My dog is so freaking aggravating!!!

November 1, 2007 at 2:05 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 25 Comments

Maybe I’ve grown immune to George’s constant barking, but with all the kids trick-or-treating and my parents being here to point out how bad it is…George is freaking annoying!!! My daddy suggested a shock collar, but I just think that’s too mean.  My mama suggested putting coins in a can and shaking it at him every time he goes berserk like that.  But for some reason, I just don’t want to do that, either.  So my dog barks. He’s barking right now, as a matter of fact.  Earlier this evening, I thought this one princess in particular was going to pee in her pants.  I’m trying to grab George with one hand and dole out candy with the other while explaining to the little girl, “I PROMISE he doesn’t bite!” It’s just too much! I do love him, though…don’t get me wrong. But I just HATE him sometimes!!

Another day with my parents, another pound up on the scale. You think I’m lying, but I’m not. I am telling the absolute truth when I tell you I am LITERALLY up four pounds on the scale this week alone. And when I weigh in tomorrow morning — IF I weigh in tomorrow morning! — I fully expect to see another pound added on top of that!  I can’t DO this anymore! Here we are heading into the holidays and I’m surrounded by sweetness and  lusciousness and sinful goodness…I’m going to be absolutely disgusting if I don’t stop!  My sister-in-law just lost 15 pounds on Weight Watchers. I don’t want to go to meetings or anything like that, but I’m seriously thinking about trying to do that program on my own again. Of course, last time I did it, I went to the weekly meetings like I was supposed to and I lasted all of 3 weeks. Of course I cheated every single day and I ended up losing a grand total of less than two pounds…Can I trust myself to do it this time? ESPECIALLY if I don’t go to those stinking meetings? 




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  1. Kellie, I would suggest watching a little bit of Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic channel. I have 2 dogs, one a Ratt Terrier that likes to bark at leaves. I employed some of of Cesar Millans techniques on him and his barking is under control now.

    Good luck!

  2. Hey Kellie ~ I am doing the weight watcher right now too. I just started this week. I didn’t want to go to the meetings either so I just bought my books on Ebay. It really is hard but for the month of October I lost 8.5 pounds and that was just from exercising. I really didn’t even watch what I eat. I have a LONG way to go, more than you, but I figured if I try the WW and like it then I can go to the meetings. I will probably give it a month and then we will see. If you try it, Good luck. Keep us posted. Have a good day.

  3. You don’t have to go to WW meetings. They have an on-line program also!

  4. Keep a spray bottle filled with water and everytime he starts to bark, spray him in the face. This doesn’t hurt him, but he will remember that when he barks, he will be sprayed.
    This worked for my dog.

  5. I had to use a shock collar on my dog because she was barking at the neighbors while my wife and I were at work all day. I hated having to do it, but fortunately we only needed it for about 2 weeks and then she learned not to bark. Now she rarely barks except for when the dogs behind us get her too excited. Another good tip, I trained my dog to go to her crate and stay there every time someone knocks on the front door. That makes Halloween night much easier.

  6. I used to think bark collars were mean too but they really don’t shock dogs like you think. Its more like static vibration or something like that.

  7. I need to also do something. I’m totally dreading the holiday and all the glorious food. How can I say no to all that food? How can I cook it and not eat it??

    I don’t know if WW is something that would work for me but a have 3 other people swearing that the meetings make a big difference. Just the idea of having to publically weigh in… well it’s a bit intimidating. It’s bad enough knowing you cheated but to have to show everyone else is a totally different story.

    Watch the Dog Whisper see if you can pick up some tips. I’m also thinking of buying a shock collar but not for barking reasons.

  8. Get a spray bottle and fill it with water. Everytime he begins to bark, spray him in the face and tell him “NO”. This will take a few times but he’ll get where he recognizes the bottle and you won’t even have to spray him. It works, I promise.

  9. They have a bark collar that shoots out a spray instead of shocking the dog that you might want to try.

  10. Kellie –
    My dog is the exact same wrt barking. My husband and I tried the citronella spray collar and IT WORKS like a charm. When the dog has it own he acts so much better. He’ll sometimes try to bark w/ it on and as soon as he’s sprayed once he stops.

    YOU’VE GOT TO GET THIS! It’s a lifesaver!!!!! Here’s a link to the one we have:

  11. I had a friend lose a bunch of weight doing the Weight Watchers online. You might want to give that a try.

    As for barking, shock collars are cruel and I wouldn’t use one. Definately check out the Dog Whisperer. Would it have been possible to put George in another room closed off while the trick or treating was going on?

  12. Kelly,

    Oprah’s dog trainer was on her show about a month ago, and discussed the barking problem. She suggested to get a spray bottle & fill it with water and spray the dog every time it barks. I have a friend who tried it and it REALLY worked.

