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November 15, 2007 at 4:12 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 34 Comments

I’m sorry I had to lie like that. Kidd made me!! I do happen to know a guy name Mark, though, if that counts. And I have made out with a guy before…I just don’t think I’ve ever kissed a man named Mark. Hmmm…Anyway, Taylor is the one who’s leaving the show and I AM SORRY FOR LYING!!! I HATE lying. I’m not really good at it. Or maybe I am? Some people really believed it and said they were crying and everything…except for that one woman who thinks I’m a terrible person and should have Emma Kelly taken away from me…Yes. I have to agree. Liars shouldn’t be allowed to have children. Sigh.




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  1. Kellie,

    I am so glad you are not leaving the show!!!!!
    You are the best, I laugh all the way to work, and then I hurry into my office and log on so I don’t have to miss much….Your Emma Kelly is the prettiest baby.

  2. It’s okay, you all had to lie! It was so funny hearing those “sad” stories. Of course, I hate that anyone is leaving the show…I’ve just become a listener and I love it! I don’t get to listen too much because it’s on my way to work in the morning and I work at a Catholic Church, so we aren’t really allowed to listen to the radio in the office, only the constant buzz of Muzak..blech. But I do get to listen to the 2nd hour part around 730ish my time (CST) and it always makes me laugh and perks me up in the morning. Thanks for entertaining, it’s really a GREAT show!

  3. Thank goodness… it’s as simple as that!


  4. I’m so glad it’s not you that’s leaving. It would have ruined my day

  5. Kellie! You are amazing. You make my day. I want you to know that my daughter is 14 months. And she started walking about a week ago. I felt like you, thinking she will never walk. Sure enough it happened. Its just funny listening to you cause our thoughts about the babies are so alike. Well Have a good day. Ill stop rambling.

  6. I’m glad you are staying. And lying for a bit for the show is part of your job at times, so don’t feel bad. I was upset when I thought you had been lying in your blogs and on air for months. But anyways, I am so glad you are not going anywhere, and that we can keep getting updates on that sweetie pie Emma Kelly.
    Oh and the comment about you not being fit to raise your baby was mean. I think maybe she has a few problems of her own.

  7. WHEEE! You’re not leaving!!
    That woman who said that you should lose your baby due to having to lie… well that lady is obviously out of her mind. She must be JESUS or something because she believe she is PERFECT!

    Here’s the other thing you were just playing around as part of your JOB. So it’s not like you’re lying about it on a daily basis about some imaginary person in your life. I have a sister who does that and she lies about being pregnant and then will call and say she had a miss carriage a few weeks later. Accordiing to her lies she has been pregnant at least a dozen times and miss carried a dozen times. Her latest lie is that she has cancer. It’s hard for anyone to believe her so it’s hard not to feel bad if she does have cancer. ANYWAY… you’re not a horrible person, it’s was part of your job for the last few days… and that lady is HORRIBLE HORRIBLE person!


  8. So Kellie i think we need to find you some man candy ha is anything going on with this mark kevin guy? why does he have two first names? yep the whole lying thing was kind of funny but it does make me sad that taylor is in fact leaving!

  9. does this mean i might still have a chance with you???

  10. I’m so glad you’re not leaving. You have no idea what sort of impact listening to you, Kidd, and Al have on my day.

  11. Sins of the tongue have their origin in the Sin Nature. These sins are among the most devastating of all of the categories of sin. Of the seven sins mentioned in Proverbs 6:16-19 as being especially hated by God, three are sins of the tongue. As a Christian believer, you must learn as much as possible about this type of sin. And you must do everything possible to gain victory over this in order to be able to make progress in the Christian Way of Life.

  12. THANK GOODNESS!!! I don’t think I would listen any more without you! (Sorry everyone else) I just LOVE that you speak your mind and that you are sooo REAL! Ignore the peeps that say mean things about you…they are just jealous! šŸ™‚ And lying is not nice, but I think that “bit” made it all more fun! We know you all meant no harm!

