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October 23, 2007 at 2:49 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

Very excited to pick up my mother from the airport today. She had a bit of a frustrating time getting here, though. Plane delays at the starting point and at the connection, and both her bags were left behind in Atlanta. They’ll be delivered sometime between 10pm and 2am. Nice of them to deliver the bags to the doorstep and everything, but that’s a long time to be without your stuff.  When I lose my luggage, I start obsessing about what the baggage handlers are doing to it and I wonder if they’re rifling through my undies. Paranoid? Yes. But the sense of putting on panties you suspect were touched by foreign fingers? BLEH!

Anyway, Emma Kelly was as cute as she could possible be for picking up Grandmama at the airport. Auntie Crazy — as my friend Haven insists she be called — got her the absolute CUTEST Halloween outfit EVER!! Such a shame she won’t be able to wear it past October 31…


Completely forgot to mention Emma Kelly’s big accomplishment on her very first birthday. She crawled!! For the first time ever, she got up on her hands and knees and moved forward! I was lucky enough to catch it on camera, too! She hasn’t been exactly anxious to repeat the crawl too often, but she has done it a couple times since.  SO exciting and SUCH a relief!

 Right now I’m getting anxious about the birthday party. It’s gotten way bigger and way out of control. I started off thinking I’d have half a dozen or so people, and it grew into 30 invitations being sent out! Where am I going to put everybody?! How am I going to entertain them?! What am I going to feed them?! This is why I never do parties. Too much pressure! In my post-college/waitress days, it was a no-brainer. Party at my apartment. Order pizzas. Get Greg to bring the beer keg and Jason to bring his CDs and party on. Believe it or not, I threw some great parties! But once I quit waitressing, it all just stopped. And I DO want to bring a little piece of that back into my life. I do want Emma Kelly to have a happy, social homelife — minus the beer keg — so this is where it all begins. I’ll just have to learn to become the hostess I once was, tweaked a little for the way my life is now. This can end up being a very good thing.




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  1. Where did you get Emma Kelly’s Halloween bow in the pic above? So cute!

  2. How cute is Emma Kelly! She is just so pretty!!!
    Now that she’s crawling, she’ll be walking before ya know it!

  3. Wow! Love the new format! So professional. Anyway, enjoy the week with your mother and have fun at Emma Kelly’s party! Take lots of pictures.

  4. I say you should order some yummy chinese and have it brought in for Emma Kelly’s bd party, Kelly. That and a cake and you have yourself a stress-free party. (that’s what I did for my last birthday party) I ordered sweet and sour chicken for the kids (w/o the sauce), a spicy dish and a couple of non-spicy dishes for all the adults. Trust me – it isn’t too expensive and much better than trying to do it all!! Hugs, Wendy

  5. Love you and love Emma Kelly!! I’m glad she crawled – I know it gives you some peace, but don’t worry, she’ll start walking soon enough. 🙂
    Have an awesome day!

  6. I agree that throwing a party together is so very stressful. Especially when you’re doing food for adults and kids. I’m sure you were a great hostess.

    I see you went into the new format… I had a hard time finding it but I’m glad you now have this format. Now you need to disable your old comment section and redirect everyone over here.

    I can’t wait to see pics of the party.

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