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I just coughed. That hurt SO bad. I am killing myself for what, exactly? I can’t quite remember. See, if I don’t care about having a man in my life right now, then why am I busting my butt again? Oh yeah. There’s the chance I might change my mind at some point and rather than put myself in a situation of panic where I HAVE to look good fast, I can just do it now and not worry about it anymore.  But if I’m busting my butt in the gym to the point where I have to stop because I develop the urge to vomit, then why do I go home and polish off the bag of Lay’s potato chips? What is it about those freaking Lay’s that have me in some hypnotic trance?!?! I can’t stop until I’m wiping the bottom of the inside of that bag with my fingers so I can lick up every trace of crumbs that might be left behind and THAT, my friend, would be a tragedy.

 Since I ended the workout early due to the impending vomiting, I promised my former trainer/mommy-to-be friend Christy that I would do 100 crunches on the big balance ball before I go to bed. So now that I’ve polished off that bag of Lay’s, I think I’ll go take care of that now. One step forward, one step back. Absolutely zero progress and I feel like crap.




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  1. I know you may roll your eyes and say “right”. But the way I refrain from cheating when I get home is I just don’t buy things that I don’t need to eat. I love sweets and I will not have them in my home. It makes your life so much easier…try it..or not. I think you are great by the way…and your daughter is beyond cute!

  2. Maybe I missed it, but whatever happened with the guy you went to Dancing With The Stars with? Was there no connection there to even date?

  3. My vice are the Lay’s Salt and Vinegar chips. If only moderation were in my vocabulary! I know you’re struggling with the working out thing, but really, you’re looking great!

  4. Post the pictures of Emma’s party! We can’t wait to see them!!!

  5. Hey, Kellie! More power to ya, girl! I hope it all works out for you. I’ve been told all the work is worth it, you just have to change your lifestyle…..notice, I said “I’ve been told”. Sorry I cannot offer any additional support for your efforts, as I scarf down another piece of halloween candy!

    By the way, you and Big Al are the best at blogging updates! Have a great weekend!

  6. kellie i dont know what you are thinking working out like a mad woman!!! you look stunning!! keep yourself in shape but dont drive yourself crazy or sick doing it..lol. much love kellie!!!xoxoxo

  7. Hey Kellie-
    What exactly are the crunches you are doing? I need to be working on the “problem” areas too. Please share!

  8. You look great!!!

  9. Kelly you may want to have your babysitter go through your cupboards and get rid of your “bad junk food” for you while you’re out.

    It’s an awful temptation to have such food near you especially if you are trying to excerise. Out of sight, out of mind. It also means you really have to not buy the junk food when you go grocery shopping. It’s hard, I know but it’s so worth it.

    Maybe you can have someone go to your grocery store and tell them not to let you buy the lays chips…. just like Lohan’s peps are doing for her & her drinking. 😉

    Just a thought.

  10. I know what you mean about those Lays. I absolutely loved the Baked Lays. I can sit down and eat half a bag and not even realize it … sometimes even the whole bag. My boyfriend tried to throw away the bag when there were some crumbs left in it and I got so upset … he thought I was crazy!

  11. Aahhh, yes, but what would life be like without chips in the house. I mean, seriously, you’re a mom now. It’s our duty as southern women to keep crap in the house so that we can screw our kids up the way our mothers screwed us up. Totally get licking up the bottom of the bag. Yesterday my dilemma was, are the 100 calorie hostess cupcake packs still good for you if you eat the entire box? I’m thinking not so much. Oh well, tomorrow’s another day!!

  12. I know its hard. I am trying to get in shape too. One thing I have learned is not to deny yourself of anything just have smaller portions. If you want chips. Drink two full glasses of water and eat two apples. Then sit down and have a few chips. You will not be able to eat the entire bag, because you will be full. If you deny yourself the food that is what leads to binge eating and then you get mad at yourself. Trust me I know, but this method has been working for me. Good luck and Keep up the good work you look great!!

  13. Keep up the great work, Kellie!!! I am with a few of the previous posters. Why do you have to excersice your self to the point of feeling like you are going to vomit? I think that you look great!

    Can’t wait to see the pics from your daughter’s party! She is a cutie!

  14. Don’t do yoga to get fit. Yoga is meant to be a combination of mind, body and soul. The way you are doing it is not yoga. It is just the physical aspect without the other rewards.

  15. Kellie –
    I’m the same way – if there’s junk food around, eventually I’ll eat it, so I don’t keep food like that in the house anymore. That’s the ONLY way to solve that problem.

    Trust me – it works! And after about two weeks without eating junk food, you WILL lose your craving for it!

  16. Wow, I can relate to your dilema like Paris Hilton’s brain can relate to… a shoe. I did just about the same thing yesterday. My drug of choice though? Haagen Dazs’s Dulce de Leche. The entire thing. What did I bust my butt for in the morning, running 3 miles? Dunno.

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