I can’t believe it’s 10:42pm…

December 10, 2007 at 4:54 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 25 Comments

I have been to Target twice in one day. That about sums up my day. I am in Christmas overdrive and panic is about to set in. I’m afraid I’ve bought too much, but then I’m afraid I haven’t bought enough. There are people I don’t have a CLUE what to buy for. There are people I won’t buy for and I’ll end up regretting that later. There are people I will disappoint no matter what I buy them. It’s just too much. Which religion doesn’t exchange gifts at Christmas? I’m thinking of switching to that one.

But when I DO manage to get that perfect gift, it’s the best feeling in the world. The key is paying attention all year long. I try to take mental notes of what people say and then when a gift-giving time rolls around, I try to give them that special something they talked about.  And I pulled it off this year already!  A couple girlfriends and I already exchanged our Christmas.  My friend Haven told me a while back that when her grandmother died, all she wanted was the Tiddlywinks game they used to play together when she was a little girl.  She was sure it was up in the attic, but nobody could ever find it.  Well, I just so happened to come across a box of Tiddlywinks and remembered what Haven had told me, so I snatched it up and wrapped it for her and she was SO excited! She even cried! I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars buying her birthday and Christmas presents over the years, but a $10 box of Tiddlywinks is what she’ll always remember. That is what I LOVE about giving presents. And that is why I won’t switch religions because I live for moments like that.

I’m looking forward to the week ahead. I honestly believe if I try hard enough I will finish all of my Christmas shopping. Plus I’ve got two Christmas parties to go to and two cute outfits to wear. Yea me! Of course, I don’t have a date for one of them and I THINK Big Al’s my date for the other one so it’s not a COMPLETE celebration…just a partial one.




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  1. Girl you are to cute. Rock on!!!
    Happy Holidays.

  2. you’ll be happier in a few weeks that you are ahead of so many people right now. you are in full shopping mode, be glad for it. as for the not-so-constant, constant reminders of who to buy for or what to buy, its always about the thought that you have before you buy the gift. If you share the thought with the person when you give them the gift it means that much more to the person. have a great day.

  3. I feel the exact same way about Christmas. The shopping part, with the lines and the crying little kids that always want want want are driving you crazy…but when you see your loved ones face light up, and because you took a little extra time for that special thing…it makes it all worth it! Happy Holidays, I hope you do get all of your shopping done…Lord knows I need to.

  4. one more thing, tell Kidd that if he is going to quote the greatest 80’s movie of all time, he needs to get the characters last name right. Lloyd Dobler

  5. You jinxed me. I read about Emma Kelly pooping in the bath tub and couldn’t stop laughing. Two days later I’m giving my daughter a bath and sure enough she decides to poop. I guess it’s karma.

    Good luck with the x-mas shopping!

  6. I totally know what you mean except I won’t be able to shop til I get paid on the 15th and pay all of my bills, then do a tally of how much I have (won’t be much, that’s for sure). I just buy for children and the parents just have to get over it.


  7. I know what you mean about the feeling you get when you’ve bought that person the gift they will talk about for well ever!
    I have had a few of those moments, but it’s hard especially when you’ve done it once… to do it again the next holiday season. The pressure can be a bit overhelming but it’s like an addition to seeing someone that happy. Good luck with the shopping. I also have to wait till the 15th to shop. Those darn bills just don’t leave me much but I’m hoping my bonus will help me out this holiday.

    ❤ Happy Holidays!
    Oh BTW Jehova Witness don’t exchange gift not even for their own birthday. How sad! 😦

  8. kellie, when yuo and freddie decided custody, was there a geopgraphical limit on how far the custodial parent could move?? what kind of custody arrangement did yall make??

  9. It’s sad that people think that Christmas Time or Birthdays are the only time that gift giving is special. While it’s amazing that you were able to get your friend an amazing gift specifically for Christmas, there is nothing wrong with having waiting a week after she told you and given her the same exact gift. I’m sure her genuine reaction would have still been the same. Christmas and Birthdays aren’t the only time that finding a perfect gift for someone will have meaning. In fact, a lot people feel obligated to give and receive, in stead of just having a gift from the heart “Just Because”. I’m really happy for you Kelly that you have a generous heart, but I’m disappointed that you would think missing those times of year would neven enable you to feel something when giving a gift.

  10. I can’t stop buying. I asked my husband to hold my debit card for me until after the holidays except for when I need to gas up my truck. I’ve already overdone it. I had to push my coffee table by my tree so I’d have an extra surface to put presents on because my tree is full.

