Emma Kelly’s birthday party!

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A lot of you are asking me for more pictures of the party. Well! I did a very smart thing. I hired Brandi from B4Photography to take pictures because I knew good and well that I’d be running around like a chicken with its head cut off and not remember to take out my camera. And I was right! I got just a couple of shots of Emma Kelly all dressed up before the guests started to arrive, and my time as camerawoman was over. But! Brandi said she’d have the CD to me within a week, and when that happens, OF COURSE I’ll post more pictures. You know I love to share her!

And I never thought homemade macaroni and cheese would be considered strange for a Thanksgiving dinner, but apparently some people think that’s odd. Maybe it IS a South Carolina thing. Cool! If only Mama had fried up some fat back and stirred up some collard greens, it would’ve been CHRISTMAS come early!!



Thanksgiving Come Early…

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My parents have been staying with me since Friday, and you know what that means. Non-stop food-a-palooza.  I am going to have to put my foot down with this whole “Food equals love” theme that runs rampant when we all get together.  Sunday night, it was Mexican Fiesta night with my brother slinging fajitas and quesadillas all over the place and us shoving it all down our big gaping holes because “Food equals love” and he was loving us by cooking and we were loving him by eating gluttonous amounts of it.  It was also a bit frustrating teaching my parents that it’s not pronounced “fruh-heetas.”  But after a while, what are you gonna do….

Then Monday night, it was Thanksgiving. Yes, because we’re not going to be together for that most lovingest of all holidays, we had Thanksgiving early, complete with ham, turkey, Mama’s homemade macaroni and cheese — TWO casseroles of it! — lima beans, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie with Cool Whip on top for dessert. Cool Whip is extra special love, you see.

I AM SO SICK OF EATING!!! I SWEAR to you, I’ve gained five pounds in the past two days. I AM NOT LYING!!! I am going to be completely, violently ill if I’m loved anymore during this visit!! Not that I haven’t enjoyed every minute of it….


Thank goodness it’s Monday!

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It’s a rare occasion when you are thankful the weekend is over and you can get back to work, isn’t it? This was one crazy weekend!! I was running on adrenalin, oh…until about 15 minutes ago. Now I just want to collapse in a heap on the floor and sleep until Tuesday. But what a great weekend.

Emma Kelly’s party was a success, I think!! I was so frantic running around that it’s a bit of a blur…I sort of felt like a bride at her own wedding reception. You’re so busy, going non-stop flitting around the room trying to talk to each and every person, hoping you’re not showing any panic on your face from trying to be the perfect hostess, trying to keep one eye on your own kid while you’re keeping the other eye on everyone else’s kid, encouraging everyone to EAT! EAT! because once again, you prepared way too much food and you have no room in your refrigerator to keep all this crap once everyone leaves.

I will say this, though. My friends apparently have all given birth to the most perfect children alive. Not one thing was broken. Not one piece of cake was smashed into the carpet. Not one temper tantrum was thrown. It was a true birthday party miracle.

And they could not have been any cuter! Emma Kelly was a ladybug — the most precious one ever, of course. img_2266.jpg

And her best friend Ayden was Snow White — even better than the original version. And her other best friend Kendall was a bobby soxer. Kendall WAS going to be a ladybug, but her mama found out Emma Kelly was going to be that, so she went out and bought another costume. Is that a great friend or what?? We had SO much cuteness at this party! A baby dragon, a baby peacock, a baby punk rocker, a ghost, Buzz Lightyear, a goddess, Strawberry  Shortcake, a clown, some Ninja-looking thing…I could go on and on.  And her presents?? Just an embarrassment of riches.  But what a perfect celebration of my darling Emma Kelly!  I just can’t believe a year of her life has already passed us by.  How do I press pause?!


When it rains…

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I don’t know what kind of vibe I’m sending out into the universe right now, but all of a sudden I’m having all these people setting me up on dates and random guys asking me out and exes from my past dropping me a line out of nowhere and it’s just so exciting and fun!  I haven’t actually GONE on any of these dates yet, but at least stuff is in the planning stages. And as far as the exes, there’s no going back to any of that old territory. But it’s still fun to know that somebody from your past is thinking about you enough to make contact, isn’t it?

