People are mean…

November 26, 2007 at 12:15 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 31 Comments

People are mean, but I’m mean, too, so I guess I can’t complain about it.  But I don’t sit down and write people I don’t know and tell them how much they irritate me or criticize every word that comes out of their mouths…So I guess I’m not AS mean as some people.  I can live with that.  As long as I know I’m better! It’s sort of like why we sometimes tune in to Jerry Springer. Just reminds us that we’re better than SOMEBODY…

I got dumped by Mark Kevin.  Yeah, there was a Mark Kevin, although his name’s really Mark and I don’t know why I called him Kevin, so he became Mark Kevin.  When we were making up our reasons why we were leaving the show, I sort of combined a bunch of different guys I’ve dated and rolled them into one guy and I just named him Mark — then Mark Kevin — because I at least could picture a real guy and make it seem more real. Get it?  Anyway, Mark Kevin and I have been having this sort of email relationship since the summer.  He’s a listener who wrote me about something or other and it caught my eye and we started writing back and forth and then suddenly we’re talking on the phone and dreaming about our future life together. Well….I was dreaming about our future life together.  I get a little carried away like that sometimes.  The only problem with all this is, we have never even met!  That sort of started freaking me out a little and then I turned into a B and then I think he dumped me.  It’s for the best, really. He lives hundreds of miles away and neither one of us is thinking about moving.  So why continue, right?  I just feel kind of sick and weird over the whole thing now.  I imagine this is what it would feel like to pick up a guy in an internet chat room.  What if I’ve been chatting up some 12-year-old boy with smooth moves…Oogie!!  I feel sick again.  I need to go eat some carbs. Carbs dipped in butter and fried.  That fixes everything. 




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  1. This is hilarious! It really would be sick if it was some 12-year-old. Well it’d be sick for you. I AM 12. So yeah I’m a big fan of the show. Especially this section I LOVE YOU KELLIE! Not really. I’m a fan!

  2. Crabby people are crabby for a reason. Don’t let them get to you, Kellie – hold your head high, live your own happy life, and let them be crabby on their own! They are not your problem. I love you and I am proud of you!

  3. Kellie, please don’t fret too much about all this. I’ve had the internet relationship before, and when I finally met the guy, he was nothing how he was online. It was as if we were complete strangers all over again; awkward and uneasy. Not to mention he showed just how selfish, childish and immature he was in person. Online he was funny, sweet, and made me feel very special, but in reality he was boring and an idiot who still lived with his mom. Our meeting was so bad he literally made me swear off men forever, and it was only a couple days later that I met my future husband :-). You WILL find the man of your dreams! Don’t look so hard for love, it will find you instead! Have a great day!

  4. yes…yes…! Quick, to the carbs! to the carbs!

  5. Kellie…we can walk trough a forest of people and never find shade to rest under…my suggestion…*albeit free and worth what you paid for it*…make the man work for your love…you have much to offer…i remember a line from a movie…”desperation is a foul smelling cologne”…lower not your standards…raise them…it works for neiman marcus and the marines!!!

  6. Kellie — quit planning your married life before even meeting a guy. THEY HATE THAT!!!! You are cutting your own throat, over and over and over again. Good god, you have to STOP this! Men think you don’t want them, you just want a male body in the wedding photo in your mind. Just enjoy someone and stop planning the weeks and years ahead. Good lord, no wonder it’s so hard for you to get married or get a date. You reek of desperation. So sad.

  7. Kellie,
    This soup and fruit diet? Do you eat just any soup and fruit? I would like to try it, but want to do it correctly. Thanks.

  8. Kellie, you rock! I just reconnected with a hs sweetheart via the internet and we met (again!) for the first time in 13 years; it was bliss! I love yoyu and your stories! Keep it up!

  9. Lanita…your response is at best mean spirited…i do not know what experience(s) in your life would cause such a reply, i can only hope that when you seek the input from others, you not receive a venom filled response…God have mercy upon you.

  10. Sorry another one got away Kellie. You deserve all the happiness in the world. It’s his loss!


  11. DITTO TO CRAIG……………….



  12. Hey Kellie! I’ve been listening to you ever sinced you joined the KKITM team….which was when I was 16. I am 29 now about to turn 30. Anyway, YOU DO NOT REEK OF DESPERATION. You do what many alpha women do. You are the epitome of what a woman is in this new millenium. You always handle yourself with grace and dignity; and you treat every listener with respect(until they just act stupid and prove they don’t deserve respect ). Don’t let some mean spirited person bring you down.
    We all know how gorgeous you really are and what a great catch you are.
    I admire your strength and your ability to be vulnerable(which I know can be difficult) for us listeners.
    Keep doing what you’re doing. We appreciate you!

