Thursday’s the big day!!

November 15, 2007 at 2:10 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

So Thursday is big for more than one reason. First, everyone will know once and for all that I am telling the truth and I am the one leaving the show. I can’t believe so many people doubt my love for Mark Kevin…….

Second, the Jonas Brothers are in studio. I can’t believe people showed up a full 24 hours before to camp out. That certainly should make some national gossip blogsite, don’t you think? Before they get there, though, I’ve got to go do some research and figure out what they’re all about. I’m supposed to be in love with Kevin, right? I’m sure Mark Kevin will understand.

Third, we leave for Kidd’s Kids after the show! Again, here I go with that “bittersweet” term again, but it’s just so appropriate. I want to go on the trip very badly, but leaving Emma Kelly behind is the WORST. When I put her down for bed tonight, it was just SO SAD! I didn’t want it to be her bedtime. I wanted her to stay up so I could play with her and love on her and stare at her and hold her…But the problem is, it was her bedtime and she was being a cranky little booger. So now her last memory of me before I leave is of me aggravating her by keeping her up just a few minutes longer than I should have. Oh well. I hope she isn’t mad at me for leaving her for so long. She is developing quite the little temper, which is as precious as all get out.

After my Jonas Brothers research, I’m going to pack for my trip while watching the season premiere of “Project Runway”!!! I’m so excited, I could cry!




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  1. Hey Kellie, Its me again, but it would mean the world to me if you asked kevin jonas to say hi to me on the air:) I did not get to see their concert so i would really love for him to give me a shout out!!! Remember my name is Heather!!!!! Thanks so much!!! Love you kellie and i am sorry that you are leaving you are my favorite.(and thats not just to butter you up. its for real)

  2. Love the show!!! I just found your blog. I have been a radio DJ since I was 13 and I always look up to you and Kidd as inspiration. You people are way above any other morning show down here.

  3. i am so glad your not leaving kelly, that was a reliefe even though your story was good, it was way so not you. love always mona

  4. Hurray!! You’re not leaving!!! WHEEE!!

    Kinda bummed that there’s not Kevin/Mark 😦

  5. […] Thursday’s the big day!! So Thursday is big for more than one reason. First, everyone will know once and for all that I am telling the truth and […] […]

  6. YAY! You’re not leaving! We’ll still miss Taylor though…

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