Emma Kelly ruined my cellphone…

November 21, 2007 at 4:42 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 55 Comments

I learned today that you cannot take a 13-month-old who bores easily to get a mani-pedi. She tossed my cellphone in the foot bath and now it is completely shot. I can’t turn the danged thing on and I have no way to get any phone numbers out. I’m going toΒ  have to go buy a new phone tomorrow. Suggestions? Anyone?



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  1. Use a blow dryer or try taking the battery out and letting it air out. One of those should hopefully get it to work again

  2. If your replacing a PDA, you’ve got to look at a Blackberry Curve. They get the best ratings in all the mags with the tech-y stuff. I know at least (3) folks who LOVE theirs! I have the Blackberry Pearl & I love that it’s more like a cell phone than a PDA & I still have email capablities. The fact that it comes in that deep gorgeous Red that matches my car
    AND my lipstick just ROCKS!!!

  3. I have a Blackjack. It’s a AT&T only. I love it though because I have it sync with my Outlook so I won’t ever have the problem about lost phone numbers. You carry a day planner but don’t have an address book?

    Let your phone dry out for a few days, then try it.

  4. I think you should get the new Blackberry Curve. It comes in Silver or Red. Super awesome phone. πŸ™‚

  5. make sure you take your old phone with you. if you go to a larger store (ones with techs on-site) they can pull the numbers off the phone and give you a print out.

  6. If you take your phone apart, battery off, sim card out, if your phone was a flip phone open it up, put it in a zip lock bag of rice for 36 hours. If your phone is save-able it will work. I have never lost a phone to water because of this.

  7. Kellie, open the phone and blowdry it on low… that should at least save the sim card. and maybe the phone. my friend dropped hers in the pool and did this and the phone worked perfectly afterwards.

  8. i’ve had a couple of phones get ruined. once you get your new phone send an email to everyone that you think was in your old phone ~ tell them what happened to your old phone and that you have lost all your phone numbers. Ask them to give you any contact phone numbers they have to you. It worked for me it will work for you! πŸ™‚ You should keep a list of all the phone numbers in your new cell on your computer just in case this happens in the future.
    Good Luck!

  9. Make sure to get your sim card out of the back of your old phone. It should have all your numbers on it and it should still work.

  10. Hey Kellie,

    I dropped mine into the toilet, yea….don’t ask!! I took the battery off and let it dry for a few days. I was able to get the numbers out but still ended up buying a new phone. At least you will have your numbers. I hope it works!!

  11. I have a red blackberry pearl and love it! It’s very easy to use and is quite addicting πŸ™‚ Also, your cell provider may be able to extract the numbers from your phone, even if you can’t turn it on. You should ask them about it when you go to the store. Good luck!

  12. Here is a suggestion. Watch your kid and make sure whe doesn’t get your phone. Why did she have it in the first place? Don’t you have a nanny?
    I am glad I wasn’t there trying to relax and have to deal with a baby running around. There are some places you just don’t take kids!

  13. i’m not trying to bash you or anything but what are you doing taking your daughter to the salon. Especially where they do mani’s and pedi’s. those fumes are HORRIBLE!!!! that is like a mini-hi!!

  14. Take the battery out of the phone and put it in the the oven at 350 degrees for 5-7 minutes and it will dry everything out. You will be able to get your numbers out of there but you probably wont be able to charge it.

  15. Nope! At this age, even if she is sleeping, you would still have a problem messing up your nails when you put her in the carseat.
    You’ll have to get your nails done when someone else is watching her.
    Of course, when she’s 3 or 4 you get to take her with you and have your nails done together!!!!

  16. My baby dropped it in the hamper of dirty clothes and it got washed and dried before I finally realized it was in the drier. So needless to say it was fried. I also couldn’t get the numbers out. The screen wouldn’t even turn on even weeks after it dried out.

    I don’t save my numbers on my sims card so I couldn’t just use the sims card to get old info out of it. When I replaced my old phone I realized that I hate having to buy a new phone. I missed so much of my old phones things that the new one just didn’t. Oh sure it takes pictures, video but it can’t update the time when it comes to daylight savings ??? I hope you get a phone you like. Don’t go too fancy if it’s not really what you need. Some people like to spend hundreds of dollars on phones that look cool but they don’t really use them in the capacity they should be used. Good luck!