  13. Oh whatever. The people who have always listened to you knew you weren’t leaving. And that awful woman who said that about you is the one who shouldn’t be having children. You are a great mother! She is the last person who needs to be judging anyone!

  14. The show wouldn’t have been the same without you, Kidd or Big Al.

  15. O.k. Kellie, I’m glad you’re staying!!!! What is “Craig” from the #5 post talking about???!!! Is he a weirdo or what??!!! I was born and raised in the church, and I’ve NEVER heard that!! He should go read the Bible some more and stop posting comments on your blog. Weirdo . . .

  16. I found out right after I posted before that this was a part of a radio bit….I should have guessed as yall have done this before….but this time I fell for it…hook, line and sinker. I have not had the radio on in the morning for a few days or I would have known what was going on sooner….but I am not a bit mad about it. I am so overjoyed that you are not leaving I can forgive the trickery.

  17. Hi Kellie!!
    I loved how you mentioned South Carolina this morning on the show.
    The Jonas Brothers better not be hating on us South Carolina people like that!
    My mom and I listen to you every morning on the way to school.
    My mom is from Florence County and used to listen to you on WJMX and when you were on WBTW.
    We’re glad you aren’t leaving to show!

  18. “Sins of the tongue have their origin in the Sin Nature. These sins are among the most devastating of all of the categories of sin. Of the seven sins mentioned in Proverbs 6:16-19 as being especially hated by God, three are sins of the tongue. As a Christian believer, you must learn as much as possible about this type of sin. And you must do everything possible to gain victory over this in order to be able to make progress in the Christian Way of Life.”

    OH PLEASE! This is not Sunday School give it a rest already. If you don’t like listening to liars then turn off your tv, radio, ipod, computer, close the newspaper and magazine. And remember, judge not lest ye be judged.

  19. I’m glad you’re not leaving! We’ll all miss Taylor though šŸ™‚ but I’m glad it wasn’t you.

  20. Umm… Craig? What the hell???

  21. I understand completely the excitement of the kidds kids trip and the desolation of leaving Emma. Been there done that myself with mine. So glad you are not leaving the show, although I hope you have found that special someone and are just keeping him away from all the craziness that can go on at the show šŸ˜€ Have a wonderful trip and holiday.

  22. So, Who is Kevin then?

  23. does no one understand sarcasm???…i am a funny…witty…STUNNINGLY good look guy…heck…i am SO good looking, if i was a gal, i would date myself…ya’all haters are trying to hate this player…*assumes old school player pose #21*…i forgive you all.

  24. awe kellie, i am so glad you arent leaving. however, i was excited about the mark story–you and emma deserve a strong and amazing man in your life.

  25. Someone write some of the craziest things on your blog comments.. I don’t understand? I guess they do it to see what kind of reaction they will get from people.. I think we should not even given the satisfaction of knowing it bothers us..

  26. Kelli,
    It just didn’t seem sincere this time. In the past when you all do the resignations, I have believed you on several occasions. This time it was almost as if you don’t believe you will ever get married again or find a man to love you and Emma Kelly. But you will. And it will be when you least expect it! I am very glad you aren’t leaving the show. Kidd as well as every listener out there would be lost without you!

  27. wow craig…

  28. Yall Guys are AMAZING šŸ™‚

  29. I’m so glad you are not leaving!! You are the backbone of Kidd’s show and it couldn’t go on without you…keep up the great job.

  30. Kellie- I’m SO okay with you lying! At least this way, YOU ARE NOT LEAVING!! I’ve been listening to you and Kidd since the very very beginning, I couldn’t imagine the show without you! So happy you’re staying! xoxo


  32. Your are so hot

  33. Well sure am glad its not you !!!! Even though I knew all along it was Taylor (just gut feeling) Well one thing I do want to know is if we did vote for Taylor when do we get the Vegas trip ?!?!?!?! :o)


    name calling is so not cool.

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