  13. My response, CRAIG, is NOT mean-spirited. I am TRYING to get Kellie to stop ruining her own life. She thinks marriage before she has ever had a date. NORMAL men don’t want someone jumping ahead like that, it’s creepy. The fastest way to lose a guy is start talking future on your first meeting or date. It’s relationship suicide, and Kellie needs to learn why she can’t have what she so desperately wants. She is sabotaging herself.

  14. I agree. I get tired of hearing how bad kellie needs a man. Just enjoy your daughter and relish life without a man. You didn’t hear Taylor always talk about needing a man. You do come across pretty desperate and it’s sad.

  15. lanita, you only have the need to tell everyone else how to run their lives because it is easier than looking at your own…

  16. Kellie you are fantastic! And no one reeks of desperation, well besides Lanita of course 😉
    Good luck with the dates!

  17. the remarks posted here prove that their is no such thing as true sisterhood…sad…ya’ all women do more damage to each other than ANY stoopid mindless neanderthal.

  18. Lanita, you are the dumbest person to ever speak. Just because she daydreams about her future doesn’t make her desperate. Any normal woman does it. You can have a daydream without actually planning your life. Its called being a woman. Get over yourself. You’re not as smart as you make yourself out to be. WE LOVE YOU KELLIE!!

  19. Lanita seriously you need to read your comments and see that you are not giving out constructive criticism you are handing out destructive defamation. Kelly was simply saying that she was “daydreaming” of a future life with the “what if” it works out. Everyone does that. We all daydream about “what if” we win the lotto, what if we get the promotion, what if we win a new car, what if our kid grows up to be president.

    She was not planning a wedding for the guy just letting her mind wonder into a small little fantasy of it all working out. There’s nothing wrong with that. Lanita you are a e-bully. Get help!

    Tanya- if you’re so tired of hearing Kelly then why do you go to her blog and read more about it? How hard is it for you to turn the radio to another station or in your case not to read Kelly’s blog. No you decide you want to spew your hate & bitterness for your own life by coming on here and cutting Kelly down for doing her blog.
    You are a very sad little mean person. Find a hobby that doesn’t involve belittling people.

    Kelly don’t let those haters get you down. Dust them off your shoulders and keep doing your thing! ❤

  20. Lanita…quid autem vides festucam in oculo fratris tui et trabem in oculo tuo non vides.

    hint: Matthew 7:3

  21. aut quomodo dicis fratri tuo sine eiciam festucam de oculo tuo et ecce trabis est in oculo tuo hypocrita eice primum trabem de oculo tuo et tunc videbis eicere festucam de oculo fratris tui

  22. I don’t daydream to that degree, either. If I found out a guy I just met was doing so, I’d RUN awaaaaaay. Kellie, enjoy the moment and your time as a single person, and as soon as you wouldn’t trade it for the world, a man will sweep you off your feet, I guarantee it! Dreaming WITH someone, not at them, is the best thing that can come to you, and I hope it does.

  23. i am SOOOOOO virile, that if i have a lustful “daydream” or thought of a woman, she winds ups pregnant with twins!!!…its the Cross that i must carry in this life.

    *assumes adonis pose no. 08*

  24. i am part of a low carb friendly diet…all the taste, with NO guilt.

    *assumes tastee pose no.22*

  25. LOL – Craig – you crack me up – way to try to lighten up a room

  26. Stephanie…i may *in the platonic way to avoid another restraining order* be in love with you…my ex wife…she was a lesbian…*the truth*…she said i was the LEAST funny guy EVER.

  27. Well gee – if it weren’t for that whole “cape fear” thing about you, I guess I could have a crush on you too. 😉

  28. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…. Love connection?!?!

    It’s so nice to see everyone sticking up for Kellie. These twits have no right coming in to her territory and bashing her the way they are.

    Just go away and stay away!

  29. Stephanie..cape fear???…what about “fatal attraction”!!!…*shudders at thought*…THAT scares me…and i am a combat veteran…when a dude is as good looking and virile as myself, EVERY woman wants to “tame” this wild beast…fear not…i will say that after my Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery/Procedure, i do NOT plan to become the man slut of my younger days.

    *styl’n & profil’n pose #34

  30. Amen to that Jocelyn

    And Craig??? FATAL ATTRACTION???? PUH LEAZE! On my worst day – my hair is not that fried and frizzy! LOL

  31. *insert hair joke for Stephanie*
    Q: what do you get when you cross rogain with viagra???
    A: Don King!!!

    *insert laff track here*

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