  13. Kellie,
    You know you can do Weight Watchers online. I don’t like the commitment of going to a meeting every week either, so for me, this is much easier.
    You have all the same resources as you get from going to a meeting and and it’s much easier tracking points on the computer.
    Have a great day!

  14. The WeightWatchers Online is actually fantastic. I’ve lost 40 lbs on it in the last year. 10 – 15 more and I’m actually done. I highly recommend it.


  15. My dog barks at people too! We had to keep her in her crate last night. She doesn’t bite either, but it’s heart breaking when she scares kids who want to pet her. If you find something that works please share it!

  16. Kellie,
    My family does not do mac-n-cheese for T-giving but I’d love to. Does your mama share her recipe? If so would you be willing to pass it on?

  17. Hi Kellie,

    I tried Nutri-systems because I dont have time for meetings etc…. I’ll be honest some of the food smelled like cat food, but some of it was actually good. I lost 10 pounds in a month and it wasn’t hard to do…. The pizza’s and taco/fajitas are really good.. I would stick to bars at lunch. The chocolate chip pancakes are too yummy!!

    You really do look great, but I know and can relate to how you feel when your clothes get smaller… tee hee.. anyway.. if you’ve not tried it, you might like it!

    Make it a great day!

  18. Kellie,

    My dog used to bark ALOT- and that’s the understatement of the century. I got a shock collar, and after two times of wearing it and knowing what it can do- she immediately stops barking as soon as I pull it out of the drawer. I still put it on her, just in case, but she never makes a sound.

  19. Kellie,
    WW worked well for me. I started December of last year and lost 15 lbs in five months and have kept it off. It teaches you to be smart about the choices you make while still allowing you to eat real food. I did join and weigh-in faithfully every week then every other week but I only attended the initial meeting. For me, I don’t need the meetings to keep me on track. But, there is definitely something about weighing-in at the meeting location that motivated me and I still go monthly on my maintenance plan. My boss is doing the WW online and recording her own weight but it’s just not the same. My advice would be to go get weighed in even if you don’t stay for the meetings. And definitely sign up for the e-tools! As far as cheating goes…once I got used to the decreased food intake (took about 3 days) I haven’t felt deprived (I get 21 pts/day plus my 35 flex pts). I say, if you want it bad enough, you won’t cheat. End of story. Best of luck to you!
    P.S. I had to laugh at your story about George as I distinctly remember the day you were pregnant and talking about how much you loved George and how you almost couldn’t imagine loving something as much and it made you feel scared and excited and sad at the same time! My how times have changed!

  20. Kelly—-I’m a lifetime member of Weight Watchers and I want to tell you that going to the meetings really does help with the weight loss. The leader is very motivating and has alot of good information to help you stay on track. Also, it’s fun to get the know the other members—they
    help motivate you too. By the way, the only person who sees your weight is the clerk that weighs you in. Someone wrote earlier that you weigh-in publicly and that it’s very intimidating. That is not the case. The clerk weighs you and records it on your membership card.
    There is no humiliation or embarassment.

  21. Hey! I live in East Texas and just wanted you to know that there’s a way you can eat all you want to this holiday season and still lose weight. I’ve lost 5 pounds since Sunday…that’s just 5 days ago! I ate a steak and baked potato for dinner the other night, a donut for a snack…there’s no diet to it! I am almost 100% certain the program would work for you. E-mail me at if you are interested.

  22. Hang in there Kellie! If your dog is still young, he’ll mellow out with age. In the meantime, what about putting the baby in a stroller, putting the dog on a leash and walking the dog until he can’t walk any more? That way you can calm the dog down, give Emma fresh air & speed up you metabolism so you don’t have to go to the WW meetings! :o)

  23. Hey Miss Kellie!!! I am sorry your dog is a crazy barker, I am not a fan of shock collars but try dog classes, my friend is a dog trainer in San Antonio and saids it is possible to get them to quit barking so much. Basically you need to have someone ring the bell or knock on the door everytime you dog goes to bark say NO very stern it will take him a while but then once the bell rings and he doesn’t bark give him a treat. Also try puppy time out, when he acts bad put him in a room or a kennel if its not too small for 5 mins and hopefully he will figure out barking means I get time out. If he is still young he should grow out of it, and get him neutered that helps as well. I work at an animal hospital and we see after dogs get fixed they seem to calm down. Good luck!!! You rock my world!

  24. We have a dog who barks constantly. We bought one of these and it stopped almost instantly.

  25. The spray bottle with water works! But if you have a stubborn dog like mine – you have to use bitter apple spray. I can tell you where to get it if the water doesn’t work.

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