I can’t believe it’s already November…

November 2, 2007 at 1:39 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

Where did this week go? My parents just got here and now it’s time for them to go. Very sad. They’ll be back at Christmas, but still…Daddy says they’ll probably move out here in 3 more years, but that seems like a lifetime away. And then I look at how fast this first year with Emma Kelly has flown by and I know I’ll turn around and they’ll be living next door to me. Well….maybe not RIGHT next door to me…

I got so upset tonight looking at this commercial for “Martian Boy” or “Martian Child” or “Martian Something.”  It’s so stupid, really. There’s a scene where John Cusack is chasing this little Maritan kid down the bowling alley, catching him right before he enters the abyss at the end of the lane. At first I was like, that’s so sweet! I can’t wait until I can do stuff like that with Emma Kelly! And then I realized how fast one year has passed…and before I know it, she’ll be moving out of my house and running off with some boy that I know I’ll hate and I just don’t want her to ever leave me! Isn’t that awful? My whole night was ruined because of that stupid John Cusack movie!!

By the way, Emma Kelly has added some new words to her expanding, yet limited, vocabulary. In addition to “Hi!” and “Bye-bye!” and “Ma-ma,” “Da-da,” and “woof,” she now says “wow,” “ow,” “thank you” and “pretty.” Grandmama and Granddaddy insist they heard her say “Granddaddy” in a perfectly clear voice, but I didn’t hear it so I can’t vouch for that.  I’m going to go stare at her while she sleeps now.





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  1. Hey Kellie,
    I understand completely how you feel on your baby girl growing up so fast! I have a 3 year old, and man does she have an additude. I remember when she was a baby and just staring up at me cooing, but now she is running around with a mind of her own. Time does fly. Enjoy it while you can.

  2. You are so lucky Emma Kelly says at least three words. I’ve got a 16 month old boy who only says MaMa. I can’t get him to say anything else and my doctor says he’ll be classified as speech delayed if he doesn’t say at least 7-20 words by then. I am a little worried but I know it will pass and everything will be fine. I love your updates about Emma Kelly. She’s a beautiful little girl.

  3. Kellie…Will this is the first time that I have had the chance to write and I truly feel your pain. The days do fly by and before you know it she will be running out that door …but if it helps at al they do look back and they do still come home if not to say “hey I need help!” hey us mom’s will take anything we can…I believe it is just in our blood to want our kids for ever to be around us. I guess it is the Mommy in us that want tends to over ride our ability to think sometimes as to what our kids might want instead. I think that I have been a fairly good Mom so for I have a 19yr old and a 14yr old. And just went through a the big “D” (and do not mena Dallas). It has been hard but I am surving. I have to say I have been able to laugh at alot of deceision that I have made already on my on and think to my self what the heck was I thinking at the time. And of course at those times of think if only I had somebody close to sound off ot would I had made that same decision…but oh will we have to sleep in the bed that we made…at least sometimes we have to take that medicine even though it taste bitter but we do learn from it. One of the biggest things that I did this year was to (with the loving help of my sister and brother-in-law) buy a house for my slef and kids(will one kid now the other is in her own apartment and enjoying not being under the roof of a parent). The catch is that the house that we purchase is one of those money pits things and we signed on it back in March and are still not in it…yes it is my on little nightmare…but hey it is mine and that says something not sure at this point what but it is mine. will I need to get to work and get the kiddy off to school(she is staring a whole through me as I type) and earn some more money to throw at the money pit. I met with a contractor this week to see if I would be able to afford in anyway for them to step in and work on my lovly house and as much as I would love to have them do it…because they could have me in it in 3 weeks (what a Christmas present that would be)…but I do not have that kind of cash at my beck and call…only in my dreams would I have that kind of money. My Sissy is starting to regret helpping me on getting this house and I keep trying to reasure her that it will be OK in the long run I just have to now find a way to earn extra money to feed the house with…a womens work is never done…now I truly understand that statment. I tohught I did after having kids but now that I have taken on this purchase…OH my…is all I have to say. Will now that the whole is all the way through my back I guess I will go for now. OHHH…the reason that I am being able to write this morning was I had a few minatess to get on line and I was able to read your blog and I thought wow…I’m so there…I need to get Val off to school soooo I hope that when you do read this that your day has been good and that you have been able to hug Emma at least a dozen times already…it does help us get through our days…

    Sharon…aka …MOM…now Home owner…WOW what a year…

  4. Doesn’t it feel like somehow we’re being rush with our kids. I know when I was pregnant it felt like time was at a crawling pace and I was never going to get the baby out. After she was born it’s like someone hit the fast forward button and 16 months later I’m seeing that it went by way too fast.

    My 8yr is the same way. I still see her as my little baby but she is almost a teenager.

    Try to capture as much of it on film, pictures, videos, even voice recording because it will fly by and next thing you know it she will be 8yrs old.

    BTW my 16 month old 1st words were “Thank You” at 1 week old. I know I sound crazy but I heard it and a lady next to me heard it too. Everyone I tell it’s not possible but I swear it’s true!

  5. Hello Kellie,
    Don’t you wish we could freeze time right now? I’ve got a 4 yr old daughter and a one year old son. I feel the same way about Abby running off with boys and not caring so much about Mommy and Daddy anymore.
    Emma Kelly is obviously going to be in Advanced Placement classes if she’s saying ALL of those words. My little Freddy just points and does the monkey call.
    I enjoy listening to you. From one Carolina girl to another…

  6. That is so exciting that Emma Kelley is talking! BTW… love the new blog!

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