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October 25, 2007 at 2:24 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Dear Diary,

 My friend just convinced me to enter Emma Kelly in this Baby Gap modeling campaign. No, I’m not telling you to rush off to a website and vote for her…but that’s only because voting hasn’t begun yet! But it would be kind of fun to just see if people just so happen to stumble across her preciousness and can’t help pressing that little button to vote for her. What in the world would I do if Emma Kelly became a baby model??? I’d go Lynn Spears on her, that’s what!! Just kidding, of course…But it sure would be easy to get sucked into that, wouldn’t it?

 I spent the day procrastinating cleaning the house before Mama comes over to stay with me.  Now it’s just shy of my bedtime and I still have little piles of mess scattered around, waiting to be hidden until her visit has come to an end. I’m just so happy she’s here to help me prepare for Emma Kelly’s first birthday party. This thing has taken on a life of its own!! What started out as being a little get-together for me and a couple of girlfriends who happen to have small babies ended up being me sending out 30 invitations and everybody accepting except for one!!!

Oh, and some lights in my house just went out. Wouldn’t come back on. Called the handyman. He couldn’t figure it out. Called an electrician. He climbed up in the attic and found out that, basically, my wires weren’t connected or something and there were sparks going off and clumps of melted stuff and we were pretty much just killing time waiting for the huge house fire to break out.  Lovely, right?  He’s been at the house all day finishing up, fixing and preventing what could’ve been a tragic situation and I’ve spent the day thanking God for answering a prayer I didn’t even know I had!




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  1. Well, please tell us when voting *has* begun so we can all zip over to the website and flood it with votes for Emma Kelly!

    In all of the photos you post, she looks to be such a joyous, beautiful baby!

    Baby Gap should be so lucky!

  2. i heard the GAP was using children (sold by their parents)to aid in the production of their clothing. I dont know if its true or not. Hopefully not.

  3. Baby GAP?! Well maybe I’ll go check it out, I mean if I happen to be there when they are allowing votes… well I can’t help that. Right? 😉

    I think Emma Kelly would make a beautiful baby model. I only wish I would’ve done the same for my two girls. Oh well…

    Have plenty of fire alarm test and retest just in case of the unforseen. I’m sure you’ll be having bad dreams of the house being on fire and all sorts of bad senerios.

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