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Somebody sent me a link to this site that tracks the most-viewed blogs on the web, and mine is ranked 34th!!! I don’t know how this stuff is tracked or if this literally covers all the blogs out there…but WOW!! I am so incredibly flattered!

Emma Kelly is fast asleep after an exhausting Thanksgiving! She’s teething or something because that girl is CRANKY! She pitched a mini-fit through our entire dinner — which was at my best friend Amy’s mother’s house. Thank you, Mrs. Jain!! I found out one thing, though — Emma Kelly LOVES turkey!! She couldn’t shove it in her face fast enough.  A little mirror image of me…Anyway. We couldn’t even stick around for dessert because the meltdown was getting ready to start. And by the time I strapped her into her carseat, it was on! I’ve never heard her scream bloody murder like that! I don’t know what got into her, but maybe it was just a combination of teething, turkey and tired. I am thankful for one benefit of her hissy fit, though. I didn’t get around to eating dessert! Yea me!

I’m very proud. I didn’t stuff myself at all. I ate a good plate full — at least, most of it. The rest was shared with Emma Kelly. I did SO much damage at Disney World, I’ve spent the last couple days eating nothing but soup and fruit. I didn’t want to derail myself too badly, so I was very pleased with the lack of gluttony on my part today. The soup and fruit seems to be working, though. I lost the 3 pounds I gained at Disney. Now I’m going to shoot for another 3 before Tuesday. Blind date. A woman I work with tried to arrange this over a month ago, and to be quite honest, I thought he listened to  me on the radio and decided I wasn’t worth the aggravation! But he emailed me finally and we’re going to at least meet for lunch. THEN he can decide it’s not worth the aggravation! But I do hope to be 3 pounds thinner when he comes to that decision!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!




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  1. Doesnt surprise me (that your blog is 34!) I come to this website just to read your blog everyday!!!

  2. i LOVE your blog. It was my gateway blog that got me hooked on all the infertility blogs out there. Can you post the list of the top 100?

    Love your show!!!

  3. your concern about maintaining a good and proper weight is admirable, but the underlying message being sent out is fat people are not date worthy…interesting to note, that our “pc” society allows only 3 acceptable prejudices…1…the white male judeo christian… (do not read race into this)…”rednecks”…and “fat” people…as a photographer, i see the results of this brain washing by madison avenue on a daily basis…and as a man of “size & girth” from the Great State of Texas, i experience all three of these prejudices on a daily basis.

  4. check out my blog at

  5. what is that link? I want to know how high mine is?

  6. I never listen to the show, but I read your blog all the time. (I’m also one of those people that actually LIKES Christmas letters. Go figure!)

    I miss seeing pictures of Emma Kelly…wish you could figure out a way to bring those back.

    On a related note…used Kidd’s recipe for roasting a turkey this year and it was delicious!

    P.S. I used to love to listen to this show, but I think I outgrew your target demographic. Empty nester here…Still, I continue to root for your ongoing success, and especially for your, Kellie.

  7. WOW I’m so glad you’re at #34. I read your blog almost everyday, (almost part is cuz you sometimes doesn’t do a blog everyday) & I look forward to reading more about the little things that happy in your daily life.

    I also miss Emma Kelly pics. I remember you saying you had a hard time using Photobucket. I’m surprised you didn’t ask one of the computer people at your work to help you figure it out. After all your blog is kinda work related. 😉

    I wonder what was #1 on that blog list. hmm..
    Happy belated Thanksgiving!

  8. Kellie, I’m brand new at this. I think I’ll be coming back, if for no other reason than I’ll be 88 years old by the time we hang up the new calendars and you will help to remind me a bit of that. . . oh, my . . . that “glad I didn’t know what lay ahead” person I once was. Yes, I think I’ll like getting to know you. Mary A. Kaufman from. . Meander With Me.

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