  17. PS remember Christmas is on it’s way so maybe you can get good deal on a phone due to sales coming out. Just an idea.

    I would try to find a co-worker or friend who recently updated their phone to a new phone and see if you can use their old phone temporarily.

    See if it’s compatiable with your phone company and give it a try. That should buy you some time to look into good cell phone sales that will be coming up in the next few days/weeks.

    BTW don’t forget you’re having to buy a bunch of Christmas stuff this year so try to not go too over board on your phone. Even when you see the price it doesn’t include service fees to connect it & service fee for being able to use certain new features on your phone like texting, internet, downloading new ringtones, etc. Those fees can really add up really fast. Just thought you should know.

    (I can’t believe how outrageous these fees are to get a phone from our own cell phone company. 😐 )

  18. mani-pedi?!?…that sounds like a product one would find in the female hygiene section…as for the phone…they are nothing more than an electrical umbilical cord that serves to cause “disconnect” one life.

  19. correction…cause “disconnect” in ones life.

  20. I hope that you have the insurence on the phone because most companies if you do not have it won’t touch it. If you do have the insurence don’t tell them that it was water damage because that is the one thing insurence will not cover. If no insurence and water damage is not covered under warranty and no upgrade you might want to consider E-bay or craigslist, but check and make sure the Esn is clean before you bis. otherwise you’ll be stuck paying full retail.

  21. Take the battery out and blow dry the phone and the battery, then put the phone and battery in the freezer. It should work after that. I know it sounds crazy, but my 3 year old threw my phone in a glass of water. A friend suggested that I do this, my phone now works fine.

  22. The Blackberry Curve is a must! It’s awesome…in every facet!

  23. Mine went swimming in the pool with my nieces! I took the battery out to air dry it. I also purchased a sim card on eBay, to replace it. Some may be fortunate to be able to do that. It only cost me about 50 dollars rather than 200 to replace the phone.

  24. To the people that are lecturing Kellie about her taking Emma Kelly to get her nails done with her…you guys are rude. Leave Kellie alone! She does have a nanny, but I am sure if she had left Emma Kelly at home with the nanny to get her nails done you would have all been on here calling her a bad mother because she leaves her child with a nanny when she doesnt have to. Just lay off people.

    Kellie, I think this is just a great excuse to go shopping! and get a pretty new phone!

  25. Definitely the Red Blackberry curve!!

  26. I washed my husbands Razor, after he left it in his pocket. Anyway, I wrapped it in a hand towel and then wrapped a heating pad around that and turned it on low overnight. It was fine, and he still uses it today. Same thing worked for my daughters MP3 player. I really should check pockets huh?

    However, this would be a great excuse to buy a new phone. Good luck!

  27. No joke people. She asked about suggestions for a phone not suggestions on parenting. If all of you people seriously knew how to raise children and everyone in the world was as PERFECT as you guys are then I am sure this world would be awesome. Get over it. People take their kids places all the time. Self righteous people amaze me.

  28. Screw it!…Go get the new Voyager. It is exclusive to verizon. It’s the iphone but way better!!

  29. Kellie,
    My fifteen month old daughter just threw my phone in the bathtub last week. We just took it apart and let it dry for a day or two and now it works fine. You can try doing that or just get a new one! You deserve it!! By the way, my fifteen month goes with me everytime to get a mani-pedi and if the other people in there don’t like it, oh well. Y’all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  30. Word. Some people always think they need to “correct” others. Screw ’em.
    Anyway, the other suggestions for drying out sound good. I haven’t had that happen so I don’t know about that. Although if drying out doesn’t work DO take ur old phone in & they should b able to get the old #s & stuff.
    As far as a new phone – I love my Motorola SLVR. It has iTunes built in & it’s great. The charge holds for a really long time.

  31. you could sell your last name and buy an “I Phone” with the money.PS is your last name English.

    Say hi to JC for me. Cj

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  33. I know your pain girl. My 2 year old has ruined 2 of my cell phones by dropping them in water. We were able to save one of them by immediately blow drying it. Good Luck!!! And my cell phone is kept out of my precious 2 year old’s reach from now on:)

  34. Oh please Kellie needs to grow up and quit winning all the time. No wonder she does not have a man. I wish she was leaving not Taylor!

