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We’re in a commercial break and I’m just sitting here waiting on Blue October to finish their soundcheck before we go back live. Thought I’d say hey if anybody’s reading this in the next few minutes. Just had Shiny Toy Guns in here. That Disco song is so good, isn’t it?!?! It must be fun to be a singer in a band. Except band people sometimes can be a little nasty. I shook one band person’s hand today — not going to say which one! — and had to go wash up pretty much immediately after that. I started obsessing about where his hand had been and then pictured myself rubbing my eyes or sticking my finger in my mouth and having all his nasty band-guy germs entering my body and destroying my immune system. Bleh.

I think we’re close to coming back on the air now. Behind the scenes — sort of a big awkward elephant in the room with nobody talking about Taylor and CB.  I’m not sure if they’ve even made eye contact. 




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  1. Glad to know you wash your hands…lol…I am a high school teacher and goodness knows I come in more contact with germs on a daily basis than I care to even begin to know!!….Kids are GROSS!!

    Oh and if you’re wondering, I’m just taking a much needed break from the kids–so thanks for a good laugh….

  2. If it’s so awkward for everyone when Blue October is there, why do they seem to come on the show so often?
    P.S. Shiny Toy Guns was really great this morning!!

  3. I am not able to listen to the show right now, but I was very curious to know how awkward it would be for Taylor and CB. i wish the whole thing were on video because I’d love to watch it.
    Kellie, you are by far my favorite on the show.

  4. Love this post! Makes me feel like I’m behind the scenes. I am glad that no one has mentioned the Taylor/CB thing. Every time you have these guys in Kidd makes a huge deal of it, and I think everyone is over the whole thing. As for the awkwardness, Taylor will have to realize that is the risk you take when you choose to date a guest of the radio show that you work for. Hopefully she’s learned a lesson.

    Love Blue October!!!

  5. So, did Taylor or CB ever say hi bye or anything?!

  6. we had our baby daughters just 2 weeks apart…. and I just relalized we go to the same OB/GYN.
    Kyle was born on Halloween. It just seems like everything you have gone through with you . You say something about your baby and I want to say well Kylie is doing this and that. Way back in the day I uded to date someone that use to be on the show…. Oh my what was I ever thinking. I was young and stupid at the time. I loved you back than and I feel close right n ow. Just know being married and having a baby isn’t always the great thing either. It makes it easier but man you get areason to dress up and feel all kinda butterflies in your tummy. Enjoy!!!

  7. I heard Shiny Toy Guns on my way to work this morning… OMG!! Where have I been that I missed this??? I’ll tell ya, Wichita Falls, TX!! I went and downloaded every song I could find by them.. EVERY SONG is good… Old and new!! What a great band!! Can’t wait to watch as they EXPLODE in the music world!! Thanks for introducing those of us OUT of the LOOP!! Love your show!!

  8. I think Taylor’s over-zealous way of finding a way to talk every time she could today was annoying.

  9. I love you guys! I listened for a long time and then you went off the air in Peoria and then one day you were back. My son and I listen together and I don’t get embarrassed by what you say!

    My name is also Kelley. I am sorry about your divorce. I am also going through one. My husband traded me in on an ugly, fat 24 year old. I mean come one!! If you are going to cheat at least pick an attractive woman to trade me in on!I am not one of those women that has let themselves go. I am 36 and I am going to be 37 next Thursday (Nov 8th). I am sad because I’m not divorced yet and I can’t wait to be. I just wish I could skip the birthday thing altogether this year. Take care Kellie! I admire how you conducted yourself during you divorce. Good luck with the dating thing.

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