listening to them scream then that’s your business, but don’t tell the rest of us that we’re lazy for trying to find a better remedy.

  45. I just happened upon your blog today.

    Thank you for letting me feel like I’m not the only person in the world. I have no idea who you are, and you obviously don’t know me, but it’s funny how my soul reacted to your-if I may-justified temper tantrum. It was like it found itself, in the most non-lesbian way possible.

    Thank you for being an inspiration.

  46. Kellie
    The people that say these things are just trolls. They don’t know you and honestly probably don’t even dislike you on a personal level. They just say outrageous things to get a rise out of you and out of your real fans. Their criticisms aren’t even logical. I know it still hurts your feelings but please try your best to ignore them. Even commenting on them incites them. Believe me you have way more fans than detractors so hang in there and keep your head high! Merry Christmas!

  47. […] If I could have just one wish… I would wish that I could go for one entire day without having somebody criticize me or be disappointed in me because, […] […]

  48. Maybe we could declare a no criticism day; I think that may be the only way you will get your wish. The other option is not to speak to anyone, but no one, on New Years eve day and right unto the New Year. Be sure you do not criticize yourself that off limits day either.

    A long time ago a lady told me what we do on New Years eve will be what we do all year. I have found that somewhat true. Better to see it in alone, pampering yourself the way you want that future husband to treat you than kiss frogs.

    It took me a while to read this post; could not read because I was laughing~not at you but with you~so hard. I can relate to that.

  49. Hey Kellie- Try teething tabs for Emma Kelly; they’re homeopathic and seem to take the edge off. We’ve also had success with letting our girls chew on frozen waffles. Hang in there!

  50. Kellie-you are a wonderful person. You give the presents when you want.
    Also, you are not a horrible mother-my daughter who is 3 has had croup for a week-and all she wants to eat are m&m’s and sugar cookies. So you know what-she’s getting them. I’ve been able to throw in some fruit-but it’s not a permanet change in diet and she will survive. You do what you have to do when your children are sick so they are happy and you don’t loose your mind!
    The teething tablets do work. We used to freeze washclothes too-they like to really naw on them!

  51. Kellie,
    I am sorry that some listeners are haters BUT I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy listening to you. My drive to work is the highlight of my morning because I get to drop in on your lives. I have learned so much by seeing the things you guys go through and how you handle them. Thank you for being real and I hope you just ignore the few, loud ignorant listeners that lurk.Clearly it is just another case of, “hurt people, hurt people.” Merry Christmas!

  52. I think this post is really refreshing! Way to just let it all out! I bet you felt better aferward too. People can be such jerks! You handle it much better than I ever could! 🙂

    You’re a great mom, and a great person. I don’t really know you, but I’m pretty sure that you are someone I would be honored to call my friend, if we were friends! 🙂

    Merry Christmas from one great mommy to another!

  53. Kellie,
    Dont let those ppl get you down! Obviously they have no life! You are an awesome person, and a wonderful mom!! You are not fat by no means!! I am sorry you are going through the teething. My hubby and I do not have kids yet. We are trying,but the Clomid just isnt working for us. I wish the best for you and your beautiful little girl!! Take care!!

  54. Well this is my first time ever being on this sight, and definately first for the diary. I have to admit I am a little bored right now. I really like listen to the show, and I am guessing because I like Kellie’s voice. occasionally there is a funny skit. Just playting I do luagh quite a bit. I have to say I do not think you are fat though, I mean why would you be so confident if you were. Now every woman thinks she is, but to talk about other women you have to know you are hot. Also every mother is different, but there is not to many that can be called bad mothers. I think you are a long ways away from being the worst ever, I could name a few.
    The actual reason I wrote though, is because I also still believe in love. I hope that one day I will be happily married, I mean it can be extremely hard to find the right person, but I have seen it happen for people. A friend of mine and her fiance give me hope, I think they are the best couple ever. So all I am saying is do not try to find something, when you stop looking it will find you. I know it is hard, because I am in the same boat, but I know I am trying to hard as well. Well goodluck and I hope you actually read these, but if not oh well, I wasted a few minutes of my time.