    I need a 12 step Christmas Shoppers program.

    oh look! Walmart has a sale on that tool my husband wanted…

  11. Does anyone have any advice on what to buy a mature 4 year old boy for Christmas?… What toys or games are popular for this age? I have no idea what to get him.

  12. Maggie- you’re rude.

  13. Maggie, you need to get a life.

  14. We love you Kelly! Don’t the haters bring you down…I love your blogs!

  15. Maggie–I suppose you give nothing to your friends, loved ones and you probably don’t celebrate Christmas. It’s ok. I’m just happy that there are people like Kellie who remember the little things. And it doesn’t matter when you give it to them, you’re right…it’s how her friend will always cherish that gift.

    Now Maggie, Merry Christmas, if I’m allowed to say that at all to you.

  16. i dated a gal who was an UBER health nut…i decided to give her a dozen long stemmed oranges…do you know how long it takes to attach a frick’n orange to a rose stem?!?…a long time i will tell you…anyway…she did not appreciate my gift of delicious health.

  17. the best gift i EVER received was a birthday cake from a friend…she knew i have no family here, and that my ex had failed to remember my birthday in the five years we had been married…she also was very broke and spent her money on my cake instead buying lunch and dinner for herself that day…i decided to pay her back by secretly paying for her rent…she thought it was her father that did it…he had the gall to tell her that he would never do such a thing…he is such a impotent ****.

  18. for all those interested…i am a 4x in shirt size.

  19. maggie…i hope santa is kinder to you than your judgemental words in which you give to others…i knew a maggie once…she was a very unhappy person…i hope that was not you.

  20. when i was a kid…all i wanted for Christmas was cool toys…all i ever got was t shirts and underwear…now…as an adult…all i really want/need are t shirts and underwear…does anyone know if underoos come in adult 4x sizes?!?

  21. Maggie, Maggie, Maggie. Do you even know who hateful you are? Does it even cross your mind that maybe… just maybe Kelly hadn’t found the item her friend had talked about… that maybe Kelly would’ve given it to her sooner if it was possible. How about that maybe not everyone is made out of money to be able to buy people gifts every day of their lives.

    Instead of spreading vile mean statements on someone’s blog why don’t you bring some joy by not posting any comments.
    If you can’t say nothing nice, then don’t say anything at all. Just some advice.

    Kelly brush off them haters! ❤

  22. Maggie – Did it ever cross your mind that your negative comments would hurt Kellie and not help Kellie?! I hope you meant well & your presentation was just screwed!!! I’m sure you’re just like your comment in real life. Pick out the negative knowing it’s without good intentions. Negative People SUCK!!!

    Kellie – I think what you did was AMAZING!! I’ve done the same thing before and it was appreciated beyond belief!! I think it means more that someone actually remembered something that makes you smile and brings joy to your heart months after the fact.

    You’re awesome!!!

  23. If you cant say anything nice.. keep your damn mouth shut 🙂

    I think the tiddlywinks was an awesome gift idea.. 🙂

  24. Okay Let me clarify, I just hate the pressure this season brings with it, it’s not a critizism, today is the first time that I’m checking the blog and I can’t believe that everyone thought I was being rude. Kellie happens to be my favorite person on the show, to the point that when I moved down here I read her entire blog starting from the first entry up. I’ve been amazed at how she could go through a divorce and still come out positive and all the effort she puts into being a mother and the fact that she’s so appreciative of her daughter is amazing to me. So I’m sorry if I offended her or any of you, that was not my intention. And there is nothing wrong with saying Merry Christmas to me, you guys have been rude to me for simply stating that it’s ALWAYS okay to give someone a gift and that sometimes it’s actually better like that because they aren’t expecting it. And Kellie, you don’t need to justify why you gave your gift the day that you did, I’m no one to you, and you know that. It’s great that you have a generous heart, but I’m sorry if I do feel that comments like, “that’s why I would never change religions” aren’t necessary, because then it takes away from the people of those religions. And no I’m not a Jehovah’s Witness, I have relatives that are, and that’s why that comment struck me a little funny. So Merry Christmas, I’m sorry if I offended anyone, and I feel humbled that my words could hurt anyone as that was not my intentions. You know I’m a person with feelings too.

  25. Awww… Kellie! Don’t say that! It WILL be a complete celebration… Al loves you and he will take care of you and make sure you have a great time. It will be great… I promise!!! Have you ever thought… really thought about… you know… y’all???

    I think you guys would make a great couple… lots would disagree but it’s “just my opinion”!!!

    love you Kellie!!!

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