No more cheap booze!

November 30, 2007 at 2:35 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 16 Comments

I’ll be honest. I drank too much last night. Three martinis and a glass of wine over the course of 4 hours? That sounds bad, doesn’t it…Maybe I shouldn’t admit that out loud…Anyway, I learned a very valuable lesson:  The more expensive the alcohol, the less severe the hangover!  Yes, I’m tired, but who wouldn’t be after only getting 4 hours of sleep? But I didn’t feel sick or hungover or any of that drama that goes with ordering “Whatever!” like I usually do.  So from now on, I will only drink expensive drinks.  And THAT means I have to line up more dates.

Yes, everybody has had the weirdest reaction to my going out with Redneck Steve, which isn’t what I call him unless I’m talking about him. Otherwise, he’s just Steve. It’s sort of like how people will say “that bitch Kellie” when they’re talking ABOUT me, but then just call me Kellie when they actually meet me. Same thing, right?

Anyway, I’ve known Redneck Steve for I don’t know how long. I THINK there was talk of us maybe going out way back when, but I don’t know…He was Big Al’s friend and it was just weird and now he’s my friend and now it’s all still sort of weird but it’s like, why don’t we just try it and see what happens? So I sort of let him know that it was okay to ask me out now because I — being from South Carolina and all — just wouldn’t be considered a proper lady if I was the one doing the asking. So he did the gentlemanly thing and obliged me with a dinner invitation.

I have never seen Big Al so giddy. He was like a freaking school girl!! He knew Steve was picking me up at 7, so he shows up at 7:05, bouncing up and down on my front door step and waving his hands in the air and practically bursting, he was so excited. Steve thinks it’s because Al’s secretly in love with  me, and I’m starting to think maybe he’s on to something…He even texted me during dinner to see how things were going. What is up with that?

I guess we’ll see how Al feels about date number two, should that ever occur. I think ol’ Steve’s got a few other dates to plow through before he circles back around to me, but we’ll see.  And it might be interesting to see how Big Al would react if I invite Steve to our office Christmas party.  Hmmmm…..




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  1. It’s great you had a good time!

  2. Not that you should care about my opinion (or anyone else’s for that matter) but I think it’s great! Listening to you guys this morning was so much fun! Good luck and I hope for only the best for you!!!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that the website that you can log on to that shows you how well your beliefs on issues line up with the presidential candidates is I heard you guys talking about it the other day and thought you might like to know! 🙂

  4. Well, I was excited reading this…until the last bit — you’re already planning ahead about how you’ll invite Steve to your office Christmas party.

    Oh, Kellie… Live in the moment…don’t make every man “the ONE” after the 1st date! Break the pattern, girl!

  5. Kelly,

    It’s great you gave Steve a try. I am glad you had a great time. I have been dating my guy for almost 4 years now. He is my best friends brother. I rejected him quite a few times before finally saying yes. I did not want the awkwardness of dating my best friends brother. I was worried how that would affect her and I’s relationship, etc. But fortunately for me it has all worked out. Emma Kelly is so beautiful and you are a great mom. Good Luck to you.

  6. i was stationed in Fayetteville, N.C…*AIRBORNE ALL THE WAY*…*airborne pose #01…i was dang near arrested in myrtle beach…that was in 88…do you think we saw each other at the beach???…i was wearing my black and yellow speedo.

  7. does this mean i will not be able to dine you and wine you with a bottle of MD 20/20?!?…i have been told that i am like a bottle of Charles Shaw Wine…a tasty extreme value!!!…*wal mart value pose #25*

  8. It’s always good to hear you’re dating but I would never had thought you would go out with RN Steve. lol
    I’m sure his different on a date then we think he would be. I also think Al has some secret crush… but maybe it’s a mancruch on Steve?? 😉

    Expensive drinks are very good but like you said you don’t get that bad of a hangover. I think it also has to do with mixing certain drinks together. I think Tequilla is a hangover no matter how expensive the brand is.


  9. Kellie,
    I know you must think all your listners are crazy! I live in Memphis, Tn. (they took ya’ll off the radio here) so I listen every day at work on the computer. And I have to tell you I couldn’t wait to get to work, so I could find out how your date went! I think what makes the show so great is that everyone is so open about their lives. It’s why the listeners are so faithful. We feel like ya’ll are our friends! You just continue to have fun. I love how happy you’ve sounded!

  10. Kellie,

    I truly hope and wish for you that Steve asks you back out. He seems like a nice guy, you seem to like him, and you deserve to be happy. I was so excited to hear you so happy. It really made my day.


  11. And Craig,

    MD is sure to get you drunk but I know from an all too familiar experience that it’s probably not the best to wine and dine with…

    It tastes horrible and it will leave you with such a horrible headache. I sparked a debate just last night with some guests at my house and most of us agreed it’s a last resort to get drunk. Boone’s Farm is even better than that nasty crap!!!

    But like I said, it’s sure to get you drunk!

    He He.

    Thought I’d share.

  12. Tip: when you order your mixed drinks (or shots, haha), say “top shelf” along with the drink name. That way, only the highest quality liquors will be used (the expensive ones you are talking about).

  13. i am a “top shelf” dude…i make women drunk with giddiness.

  14. Kellie…who calls you a bitch???…let me know…i have friends in the IRS…not only will they be fined out the wazoo, they will apologize to you…if that is too extreme for your southern sensibilities, an “uppertanker” may be in order.

  15. Kellie,
    Im sure im going to get a preaching to about this comment. But I have heard “Redneck Steve” talk about you up at work. I work for him so I know a little bit. He is a nice guy and YES he is a flirt but thats who he is. Im glad you got to go on a date and have a great time. I have kids so I know how getting out can be kinda hard, but you had a great time and you deserved it… Good Luck and I hope there is a second date to talk about. Maybe I will see you at “OUR ” Christmas party…
    Have a great day… Jess

  16. Well, you can always stop going to the bars and check out another way to find out great guys at You can search by drinking habits, favorite activities and at the end you can actually decide where you can go to have an adventure in the activities section. I will not hide that we need more popularity and this is the reason why I am writing this, if you have a chance to review it in the morning show many might stop going to the bars/clubs to find a real date. Ho-ho-ho 🙂

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