  55. Kelly, anyone who says you are a horrible mother is just trying to nurse their own insecurities about their parenting styles. Some people like to put others down to bring themselves up.

    You so badly wanted your beautiful little girl that you went through all that you did to get her.

    Whenever the subject of her comes up, your voice (somehow) lights up, I can hear your love through the radio. I literally get tears in my eyes sometimes when you talk about her, just from how proud and in love you sound.

    I can’t understand how people can be so negative that they will try to make someone like you sound bad. (Really… shame on you for giving someone a gift that came from your heart and touched hers so deeply.)

    And I also have to say, just because I’ve never contacted you before- with how you talk about yourself I always thought you were pudgy or average looking (though your voice never has fit that description) and then I came on here and couldn’t believe who I saw- One of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen! I’d kill to be as beautiful as you! And you are nowhere near fat Ms. Kelly.

  56. The teething tablets they were talking about work miracles, and they are safe for your baby girl. My little boy is two and cutting back molars, and when I give him the teething tablets they really seem to fix the grumpiness. You can get them at Wal-mart, and they are not real costly.

    I don’t know you, but I know that you sound like me. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Take one moment of everyday, look in the mirror, and tell yourself you are worth something. You never let people bring you down! Everyone is worth something…they just have to find it in their heart to see it.

  57. i have an idea to all the wishers of ill will and negativity…you have their emails right???…send them all a horrible email virus…i know i would open up a letter from “KKITM” show…once they open the letter, their computer will destroy itself!!!…problem solved.

  58. Hey Kellie,

    I’ve been listening to the show now for awhile and i must say you’re an amazing person.

    I mean, I don’t know you personally (though that would be awesome) but your personality really shows on the show and it’s a great one.

    I’ve never understood why you’re so hard on yourself. You have some amazing people in your life and an amazing daughter. Instead of feeling sad all the time, just think of Emma Kelly…she’s the most wonderful gift you have evr received and it’s obvious you love her to the max.

    Don’t worry about what others think…remember, people criticize others to make up for what they don’t have.

    Take care Kelly…and thanks for the card in the mail…

    I won $106 on that Big Money and I got your thank you note…well Thank YOU! It was sweet…



  59. Kelly all these positive comments left behind on your blog is a great reflection on how much your fans really care about you.

    I agree some of the people that post ugly, negative, mean comments on your blog are mostly people who are just trying to get a rise out of you and your fans. Maggie and all those others who have nothing better to do then put you down are nothing but a bunch of trolls. Why they think it’s ok to do that is beyond me but I’m guessing they were raised without any manners.

    Kelly you are my favorite on the show (shh don’t tell Kidd 😉 ) and I think you are a wonderful person, a wonderful mom, & a wonderful friend to your friends. Emma Kelly will soon cut those teeth and will be back to her normal happy self. Do what you can for her even if it means cookies for a few days.

    Keep brushing off them haters from your shoulders. ❤

  60. I always wonder about “those people” who are always pointing fingers and questioning the acts of others. I know I make plenty of mistakes and it might be helpful if “some people” actually focused on themselves instead of you. How many of us could actually hold up under the microscope if we were being watched 24/7? I’m grateful for your honesty and your sincerity and I thank you for putting your life out there for the rest of us to share in.

    Oh, and the teething tablets are wonderful. I don’t think it makes you a bad or lazy mommy for giving your child something that will help take the pain away. I made the decision to give my children the tablets and they worked wonders. You may or may not decide that it is the right choice for you and Emma Kelly. Just remember that what ever decision or methods you decide to go with will always be criticized by someone who doesn’t agree. I know that whatever choice you make will be the right one for your family.

