Live from San Antonio!

December 7, 2007 at 12:29 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 19 Comments

Hey! We’re doing the show on the road this morning, so things are a little crazy and weird and good. There’s a line of people outside the Hard Rock Cafe right now waiting to get in to see us — well, not US exactly. There are some bands stopping by. I think Lifehouse and Boys Like Girls…I’m not sure who else. It’s really funny hanging out backstage with bands. They’re really just normal people who have a job to do, and some of them seem to be as beat down with their jobs as average people. We STILL don’t know which band we were talking to last night because we were too embarrassed to flat out ask, “Who ARE you??” They’re touring with Three Days Grace and were just hanging out because they had the night off. So what do they do? Jim Beam. An entire bottle of it. They had one bottle of that and one bottle of wine. I might’ve been tempted to join in the fun if it weren’t for the fact they were all swigging out of the same bottle. Can you imagine the amount of backwash swimming around in there??

I did have fun ordering this new Pink vodka that has caffeine in it. I only had two, so Two Drink Kellie was in effect for a while there. The guy pimping this stuff told me that after 2 of those babies I’d be good to go for about 3 hours. He’s a liar. I was so tired. He didn’t take into account the fact that I was up at 4am and it was past my bedtime. There would be no perky coming out of me last night.

I felt SO bad leaving Emma Kelly to come to San Antonio. She’s teething and feverish and she doesn’t have an appetite. Poor little thing. She’s with her daddy, though, and I know she’s fine. But I just want to be there when she’s feeling bad. I want to be the one comforting her. I’m just glad this is a quick trip.  After a quick 24-hour turn-around and she’s back in my arms.

Sorry! I know this is random, but I’m typing between commercial breaks. I’ve got to go be a radio personality now.




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  1. Hmm..I think I’m going to try that drink the next time I’m out. Sounds good, but I tend to be more of the dark liquor chick.

    I know what you mean about Emma Kelly though, my daughter is turning two this weekend and she has her visit with her dad. I hate being away from her, they are so wonderful. And it only gets better as they get older. I know she loves her dad but he’s not me! Ya know?

    Anyway, glad you guys are having fun! Love the show!

  2. DENIED…i cant get in because of my “professional” camera…SO CLOSE yet SO far.

  3. i brought a Hickory Farms Holiday Snacker Gift Basket for you and Emma Kelly…the “aged sausage roll” would make a WONDERFUL teething device for Emma Kelly.

  4. Try Zwieback toast, for Emma Kelly. It will help with the teething but one of the best things I tried was frozen peaches (or apples without the sink) in a teething feeder (which you can find them at Toys R Us or I think even Target)

    I hope Emma Kelly feels better. Teething is the worst time for babies. I still remember the crying fits & fever that my daughter, lets just say it wasn’t a fun time for either one of us.

  5. i gave my rottie cow femurs whilst she went thru the teething process…but i doubt it would be applicable in this situation.

  6. i stood in line…it was hot…it was humid…i ALMOST had a vietnam flashback…no…whilst i did not serve in south east asia, but i have watched platoon & apacolypse now numerous times and i almost called in a “snake and nape” attack on the treeline on the riverwalk…so there i was…pert near on navarro street with my gift basket of fine cheese & aged sausages and “professional” camera…i was denied entrance…but now i must figure out who i can re-gift this basket of deliciousness.

  7. Awww… i hope she gets to feeling better Kellie!

    I know all too well how you feel!!!

    I saw “you” on the showbiz top five! That’s cute. That’s what you meant by spicing it up a little bit!

  8. Ok Craig, you sound like a stalker! Kellie, I completely understand how you feel leaving Emma
    Kelly. It’s a good thing that you miss her. My kids are 15 & 16 and I still miss them when they are at HIGH SCHOOL! Trust me, this feeling will not change with age.

  9. stalker???…i am just an out of work writer…consider these posts my way of “keeping in shape” during this horrible strike.

  10. yah, stalker is the word i was thinking as well…

  11. kellie,
    i really used to enjoy reading the comments that your listeners left in response to your blogs. Some of them were very helpful. but now i have to stumble through that idiot craigs nonsense and it is getting a bit annoying. could you please turn off the comment section so that weirdo will leave you alone.

  12. lighten up annie…I think Craig adds a little humor to all of this seriousness……and I’m sure Kellie could use a laugh or two after all of the advice she gets on here…

  13. annie…weirdo?!?…idiot?!?…your words hurt to the core…why would you cast disparaging words to a stranger you know not?!?…i can only hope that you are childless as passing this trait on to child would only serve to darken an already bleak world…thank you for destroying whatever bit of joy i receive engaging in stimulating social intercourse with those whom i share a common interest…thank you for tainting this holiday of Joy and of Hope…worry not annie…the sun will come out tomorrow and i shall be here no more…Merry Chritmas…Happy Hanukkah…or merry kwanza.

  14. Beth…as this is a public forum, i shall share not the word i am thinking for you.
    *southern gentleman pose #18*

  15. Geez people! Ease up on Craig! I find his comments funny and perfectly harmless in every way. If Kellie had any problems with him she would block him and it’s her blog.

  16. Okay Craig,
    Surely your not going to let a few highly opinionated people run you off…..why would you care what they think… I’m sure you are not the first person they have torn into and you won’t be their last…… we need your sense of humor to keep things in perspective……I found your comments to be very humorous and entertaining..
    Thanks for the laughs…

  17. Cindy…Kim…next time you are in the Alamo City, i am taking you on a tour of the Alamo and out for breakfast at Shilos!!!

  18. Hey Craig, that sounds like a great plan….mmm.. breakfast at shilos….and what would texas be without the alamo….

  19. Texas without the Alamo?!?…what an unthinkable thought…i used to date a daughter of the Republic…she gave me a key to the basement!!!

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