  35. My friend put her mobile phone through a 40 degree automatic wash cycle by accident. Left it in the airing cupboard for 3 days and it worked fine – it was lovely and clean too πŸ˜€

  36. I heard a commercial a few days ago that if you get the Fave 5’s plan at Tmobile you get a free flight.

    Chech it out.

  37. Wow Lynne did someone pee in your coffee this morning or are you ALWAYS a joy!?! Let’s hope there aren’t little ones you are spreading this “cheer” to everyday. I have to say that I am thankful this holiday season/year for not being as miserable as you seem to be. Make a resolution for next year not be such a hag. Cheers! Team Kellie!!!

  38. Lynne, I have a suggestion for you as well. How about you don’t come to Kellie’s blog if you don’t like what she has to say.

    I still love you Kellie!

  39. i lost my big toe nail & the neighbor toenail to a SEVERE case of nail fungus…i have to use Lee press on toenails whenever i wear i want to wear my mandles.

  40. If you can afford a couple of days, let the phone dry out really well. If you use a hair dryer, be careful with the heat.

    My experience is that once it’s dry, you ought to be able to get something out. Call your provider, ask their advice.

  41. You guys who want to criticize Kellie for everything just crack me up! I agree with Heather…why are you reading Kellie’s blog if you dislike her so much? Every mother finds out the hard way where she should and should not take a little one. The fact that Kellie wasn’t kicked back having her pampering session while her baby was at home with the nanny shows just how crazy about Emma she is! A cell phone can be replaced but a day with your beautiful daughter can not! Keep on being your wonderful self, Kellie!

  42. Lynne,
    I have never commented on this blog but after I read your comments, I had to.
    I think it’s really funny that you have so little going on in your own life that you have to critcize others on such petty things. It was a mani-pedi!!! SERIOUSLY!

    Love the show Kelly πŸ™‚

  43. I have a blackjack AND a blackberry. Blackjack is personal, blackberry for work. The Blackberry is WAY better with outlook, and just more user friendly all around. The Blackberry Curve is a smaller version of the blackberry and I hear it is awesome!

    I would get rid of the blackjack in a heartbeat, now that I’ve used a blackberry!

  44. Oh and one more thing….I’ve actually GIVEN my phone to my 1 year old just to distract him for a few minutes. Cause sometimes, you just HAVE to do that! Like at the grocery store when he decides to have a meltdown while I’m checking out! HAHA! So you are not alone Kelly! πŸ˜‰

  45. My, my you do attract the weirdest posters, don’t you? So sorry about the phone. It’s so annoying and I know how much you hate adjusting to new gadgets. Don’t worry about the comments about taking Emma Kelly to the salon. Just insecure, small people trying to make themselves feel better by tearing others apart. So sad to be them.

  46. Kelly, Buy Nokia. I am not a baby, but I toss my cell phone a lot. As a true woman I can not find it in my purse, which is by the way kind of small, thus I sometimes toss is involuntarily. But I have never boken it, just cracked. But otherwise unfortunatly it is fineand I can not buy a new one.

  47. To echo Noel in an earlier post, get the SIM card out of the phone. That contains your info, and can be put into another phone. If you don’t want to do it yourself, have a technician do it.


  48. I’m From Brazil!
    Very Good you Blog!

  49. I say get a blackberry!! Go through Verizon because they have this feature where you can upload your numbers online, that way if you loose your phone or something you can go online and get your numbers.

  50. Kelli, Let the phone dry out for week. My mom washed hers in washing machine but found it before it went to dryer and did this. It worked!

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  52. goodness…obviously Lynne doesn’t have any children at all or she would know that sometimes, you have to go to any measures to chill them out! and its no ones business to critisize anyone on the way that they ten d to their kids! so lay off of Kellie!

  53. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  54. Here’s a little trick I found out about. The only thing is you’ve gotta act quickly to save your phone from being completely damaged. (So, this is more of a note for next time.) Click here.

  55. Sometimes if you are unable to get phone numbers extracted from a damaged phone, you can take it into the service store and they have a little device that may work. It depends on your phone. Sprint was able to do it for me not long ago.

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