  61. Kellie, I’ll have to admit that you are whiny MOST of the time in your blogs, but that doesn’t stop me from readiing them every day, because I love you for who you are. I think that you are just overly negative and WAY too hard on yourself. I have overly positive friends and I am somewhat negative, so hearing them rant and rave about how wonderful everything always is…is usually annoying. Same thing with overly negative people, nobody likes a “Debby Downer”. Bottom line, the only thing that matters is what YOU think about yourself, but from what I can tell, you don’t think very highly of yourself at all. Maybe that’s why people give you such a hard time. Someone is always going to ridicule you about something, and people are always going to hate you for some reason. Nobody’s perfect, and the people that always have something to say about everything you do and say need to stop reading your flipping blog if they don’t like you.

  62. Screw everyone who thinks your a bad person. I think your great!! I love reading your blogs. Anywho have you tried to give Emma Kelly a wet wash rag to chew on? I gave it to my little boy and it soothed his gums and broke them up a bit to ease the tooth coming in. And to those who critize you its cause their jealous!! Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

  63. Kelly,

    What is wrong with people? Do they have nothing else to do but criticize and find fault with everyone? Have you ever noticed that when you read an article on the Internet – all these people leave comments? These people must not have jobs or lives for that matter. This is the first time I have ever written a comment. I have listened to you for over 10 years. I have read your diary entrys over the years too. It is sad that you receive negative condescending comments from people – telling you how to live, how to raise your daughter, how to be a Mom,…etc. Who are these people? It is amazing that all these other people are so dang perfect.
    I have a job that serves people and children. I work day and night for these children…and I have a little baby too (my first at 38). And all I get are complaints via email. So – I know how it feels. And I just can’t help but wonder – what is wrong with people these days?

  64. you wrote …”And I am fat”…why are you so dang self deprecating???…you are judging yourself on a scale in which you will NEVER find satisfactory measure…who the hell sold you on this bad bill of goods…the horses ass or bitch that did so, needs to be monkey stomped.

  65. Kellie,
    You probably won’t read this because I think I am the 65th person to respond, but I finally looked around the website tonight. I was feeling a bit down (bad day at work), and I watched some of the videos and listened to the Mommy Test and a few other things. I couldn’t stop laughing. You all put me in such a good mood. I wish I could be a part of your show for just one day. You seem like such good people who have a great time wherever you are. Plus, what you do with Kidd’s Kids is amazing. Many years ago I babysat for a boy who was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at a very young age. He is going to graduate high school this year. I can’t believe it. His name is Phillip and is just about the smartest kid I know. What I love about him is that he never says If only. Instead he just smiles and goes on achieving greatness. I’m so proud of him.
    At school, my colleague and I listen every morning until the first bell rings. Keep making us laugh!

  66. Kellie,

    If you are that bothered by the comments you should just stop blogging all together. I read your comments and like 99% of them are always so positive and people really seem to love you. So you get a bad one every now and then – that goes with the territory. You are quite the drama queen.

  67. Okay Let me clarify, I just hate the pressure this season brings with it, it’s not a critizism, today is the first time that I’m checking the blog and I can’t believe that everyone thought I was being rude. Kellie happens to be my favorite person on the show, to the point that when I moved down here I read her entire blog starting from the first entry up. I’ve been amazed at how she could go through a divorce and still come out positive and all the effort she puts into being a mother and the fact that she’s so appreciative of her daughter is amazing to me. So I’m sorry if I offended her or any of you, that was not my intention. And there is nothing wrong with saying Merry Christmas to me, you guys have been rude to me for simply stating that it’s ALWAYS okay to give someone a gift and that sometimes it’s actually better like that because they aren’t expecting it. And Kellie, you don’t need to justify why you gave your gift the day that you did, I’m no one to you, and you know that. It’s great that you have a generous heart, but I’m sorry if I do feel that comments like, “that’s why I would never change religions” aren’t necessary, because then it takes away from the people of those religions. And no I’m not a Jehovah’s Witness, I have relatives that are, and that’s why that comment struck me a little funny. So Merry Christmas, I’m sorry if I offended anyone, and I feel humbled that my words could hurt anyone as that was not my intentions. You know I’m a person with feelings too.

