When it rains…

October 26, 2007 at 2:24 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments

I don’t know what kind of vibe I’m sending out into the universe right now, but all of a sudden I’m having all these people setting me up on dates and random guys asking me out and exes from my past dropping me a line out of nowhere and it’s just so exciting and fun!  I haven’t actually GONE on any of these dates yet, but at least stuff is in the planning stages. And as far as the exes, there’s no going back to any of that old territory. But it’s still fun to know that somebody from your past is thinking about you enough to make contact, isn’t it?

 Meantime, I’ve got to get back in the gym! I caught a glimpse of my backside yesterday and I can’t blame what I saw on poor lighting or a bad angle! And I don’t want to live in fear that some man I’m trying to impress is going to be seeing what I saw, so I’ve got to fix that business right now! A friend of mine found this class that does a combo of pilates and yoga and something I can’t remember, but I think I might check that out.  And besides, it just SOUNDS cool to say you’ve just come from pilates, doesn’t it? I’m even going to go buy some cute pilates outfits! If you look cute, you feel cute. And I feel the need to look cute.

I’m going to go look at myself naked now to make sure I follow through with the pilates/yoga thing.




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  1. You are the most annoying part of the show and the reason I’ve stopped listening. You are incredibly shallow, materialistic, and self-centered. No wonder you can’t find a man…


  2. But, JJ…How do you REALLY feel?

  3. Back off people and leave Kellie alone….

  4. JJ if you don’t like her so much why are you reading her blog. Kellie I love you and think you are great!

  5. How do you put with negative comments like that?

  6. Okay, sorry, I accidentally hit enter before I got to proof read! How do you put UP with negative comments like that? If JJ dislikes you so much, why did JJ take the time to respond to your blog??? I guess JJ and myself need to get a life:)

  7. Kellie, I think you are stunning. You do not give yourself enough credit, because you are beautiful.

  8. I think you are funny and even though guys DO really like confidence, you are of course going to be a little critical of yourself because you just had a baby and are going through a divorce= not exactly the sexiest time in a woman’s life. But a piece of advice… whining and complaining and insulting yourself will attract guys who are insecure and probably would drive you INSANE… so try not to go overboard with the self criticsm. Take your listeners’ compliments to heart, we can’t all be wrong can we!?

  9. All women have insecurities, that JJ decided to dump her insecurities by insulting Kelly well it’s just plain rude & mean. Also JJ needs to stop reading blogs of people she can’t stand.

    I enjoy hearing Kelly on the air & on the show and I equally enjoy reading her blog.

    Now if we could only get JJ some happy pills… that would make everyone’s day. 🙂

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