 Meantime, I’ve got to get back in the gym! I caught a glimpse of my backside yesterday and I can’t blame what I saw on poor lighting or a bad angle! And I don’t want to live in fear that some man I’m trying to impress is going to be seeing what I saw, so I’ve got to fix that business right now! A friend of mine found this class that does a combo of pilates and yoga and something I can’t remember, but I think I might check that out.  And besides, it just SOUNDS cool to say you’ve just come from pilates, doesn’t it? I’m even going to go buy some cute pilates outfits! If you look cute, you feel cute. And I feel the need to look cute.

I’m going to go look at myself naked now to make sure I follow through with the pilates/yoga thing.


Wednesday, Wednesday…

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Dear Diary,

 My friend just convinced me to enter Emma Kelly in this Baby Gap modeling campaign. No, I’m not telling you to rush off to a website and vote for her…but that’s only because voting hasn’t begun yet! But it would be kind of fun to just see if people just so happen to stumble across her preciousness and can’t help pressing that little button to vote for her. What in the world would I do if Emma Kelly became a baby model??? I’d go Lynn Spears on her, that’s what!! Just kidding, of course…But it sure would be easy to get sucked into that, wouldn’t it?

 I spent the day procrastinating cleaning the house before Mama comes over to stay with me.  Now it’s just shy of my bedtime and I still have little piles of mess scattered around, waiting to be hidden until her visit has come to an end. I’m just so happy she’s here to help me prepare for Emma Kelly’s first birthday party. This thing has taken on a life of its own!! What started out as being a little get-together for me and a couple of girlfriends who happen to have small babies ended up being me sending out 30 invitations and everybody accepting except for one!!!

Oh, and some lights in my house just went out. Wouldn’t come back on. Called the handyman. He couldn’t figure it out. Called an electrician. He climbed up in the attic and found out that, basically, my wires weren’t connected or something and there were sparks going off and clumps of melted stuff and we were pretty much just killing time waiting for the huge house fire to break out.  Lovely, right?  He’s been at the house all day finishing up, fixing and preventing what could’ve been a tragic situation and I’ve spent the day thanking God for answering a prayer I didn’t even know I had!


Monday, Monday…

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Very excited to pick up my mother from the airport today. She had a bit of a frustrating time getting here, though. Plane delays at the starting point and at the connection, and both her bags were left behind in Atlanta. They’ll be delivered sometime between 10pm and 2am. Nice of them to deliver the bags to the doorstep and everything, but that’s a long time to be without your stuff.  When I lose my luggage, I start obsessing about what the baggage handlers are doing to it and I wonder if they’re rifling through my undies. Paranoid? Yes. But the sense of putting on panties you suspect were touched by foreign fingers? BLEH!

Anyway, Emma Kelly was as cute as she could possible be for picking up Grandmama at the airport. Auntie Crazy — as my friend Haven insists she be called — got her the absolute CUTEST Halloween outfit EVER!! Such a shame she won’t be able to wear it past October 31…


Completely forgot to mention Emma Kelly’s big accomplishment on her very first birthday. She crawled!! For the first time ever, she got up on her hands and knees and moved forward! I was lucky enough to catch it on camera, too! She hasn’t been exactly anxious to repeat the crawl too often, but she has done it a couple times since.  SO exciting and SUCH a relief!

 Right now I’m getting anxious about the birthday party. It’s gotten way bigger and way out of control. I started off thinking I’d have half a dozen or so people, and it grew into 30 invitations being sent out! Where am I going to put everybody?! How am I going to entertain them?! What am I going to feed them?! This is why I never do parties. Too much pressure! In my post-college/waitress days, it was a no-brainer. Party at my apartment. Order pizzas. Get Greg to bring the beer keg and Jason to bring his CDs and party on. Believe it or not, I threw some great parties! But once I quit waitressing, it all just stopped. And I DO want to bring a little piece of that back into my life. I do want Emma Kelly to have a happy, social homelife — minus the beer keg — so this is where it all begins. I’ll just have to learn to become the hostess I once was, tweaked a little for the way my life is now. This can end up being a very good thing.


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