  68. Hey girl. Keep your head up. A man will come along I promise. By the way all us woman are special each and every one, whiny or not.If I were you I would go to the party, I have a feeling you will not be the only single one there and you never know your one and only could be there and maybe even be your kiss for midnight. I would go and drink and be crazy and have fun. It is amazing how many men you can attract with little craziness. Do some of your dancing, That will get them running your way. All men are also attracted to a good dancer. That is how I met my husband. Anyway Go and have fun, hope it works out for you.

  69. 68

  70. 69…*giggles like a high school sophmore*

  71. ^twas TRULY tasteless…BUT…let us all smile and enjoy the common bond that brings us all here…Happy Holidays from me, to you all.

  72. Kellie,

    I love reading your blogs and I love listening to you on the radio. You crack me up! I just want to say that I am very sorry for the way people criticize you. I have always had to tell myself that people only criticize others because there is something in their own life that they hate. Try not to listen to those people…. they are negative and unhappy, and they always bring other people down with them. I think you are a great mom… I admire what you are doing, being single and a first time mom. There is a LOT of learning when it comes to kids and every child is differnet. Something that works for one child won’t work for someone else. As long as you and your daughter are happy then GOOD!!! By the way you are beautiful, and every picture I see of you, you always look so skinny! But as a woman, we are never skinny enough, pretty enough, or perfect enough in our own eyes, and other peoples negative comments hurt us even deeper. Just know that there are a lot of others who think you are awesome and respect you and wish they had it together just like you do. Hang in there and stay positive!!

  73. hi kelly just wanted to say that these tablets everyone is talking about work miracles. i used humphreys teething pills from walmart (about $5.00) and they are wonderful. u just dissolve a few in a teaspoon of water and then put that on the bays gums and alsmost instantly they will feel much better. when i gave them to my son he loved the taste and it quieted his crying in less than 5 minutes.

  74. Kellie, I wish I had read this sooner, I have been taking a break from the computer. I feel horrible that I haven’t read this and given you the praise that you deserve. YOU ARE MY HERO. You pick yourself up and dust yourself off and get back to life like it’s nothing. I WISH I was half the woman you are. I am SO VERY SORRY that you feel the way you do… you have inspired so many people. You are a beautiful, intelligent, strong person and DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU ANY DIFFERENT!!! They are just jealous of you… because they cannot be the beautiful soul that you are. PLEASE believe all of these people that love you… you have so many people who love you… and so little who hate you. They have no right… no right at all. I love you so much Kellie and I WOULD BE HONORED TO BE YOUR FRIEND. YOU DON’T NEED ANYONE WHO DOESN’T MAKE YOU FEEL LUCKY TO BE YOUR FRIEND. ALL THEY DO IS BRING YOU DOWN. Be strong Kellie.. You have all of us behind you. We all love you so much… just imagine a collective hug from all of us… to you because you are special. ALWAYS KNOW THAT YOU ARE A SPECIAL, CARING, LOVING, STONG, TERRIFIC MOTHER AND BEAUTIFUL SOUL. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

  75. Ditto on the teething tablets. They worked wonders for my 2 yr old when he was teething, and my 7 month old is starting to teeth now and the first thing I did was buy those teething tablets!
    If the only thing Emma Kelly wants is cookies, then give her cookies, and anything else she wants, forget what anyone else might say..you’re her Mommy and only YOU know what is right for your baby!
    You’re amazing Kelly!

  76. Kellie,

    It takes great courage to open yourself up like you do every day on the air and in your blog. What these “haters” need to realize is that you’re not asking for approval! If they don’t like what you do or say, then so be it! You should not care or give them the time of day! (I know that’s easier said than done, especially when you’re tired.) Just remember that there are plenty of us out there who are just as imperfect as you (smile) and appreciate you for being yourself!

  77. Kellie,

    Breathe…you’re doing fine.

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